Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thirsty Souls

We all are thristy souls. We all in doldrums. We are waiting for liberation. But we have no entry for heaven. Dwarpal (gate keeper) has stopped us saying that we have unfulfiled desires. He says that we may create problem for the heaven souls. He also says that we have not mindset like that. Heaven souls are spending their livies in complete peace and pleasure. They do not fight to eastabilish supermacy. There is no ego clash among them. Among us, some are politicians, some are bureaucrats and some are from other fields. Dwarpal (gate keeper) says that we may politicised the atomoshphere of the heaven. He also says that we should come after leaving our all worldy desires. Only pure souls have entry into the heaven. He has desire detector devices. So we can not hide our desires. Tell us, is it possible to leave desires so easly. Without fulfiling it. It is absolutely impossible. We earned money for pleasure but we could not enjoy. We could not realised when our time spent. Wives and sons are enjoying on our earned money and they never remember us. We have many complains but no one ready to hear us. All are busy in their own world. It seems that there is no democracy in heaven. We have desire to hold demonstraion against them. We also want to sit on fast to death strike. But we can not do that. Because security arrangement is very tight here. We also want not comback to earth. But we can not do this. We have no options. The real problem is this, that without coming to this earth, how can we fulfil our unfulfiled desires. A few did not get Bharat Ratna, some did not get desired births in the cabinet, and bureaucrats did not get desired promotion. We appeal to the government, please write a letter to the god to provide entry into heaven or allow us to go to earth.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Now Poor Can Go On Foreign Trip

Good days come in everyone's life. Cycle of sorrow and pleasure rotate one by one. A narrow mind set people does not accept change easily. He sees fault in everything. He does not know that life of anyone may change at any moment. A person may be king any moment. Had Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda thought that one day he would become the prime minister of the country . Certainly not, but he bacame priminister. The poor know that their fortune will change one day, so they never blame anyone for their pathetic condition. Thank to the government for returing pride to the poor. It does not keep importance that to show the rosy picture of high sandard of living of the poor, data has been distorted. The real question is that who keep desire to do something for the poor. Affluent have left their duty towards the society. Intellectuals are busy in their own world. They have no time to think over this issue. So i thank the government did some special to improve the status of the poor . Thank for including them in elite class. Now the poor can enjoy their life in comfort. They can ride on car and buy branded clothes in dreams. Now they can go on foreign trip in imagination. Unfortunally some people are not digesting the upgradation of the the poor. Because They do not want progress of the poor. Actually, they hate the poor. They are also saying that mere announcement will not bring any change . Actually, such people do not know the importance of the dream. They do not know the effect of the word. In India, word represents the god and it is said that god manifest himself in word (sound).With upgradation, the poor can dream about their comfort. The government announcement will certainy bring big change in the life of the poor. Critics should be taught the importabce of the dream in life . They should also taught that Sweet dream refreshes the mind. The government should set up training institute for imparting training to the critics. Critics also do not know the importance of new research. Accutally, the government want to see the result of poverty eradication efforts in this way. Price hike is also a part of the government research. The government also want to see the result of its motivational programme. We should hope that such efforts of the government will bring great change in life of the poor.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Inguaration Minister

Few years back, an unpresidented incident occured in national capital. People took law into their hand and inguarated a newly constructed bridge. People were unhappy over the delay in inguaration. They were facing a lot of inconvience in their journey. Despite all, the matter was realy searious because delay is part and parcel of our system. Without delay the quality can not be ensured. Without inguaration ceremony , people should not use the bridge. But people do not know the gravity of the problem. Actually, they hurted the sentiment of that person who was to ingurate it. Due to people deed a political leader lost the pleasure of inguaration. The sollution of the problem is not easy. But by taking some measures such situation may be avoided in near future. People should think that minsters have generally tight shedule. They are always busy. So people should show the patience in such things. These things are not good for our democracy. Such incident are alarming bell, because law breaking incidents may increase in near future. It may be possible that tomorrow people may raise question on the foreign tour of the elected representatives. They may demand to set up a system to monitor the work of elected representatives. They also demand that other facilities of the MPs and MLAs should be deducted. The final solution of the problem is that a post of Inguaration minister should be created. Because with the creation of new post, delay can be avoided and development of the country, can be ensured.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't Be Talkative

Everyone wants to be a successful person in life, but they do not know, how to be successful. The mantra of success is easy. But one will not be talkative. Though experts have different opion over it. I have also something to say you. Let me tell my own experience. If you are talkative. Leave this habit soon. Because talkative can not be a successful person. This has been cleared in a new research conducted by me. After interviewing lakhs of people, i reached to conclusion that to be successful in life one will have not talkative. If you prefer to speak less then people will show curiosity in you and if you will talk a lot people will not show interest in you. If you speak less people will try know about you. They will research to know about you. You can take example of congress president Sonia Gandhi and Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi. Despite being in public life they speak less. Because they know the importance of less speaking. When entire nation want to know their thoughts on lokpal during fasting of social activist Anna Hazare they did not speak a single word. To know their thoughts on a particular subject you will have to research. Without research you can not know what they think on the issue of national importance. The greatest disadvantage of being talkative is that you will loose your credibility soon. People will not give importance to you. By speaking less you can hide your ambition and may get desired post. This critaria is fit in all fields. If you express your views openly then your boss may be suspicious about possible ego clash. Remember no one likes that anyone challenge his ego. To satisfy his ego, a person can go to any extent. As far as politics is consern, you will have strictly follow this thing. Prime minister Minister Singh speaks less so he became PM of the country. Apart from it, by less speaking you can reduce the noise pollution and may create a peacefull world, So speak less.

Act Fast On Caste Census

Act fast on caste census, centre tells state- Because, election is near the corner.

Shatrughan Sinha Bats For Advani

Big party leaders should not feel slighted. Only Advani has the stature to lead party to power- The party is unanimous on Modi's candidature.

Sharad Distanced Himself From Conspiracy Theory.

Sharad distances himself from conspiracy theory- Saying that it is not his own research work, only CM can tell you in detail.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Education In Bihar Disappointing

Becase, the education has no role in the development of the state.

Bihar Chief Minister Is Research Minded

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is regualary breaking new news story nowdays. After parting its way with BJP, he has adopted method of dout principle in finding the truth. Contrary to it, the Bhartiya Janta Party leaders have become astrologers and they are predicting about the government's survival. According to them, the day of the goverment is numbered. Any time the government may turn into a minority government. The are saying that the people of the state have been fade up with the misrule of the Nitish government. Actually, leaders of both parties are working over time these days, which will certainly in benifit of the state. Actually, leaders of the both parties are enhancing their potential these days. The chief minister has made work easy of investing agency by his latest research. Searching clue in Gaya bomb blast was not a east task for the investigative agency. Solving mystery of Gaya bomb blast was a uphill task for them. But ability of chief minister has made it easy task. Since, he was not a reseach minded person earlier. Insead, he was seen as a able chief minister, who was dedicated for the developent works. But after parting his way with Bhartiya Janta Party, a sea change is being seen in his personality. He has become a researh lover chief minister alongwith tour lover chief minister. The JDU claims that with parting way with the BJP the party has been strenthened that seems to near the truth, because it has ensured the personality development of the chief minister. The outcome of his latest reaserch is that BJP is main conspirator in Bodh Gaya blast. I think investing agency should leave its work so that now it has been crystal clear that BJP is the main cosiprator in Bodhgaya bomb blast case. The mainthing is that the people of the state believes on the CM's outcome. Now action should be started against BJP Leaders and its party office should be sealed. So that no party should be allowed to play with the sentiments of the people.

Bridegroom Market

I am a big item of bridegroom market. Last year, i could not get married due to propaganda of the opposition parties(neighbours). But this year my beloved mother and sisters have made all preparations to counter the propaganda of the opposition parties. They are taking help of experts to build my image. Experts have assured my mother and sisters that character assisnation programme of the neighbours will not be successful this year. But they have put some condition on me and say strictly follow them. They have said me to leave my all bad habits at least till my marriage. Experts have also advised me to not being seen with my notorious friends. They have also said me not to touch the bottle of wine and never being seen near bear bar. Otherwise neighbours will get a new issue to tranish my image. Neighour say me, a wicked peson, drug addict and chain smoker.while in my mother eyes, i am innocent boy, who is in bad friend circle. She also thinks that my friend exploite me and enjoy on my money. She also says that after marriag everything will be okayed in my life. Now i tell you about my some specialities. I have been leadership quality since childhood. I have succesfuly led the several agitation. I have good experience of stone pellting on police personals. I had been expelled by university administration due this leadershi quality. According university administration, i am a criminal minded person and i should be jailed. But my critics do not know that any time my talent may be recognised by a poitical leader and i may become MP or MLA. I can assure the father of the girl that i can better protect his girl and no one dare to see her. My family has been against of dowry since begining. But we can not deprive pleasure of giving dowary of bride family. We have attractive insurance policy. Girl's father may get girl's life insurence by giving hansome dowry. After fullfiling our all demands she will be not burnt alive by me or my family member. She will be also not face any type of torture. We have also given big offer this year like getting car as a dowry, she will travel in car. Getting bike she will ride on bike. Actually my parents have hugely invested in me. They only want good return of that money. Please generously consider my candidature, so i could pass (get married) this year's exam. Thanks.

Congress Asks Mamata To Clear Stand On BJP

Because the party has to make its strategy.

Friday, July 19, 2013

People Friendly Police

Efforts of making police people friendly are being materlised. Police in India are much more friendly than any nation of the world. It adopts humantarian attitude in dealing the crime. It reaches on the incident site just after the incident. Allegation of fake encounter is people imagination. Custodial death is propaganda of the people to tranish the image of the police. Prevailing corruption in police is far away from truth. Police personals in the country are hundered percent fit. There is stress on their fitness. They behave decently with pubic. Police never use abusive words against people. No false cases are framed against anyone. No innocent people are caught by the police to show its proactiveness and achievent. Police respect the Human right of the people and never violate it. People believe in police and provide them their full cooperation by providing right information to catch the criminals.

Natural disaster tour

Every one is equal before the law. Our  constitution provides equal opportunity to all its citizen. Whether he is a VIP or common man. But it seems that basic principal of the constitution, is not being followed in the country. Congress general secretry Rahul was allowed disaster tour of Uttarakhand, while Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was stopped from going there. While all politicians had equally helped victims by taking parts in blame game. All had entertained the vicitim's relatives by verbal exchanges . After a natural disaster, no politician  miss the opportunity of blame game. There is misconception in the country that after natural disaster, all countrymen should be united and they should focuss their attention on relief works. But it means that discrimination should be allowed in the country. In my view, after a disaster all relief works should be stopped and a country wide debate should be started on who should be allowed a natural disaster trip VIPs, political leaders or commonman. This issue should not be left pending. Advertisements should be published in all national daily,  seeking people opinions over this. Seminars should be held in all part of the  country to discuss the issue. Pannel discussion should be organised on all news channels to know the experts views on this. Finally, special session of parliament should be convened to discuss the issue and pass a necessary legislation.  It may be mentioned here that in a free and civilized society, there should place for such debate.  Such dicussions also show that the number of intellectuals are growing in the country. No political meaning should drawn from such discussions. Disaster tour should also be also promoted in the country to revive the country's economy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Premchand' village to be developed.

Munshi Premchand's village to be developed as toujrist attraction - Very popular mantra, that is recited every year.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

God is in dilemma

God is in dilemma. He is considering about his marketing. How can he be popular among people. In the age of computer, people first love has become internet. People are not showing same faith as they show earlier. People faith is decreasing day by day in god. The reson is, people have become materlistic. They see their instant benifit. Internet is proving helpful for them. It provides help instantly. People have no need to apply their mind. They are able in getting information in just one click. While god does not appear to help after long prayer. People have no time for performing religious rituals. They have no time for reciting mantras. Growing popularity of vritual word is major cause of concern for god, beacuse it has emerged as a main rival for him. People are spending their lot of time on facebook and on other sites. So god is thinking to made his own ID . God is also worried that his popularity is decreasing in so-called progressive people. While his popularity is growing in evil persons. They are performing yagya to please him. In the past god was popular among all. The big question before god is that whom should he favoure. He should favour those who are on right path or those who do not value to ethical norms. So-called intectualls do not show respect in him . They are denying his existence .If he helps worng doers then they will ultimately challenge world order. God has promised to sadhu(saints) to protect them from evils. But he could not help them because from it, worng doers may leave his worship.The solution of this problem seems to be advertisment. he will publice advertisnent in all national daily and TV channels. Apart fron it, he will tell some easy method of worshiping. He is considering to live at tourist destination so that people easily get him. He does not want that only handful people know him. n

Thursday, July 11, 2013

China is trustworthy.

Chinese troops once again intruded into Indian territory. Many conclusions were being drawn ,being an expert i have also drawn some conclusions. These are, it means relation between two countries, is improving. To show this, chinese troops intruded into Indian territory. It also means  Defence Minister AK ANTONY
visit has been highly successful and it has proved a mile stone in normalizing the relations between two countries. It also means that China is trustworthy nation. Its words match with deeds. The country should not see China as a threat . It also means that China
follows the international norms and respects the sovereignty of a nation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Secret seat sharing between RJD and BJP.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said " There has been secret parleys between the two sworn enemies (BJP and RJD) and it has reached the level of talks on seat adjustments" - Talking about his new research.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Importace of fasting

Emergency has been declared. My civil right has been suspended. Charges are being framed. There is complete choas and and confusion at my home. Heavy paramilitary force have been deployed at my residence. My empire has been overthrown by my wife. Accusing that i am not able to take advantage of right occasion. I am going to appeal in husband commission because i am being tortured. I am being forced to go on fasting. Importance of fasting is being telecasted by wife, sons and daughters. They want that i should upgrade their status in society. They aIso want that i should highlight their name and fame by going on fasting. They also want that i should make my supreme sacrifice for the family. They say that i had lost the chance last year when Anna Hazare was on fasting, Arvind Kejariwal was on fasting. My wife says that i may get ticket of Aam Aadmi Party. But the problem is that i can not live without food for one day. Despite knowing that there is importance of fasting in life. It purifies our body and mind. I can not go on fasting. But as i earlier said my wife is extremly unhappy with me because She wants that i should immediatelly start fasting to get a take ticket .  She says that with fast, i will be successful in killing two birds with one sto ne. One hand my health will improve, On the other hand i will earn name and fame. She also says that i do not  change myself according to time. She says that despite name and fame Baba Ramdev could not leave the lure of fasting. She also says that i should also become active. She also describe the importance of fasting.  She says that from fasting one can make his body slim.  She also says that it is also possible that Arvind Kejariwal may recognise my talent and may give me ticket.  I will not go on fasting with my desire. If i go on fasting, you should understand that i have not gone on fasting with my own desire. You should understand that i have been forced to do so. I will say to you
, please register an FIR against my family members in case of my demise. I will also  appeal please pray for my departed soul. My family member will probably not do so, beacuse i could not highlight their name. I could not fullfil their desire.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Value our own hotels.

We should value our own hotels- Because farmers stay at hotels

BJP can't mislead nation.

BJP can't mislead nation: Khurshid- Alone.

India is making progress

India is making progress. To see it, you will have to develop third eyes. You will have to be reseach minded. You will have to keep wisdom.
How can you see the progress of the country with your closed eyes.  You will have to open your eyes. You will have to develop your sixth sense. Those who are not seeing the progress of the country, are not in jolly mood. They are sad. The people of  negative mindset say that glass is half empaty while the people of positive mindset say that glass is half full. If your mood is fine  then every thing will seem happy.  You will see beauty in everything. If you will  be in sad mood everything will look ugly.
After adopting lebralization policy, nearly 20 percentage people made progress rapidlly. They change their cars like clothes. They wear branded clothes.  Is it not progress ?The progress of the country can be seen in slum areas. You can also know the progress of the country in poverty index. Progress can be also known in child labour index, the number of unemployed youths also present rosy picture of the progress. The real progress can be also seen in pathetic condition of the farmers.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

China is playing a role of big brother

China does not believe in man made boundry of nation. Instead , China sees the whole world as a nation. Chinese intrusion should be seen in a broder perspective.  Through intrusion China expresses its love towards neighbours. It is an expression of brotherhood policy. In my view, So- called intrusion is a part of propaganda of its opponents, especially the western world. For China, the whole world is a like a family. Being a big brother China has some special role to play. China teaches its neighbour by its hard stance that they should  not keep narrow-mindness and they should accept Chinease supermacy. All neighbours should leave their security responsibilities to China. China is producing weapons of mass destruction for the securirty and stability of the world. China is singing  popular number meri chhatri ke niche aa ja (come under my umbrella. Due to short -sightness and narrow mindness the world is not able in understanding the humantatrian attitude of China. A man of narrow mind set only sees fault in China. It is beyond my understanding that when the world is shrinking into a village. What is need of such negative attitude. Such people are actually not progressive.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Don't provoke, China general warns India

China has issued strong warning  saying that India should stop provking China.  China further said that it it is up to India to take a positive step in this regard. In my view, India should try to normalize relations with China To pacify China 'Hind china bhai- bhai mantra' should be recited. It had yielded result in past. The importance of this mantra has been seen . India has been reciting this mantra since begning. In 1962, this mantra stoped Chinese aggression and intrusion into Indian territory. It could  not capcture the whole India due to impact of this mantra. Whenever China became aggressive Indian leadership recited this mantra whole heartedly. Those who know the power of this mantra, know that, this can do wonder. This can change impossible into possible. This mantra chanting should be made compulsory to every citizen, seeing its importance. Those who deny to chant, should be punished. Indin leadership should search a new mantra to Pakistan. Whenever Pakistan open fire accross the border the Indian leadership may start reciting this discovered new mantra. Then indians may proudly say that the country has searched new way to establish peace and stability in the world.

Ahead of Antony visit

Don't provoke, China general warns India-Rousing welcome to Indian Defence Minister Antony, ahead of China visit

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who will be my scapegoat.

Dear countrymen
As you know, i have been implicated in a false  case by my political opponnents. This is a politically motivated step of my political rivals. They want to tranish my image through false propaganda. I offer a golden opportunity for  jobless people, who are spending their  life in hardship to come near me by becomig scapegoat.  By taking my all faults on his own head. For kindly your informatin, i will say that one has required prior appointment to meet me. I do not meet anyone regularly excep a few my flatters. I also know this, thousands will be ready for this noble cause. Because those who are spending their life in hardship, have no option. Let me further clear here, I
am in seach of a scapegoat, who could take my all fault on his own head. I will be thankful for him. I will provide all type of assistance to his family. I will also provide all comfort to him in jail. He may use mobile phones in jail premises. Even he may eat his favourite dishes as per his desire. I know this is land of brave person. Surely someone will come in my rescue and he will take all my charge on his own head. Once again appealing your cooperation on humantatrian goround.
Your own leader

Newly built road was damaged.

News was being telecast by TV news  Channels that a few day later, newly built road was damaged. News anchers are claiming  this as his own  breaking story. In my view, there is no news in it. Such things have not happened first time.  This often happens.The mater was being exgaggrated unnecessarily.
A few were criticrising the government while other were coming down heavily on contractors. Many conclusions were being drown. But my view was different from all. In my view, people  have  no patience nowdays. They are not ready to wait. They want quick result from all things. Despite knowing that there is a great importance of patience in life. It may be possible that in road construction latest techonology has been used. It is also possible that It may reconstruct itself.  Because in the age of technology, everything is possible. Some people have no broder sense. They are not able in seeing merit in anything. Critics also do not know this truth that there is nothing parmanent in this world. Every thing is mortal here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Progress in Pakistan

Anyone may impress seeing Pakistan's excellent track record in all field, specially in terrorism sector. All nations have lagged far behind. After partion and becoming an independent state, Pakistan has made all round fast progress. The reason of rapid progres   is its development oriented policy. The standandard of living of Pakistan, has been satisfactory, specially in Pak occupied Kashmir. Pakistan has hugely invested in terrorism sector and presently the country is getting its reward as US assistance.
The army also actively participate in administrative work. To boost the moral of the people, Pakistani soldiers fire on Indian post. To provide feel good to the countrymen the relations with India is strained. To show the strenth of the country, Pak provokes terrorists to kill innocent people in India. Sometimes military took the power of the civilian government into its hand to demonstrate the power of the country. Pak has empowered fundamentalists, showing sympathy towards humanity. Pak has developed two centre of power in its country, which is working better there. Pak has proved this old saying untrue that two kings destroy the kingdom.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Journey in Indian railway

If you are considering for a journey in Indian railway. Think twice.  You will have to make strategy.  Without strategy your journey may be painful .You will have to do some home work. Second thing, your journey may be tough like climbing on Everest. You will have to prepare for all situtation.  Reach at station twelve hours after the shedule time. Despite that you may wait hours  at station. Practice yoga and meditation three months  before to develop patience. Go to government hospital for treatment where you would have to wait for hours to get a treatment. listen dhimi gati (slow motion )news. Visit  slum areas. Spend time before heap of garbage. Develop hobby of playing chess and  card. Leave tasty food and eat worst quality food. These preparations are necessary because when you face  first time such
thing do not be nervous.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Political leaders are meditating

Political leaders in India, are meditative state. They are searching  solution of cross border terrorism. Their medition
will yied result because they are in medition for a long time, since independence. In the mean time, the people of country are concerned about the country,s security, because Pakistan,s misadventre is not going to end. Firig from the across the border is incresing day by day. Trerrorist  camps are still being operated from Pak occupied Kashmir. There is a growing demand in the counry that Pak should be taught a lesson. But those who are raising such demand, have no patience and wisdom. While Indian leaders have develop their patience through meditation. Those who are raising such demands, do not know the result of it. They have no political maturity.

India legs behind Nepal

India legs behind Nepal in health : Expert- This means emerging economy is benefiting Indians

Alternative front will get majority

Neither the Congress nor the BJP, but those forming the alternative front will get a majority in the general election- Well known astrologer Mulayam Singh Yadav.