Monday, August 26, 2013

Disruption of House Proceedings

The prominent work of legislatires is to entact legislation, so the member of parliament do everything except allowing smooth functioning of parliament. Respected members do not allow healthy debate in parliament because from the debate, the quality of bill will be affected. The ruling party and the opposion both want to maintain quality of the legislation at all cost. So the ruling party do not feel need of consensus. Despite that the opposition extends their full support by disrupting the proceedings of the house. The ruling alliance and the opposition paties are both worry for the nation and the countrymen. They spend sleepless night feeling sorrows and the pain of the people. They live in the AC to feel the pain of Labours and farmers. They take healthy diet to provide nutrition to the poor. They go to foreign trips to provide entertainment to the countrymen. Their each and every action is dedicated to the nation. There is no place of any doubt in it. The opposition partiers rarely take part in debate and suggest amendments. The opposition oppose the bill in democratic way like throwing shoes to each other and shouting slogan. Thus, the ruling party and the opposition parties both perform their duties. MPs peform their duties with sseriousness. The sound proof of their dutifulness is that they occasionally present in the house and they often walk out from the house. Respected members do all efforts to pass the legislation. From slogan shouting to walkout.The ruling party go to any extent to pass the legislation. While the opposition parties go to any extent to oppose it. Shooes are thrown. Chairs are thrown to stop the bill. The public see 20-20 match from their TV screen that is played between the ruling party and the opposition parties. Respected members say that pending bill should not seen as a problem.Instead it should be seen as overexamination of the legislation. They say that they ensure the quality of legislation by various ways. Legislatures express surprise on being impatience of the people. They say that Their motive is to pass few qualitative legislations. They also say that the business of the house is intensely disrupted so that unnecessary legislation couldn't pass. They further say that they can not compromise over quality. MPs also argue that they can't seat together to resolve the differences. Bacause there is fear to be emotional of members. They may agree and whole climax may end. MPs remind that the public should not forget the entertainment that is provided by members by slogan shouting and walk out. They further say that they respect the parliament and democratic values. They have great respect towards democracy. Respected members also say that people should forget wasting time and money. Because they waste time and money to provide healthy entertainment to people. They also waste time and money to pass only good legislation.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Demand Of Bharat Ratna

I am a strong contender of bhart Ratna by birth. There is no need of additional qualification. If the sate does not honour me with Bharat Ratna, it means the state does not treat every citizen equally. It means the government discriminate with its citizen on various ground. If UPA want to come in power then it should announce that after coming power it will honour with Bharat Ratna to every citizen. If UPA lose this opportunity to announce then other parties may announce to give Bhart Ratna after coming to power. I am an MA pass unemployed youth. I also want to touch the sky like others.Society do not respect me because I am an unemployed. I am eagerly waiting the announcement that government will honour me after coming to power. It will work wonder and will ensure victory of ruling party. After that I may spend a dignified life. The government can not ensure the development of the country. It can't stop skyrocketing price of essential Commodities . It can't give beffiting reply of Pakistani and Chinese misadventure. It can not provide job to every citizen. It can not fill the widening gap of the poor and the rich. It can't eradicate hunger death. It can't stop farmers suicidal death. It can't root out corruption from the country but it can announce to give the highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna to each citizen. The fourth coming election is near the corner. A number of announcement will be made by the central government in coming days. I hope the government will also announce to give Bharat Ratna to please people. I will like to make it clear here that I am not not a selfish person. My demand is in national interest.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mantra To Win Election

It is true that word is god and its effect is universal. According to mythological description god manifests itself in word. The effect of word is enormous. The effect of it, can be realized in any part of the world. Our saints created mantras, which have especial impact on our body and mind . There are several types of mantras. Some fulfill our desires while some make us healthy and wealthy. Mantras can also be used in destructive activities. It is also said that mantras power in past were more than any sophisticated bomb. And there were people in past who know how to use mantras for destructive purposes. Present time our politicians know how to use mantras for wining the election.If you want to see the effect of word, then you will have to see, it in the promises of politicians. It is effect of word that Political leaders make false promises and the public blindly believe it. Mesmerising effect of promises are seen on people. As a result, People lose their sense and vote on mere assurances. After the election politicians forget their assurances while the public remember it. The public think to teach a lesson to Netaji (political leaders) in next election for cheating. But political leaders once again recite mainefesto mantra wholeheartedly. And mantra works wonder and people forget about revenge and vote for netaji under effect of mantra. Another effect of word is seen when a political leader say that he is not involved in any scam while evidence suggests his involment in scam. People forget the evidence about his involment and believe in his statement. Not only this the public also ensure his victory in election. Year by year same mantra is recited by political leaders and no commitment is fulfilled. It is also seen that when a dishonest person recites mantra it produces more effect while when an honest person recites it produce less impact. It is matter of consideration.The reson of it, is said that a dishonest person recites it wholeheartedly while an honest person doesn't show same Faith. The effect of mantra varies from time to place. There is a special time to get maximum result of any mantra. Religious mantras are chanted on special occasion like navratra or during eclipse. While political mantras are recited during election. Some time many leaders recite the same mantra because the importance of collective reciting is said more. Slogan shouting is also a type of mantra . If it suits then produces immediate result.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peace Talks Amid Firing

Although firing is continue on border from Pakistani side at the same time possibility of peace is also high. Because both sides are talking about peace. Both side are expressing there willingness towards peace. Indian leadership is taking the incident of firing casually. Because Pakistan usually fires from accors the border. This has not happened first time. This is not first violation of cease fire.It is a routine activities. There is no need of panic. Obma has no need to advise Indian Prime Minister to maintain peace on border. South Asia is not going to be a disturbed region. The country is not going to leave its policy of peace. Our border is only insecure. Only our soldiers are being killed in firing. Leaders are safe. People are safe. So there is no need to immediate action against Pakistan. No need of deployment of additional troops on border. The country has well planned strategy to meet the challenges of future. Indian leadership has decided not oppose misadventure of Pakistan and China. Because peace and stability of region will be effected. To assure countrymen, there is need to sing some popular song like befitting reply of Pakistani"s misadventure. Indian leadership sing it wholeheartedly. All past governments have sung it wholeheartedly. The incidents of firing also prove that every thing is in control of Pakistani PM. Army is working on his behalf. There are no differences between PM and army chief.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Durga Sakti Nagpal"s Suspension

The expectation was high when Akhilesh Yadav took charge of UP chief Minister. It was believed that he would take extraordinary step to bring the state on development path. It was also hoped that besides serving party interest he will also take some concreate measure in the state"s interest. He did not allow to hope die of the people of the state. As a first step, he decided to provide car to each MLA. Because, the total three MLAs had no their own car. The chief minister realised that without providing car to each MLA, they could not serve the people. He could not fullfil the aspiration of the people.He also thought that car should be costlty so that public representative could leave their impact on public. People could know their MLAs by their car. So he decided to allott 20 lakh fund for a car. Unfortunatelly, the matter was politiced and he was to withdrawal his decision and he could not materlise his dream to provide car to each MLA.His second step in the state wealfare was to distribute laptops and tabs. The third step of UP chief minister was to work for keeping the moral high of Indian Administrative Service officers so that they could make their contribution in the state development. For this, He decided to suspend the SDM Durga Sakti Nagpal for her action against sand mafia. According to report, the SDM was taking step against sand mafia without taking into confidence the local leader. The local Samajwadi Party (SP) leader complained the issue with the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and said that he was being ignored by the district administration. The chief minister taken the matter seriously and promoptly acted and decided to suspend the SDM with immediate effect. In my view, SDM had committed mistake, because her action may hurt the interest of the ruling party. She could not understand the ground reality. The SDM could not understand that serving the party interest is greater than being an honest officer. In other words, she could not know that in this contempory world, loyality is greater than honesty. The officer could not think that several officers were side lined by the ruling party in the country for not serving the interest of the party. She could not understand the fact that to be remain on the post, one has to act according to the party line. It is hard reality that no party can allow the adiministrative officers to act independently. To bring effectiveness in administration tough action is necessary. It should be ensured that no officer be remain on his post more than one month. Besides, the nature of ruling party should be taught during the training. As far as, administrative officer is cocerned they should follow the whip of ruling party, wheather they are working in Uttar Pradesh or any part of the country. The ruling party should also provide more power to local leaders so that they could effectively guide the district administration.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pak Fires 7000 Rounds Along LoC

1. Pak fires 7000 rounds along LoC - This shows- Peace process is in right direction. 2. There is no faith deficit between the two countries. 3. There is greater possibility two nations will solve their differences. 4. There is coordination among Pakistani army, Civilian government and fundamentalists. 5. There is possiblity that Pakistan will leave hostility.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indo -Pakistani Relations Under Sharif

Countrymen be relax be relax. Please keep patience. Pakistan is being ruled by Nawaz Sharif, who talks to eastablish peace with India. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh believes in him. We should also believe in Nawaz Sharif. PM is confident that Nawaz Sharif will again repeat his willingness towards peace process. If Nawaz Sharif does not express his willingness then the PM has right do appeal do so. After that this bad chapter will end. Everyone will forget that our soldiers were killed by Pakistani troops. This issue will be set aside. Countrymen will assure that Pakistan is serious towards good relation with India. Probaly PM Manmohan Singh is hopeful that Nawaz Sharif will invite him on peace keeping tour to Pakistan like A B Vajpai. Raising question on Nawaz Sarif's credibility will be not just, because the incident of hostality, has increased in his resigme. It may be his new method of eastablishing peace with India. It is also a fact that Kargil intrusion occured in his resigme, which assures us that Nawaz Sharif will do some thing unique. It is mention worthy here that Nawaz Sharif is innovative Prime Minister. He always does some thing unique to eastabilish peace with India. It is our weakness that we doubt on his intension. Our daily experiences show that a doubtful person does not get success in his life. While a confident person easly achieves his goal. We know that Pakistan is vibarant democracy. So Army and hardliners play an important role in policy making. Pakistani Army and hardliners have always worked for good relations with India. So we should hope that one day peace will return in Indian subcontinet and India and Pakistan will live together peacefully, like a neighbour. Do not forget the tradition of peace of the country. Realise the emerging danger. Take incident of Pakistan's misadventure easy. See it as a routine activities. Learn positivity. Do not say glass is half empty instead say glass is half full. Take inpiration from prime minister, who is silent over killing of Indian soldier. See the positive aspect of his silence. Do not see fault in it like the opposition parties. Our PM will be certainly in meditation, seeking solution of the problem. He will certainly come with solution. Probaly, solution will be set aside Pakistan's misadventure and give more stress on people to people contact. Give more stress on playing cricket match with Pakistan. These types of efforts have been proved fruitfull in the past. Prime Minister may express his willingness towards peace process. He will be hopeful about peace process result. Because he is a optimistic person. He may announce some package to Pakistan. The government may say that Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism. And Pakistan is not able to eliminate terror network in her own country. India should also provide finincial support to Pakistan to fight against terrorism as US does.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Different Voices On Pak Raid

1. Why Antony, army spoke in different voices on Pak raid-Because, there is better coardination between defence minister and the army. 2. Give Pak a befitting reply: Nitish - On paper or in battle field.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Inequality Is Law Of Nature.

Inequality is law of nature. Is it possible to make everyone equal in society. An irrational person may think to make every one equal. People say that the government is not taking measure to bring equality in society. But such allegations are baseless. Those who raise such issue live only in imagination. They do not live in reality. The criticism of the government also shows that people have no wisdom. They have no patience. They have not read the Darwin theory. They do not know about world order. It also indicates that such people have secreat pact with anti national eliments. So they want to defame the nation by making such irresponsible statements. People should know that India is a emerging power and singing tune of widening gap between the rich and poor will stop progress of the nation. Widening gap between the rich and the poor is a false propaganda. It is a far away from the thruth that farmers are committing sucide in the country. There are no such reports. Contrary to it, farmers of the country are rich. They are enjoying all comforts. If we accept that farmers are commiting sucide, then it shows that they have no to ability to survive. They have no talent. They have no innovative idea to become fraud. Actually farmers have rare chance to serve the nation. They should remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. Our freedom fighters made their supreme sacrifices to see nearly twenty percentage poulation happy. So farmers should leave their jealousy and they should contribute in national building. The government should open motivational schools. In such schools, it should be tought how to be happy without fulfiling their basic needs. It should be also tought how to serve the nation without food. Farmers should be taught that their sorrows are result of their past karma (deeds) . God is punishing them for their past bad deeds. Farmers should also taught that they are not fit on Darwin's survival of the fittest theory. So they are losing their existence. Acctually Farmers and labours are not proving their ability. So they are living in pathetic condition. There are growing demands in the country to continue royality on fertilizers and seeds. But those who are raising such demands do not know negative impact of it on our economy.