Saturday, September 28, 2013

Teachers Day Celebration

On 5 September Teachers day was celebrated in the country with much fanfare. On this occasion several programs were held. The government remembered the contribution of teachers and said that there is big role of teachers in national building. Several welfare schems were announced by the government for the teachers. The governments also assured the teacher community that every step will be taken to make them begger. The government also said that for the betterment of the teacher, it will always adopt double standard in deciding the salary structure. The government also made it clear that all effort will be done to force them to live in slum areas. There are also reports that on the teacher's day techers vowed to give more sever physical punishment to students.Techers started this by giving them hard punisment on minor mistakes. There are also reports that students shown their respect by abusing the teachers. Some Students were admitted in the hospital for treatment after beaten up by the teachers. Leagal action was initiated against the teachers. There was also a report that a teacher eloped his girl student. The family of girl has threatend the teacher to teach a lesson. An FIR has been lodged against the teacher in this connection.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

World Peace Day

Few days back, World peace day was celebrated in all over world. Next day, news papers were full with the reports of rape, robbery, murder and kidnapping. There were reports about Farmers' suicidal deaths and loots. On this day, People made their plan of stone pelting on police party. Police made plan to lathicharge to dispurse the mob. Political parties decided to create communal disturbances in the country. Political parties also recited the secularism mantra. US decided to teach the lesson to evil nation by firing missiles . On this day, it was also decided how to use Chemical weapons against the rebell to stop the revolt. Pakistan made plan to fire the guns on Indian Posts. China assured the international community that it would continue disregard to international laws. The country also made it clear that it would not leave hostilities with neighbours. Pakistan also announced to operate more terrorist training camps in the country. Pakistan reiterated that it would continue material and financial support to the terrorists. The country also assured the international community that it would ensure quality training to terrorists. Police were high alert on this day and took some hard step to stop peaceful agitation. Terrorist organizations announced to take out peace march against the killing of innocent people. Terrorist organizations also demanded that they should be provided more freedom. They said that they should be provided chemical and nuclear weapons to maintain peace and stability in the world.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pending Legislations

The main work of legislature is to form legislation. The member of parliament do this work sincerely. They do everything except allowing smooth functioning of the parliament. Respected members do not allow healthy debate in parliament, because from the debate, the quality of bill will be affected. The ruling party and the opposion party both want to maintain quality of the legislation at all cost. So both do not feel need of consensus. The opposition extends their full support to ruling party by disrupting the proceedings of the house. The ruling alliance and the opposition parties are both worry for the nation and the countrymen. They spend sleepless night, feeling sorrows and the pain of the people. Respected members live in the AC to feel the pain of the poor. They take healthy diet to provide nutrition to the poor. They go to foreign trips to provide entertainment to the countrymen. Their each and every work is dedicated to the nation and its people. There is no place of any doubt in it. The opposition parties rarely take part in debate. The opposition oppose the bill in democratic way like throwing shoes to the ruling party's members. The members of ruling party react the same way. Slogans were also shouted by the members of ruling party and the opposition. Thus, the ruling party and the opposition parties both perform their duties. MPs peform their duties with seriousness. The sound proof of their dutifulness is that they occasionally present in the house and they often walk out from the house. Respected members do all efforts to pass the legislation, from slogan shouting to walkout.The ruling party go to any extent to pass the legislation. While the opposition parties go to any extent to oppose it. Shooes are thrown. Chairs are thrown to stop the bill. The public see 20-20 match from their TV screen that is played between the ruling party and the opposition parties. Respected members say that pending bill should not seen as a problem.Instead of it, it should be seen as overexamination of the legislation. They say that they ensure the quality of legislation by various ways. Members of the ruling party and the opposition both express surprise on being impatience of the people. They say that their motive is to pass few qualitative legislations. They also say that the business of the house is intensely disrupted so that unnecessary legislations couldn't pass. They further say that they can not compromise over quality of legislation. MPs also argue that they can't remain peaceful to resolve the differences. Bacause there is fear to be emotional of members. They may agree on bill and the whole climax may end. MPs remind that the public should not forget the entertainment that is provided by members by slogan shouting and walk out. They further say that they respect the parliament and democratic values. They have great respect towards democracy. Respected members also say that people should forget of wasting time and money. Because they waste time and money to provide healthy entertainment to people. They also waste time and money to pass only qualitative legislation.

Electoral Defeat

Party president was extremely worry. He was unable to understand the reason of the party"s defeat in the election. He thought, he was very popular among people. Because wherever he went, black flags were shown. Shooes were thrown at him. Slogans were shouted against him. To make popular the party among people the party president did everything including ending the internal democracy in the party. Ministers were allowed to loot public money. Grassroots workers were discouraged. Flatters were promoted. Family members and relatives were appointed on key posts. Able party men were sidelined. Corrupt officers were given cream post. Law and order was allowed to worsene . A meeting was convened by the party president to discuss the reason of the party defeat. Whip was issued to party men to present in the meeting. Meeting began at schedule time. There was pindrop silence everywhere. The party president had made it clear that indiscipline wouldn't be tolerate at any cost. In the meeting partymen put their different views. Some said that the wife of party president failed in persuading the god and in the absence of god"blessing the party lost its base. Some said that the winning party took edge in performing religious rituals. We couldn't satisfy angry grahas (planets). The party also failed to devide people on cast line. Some said the party also failed in creating communal disterbance in the country. The party couldn't give enough dose of promises to people. The party couldn't tell effectively how many times the party disrupted proceedings of the house. The party also failed in giving details of scams. The party couldn't give the details of its failure in implementing the economic policy. In the meeting decision was taken to oppose the right steps of the government. The party also decided to organise more dharna and agistations in future to create the inconvenience to people.

Earth Day Celebration

Santosh: Indinas love this earth. They see it as a mother. They worship it. They celebrate earth day. Mantosh: yes, nowadays they are showing their respect by cutting trees.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Story Of A Saint

Is he saint? Yes, becauae he can not live without AC, without delicious food, without wine. He trevels in areoplane. Wherever he goes out of station stays in five star hotel. He appers on TV screen and preaches devotees. He talks about morality of this earth. His almost all followers are from rich background. He preaches to his followers not to keep attachment with worldly things. Because they are mortal. But his own property is nearly 100 core. He stresses on simple living and high thinking. He is facing charges of sexual harassment, murder and land grabbing . His most of dispeles are young girls. His message is clear and straight. He says his folowers not follow ethical path in life. Because ethical norms have lost their value in this age. He says that his devotees should be practioner lier. He warns his devotees not to become idealistic type of person. Because this type of person always suffers in life. He tells simple way to get liberation from birth and death circle. That is to cheat innocent people . He also says that liberation can also be got through exploition. He also says that to make human life meaningful one should try to become opportunistic.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Iron Man Advani Left To Rust

Justifying his party break away from BJP, Bihar Chief minister Nitish kumar said that in presence of Narendra Modi, he could not rise in the national poltics. He said that his growing popularity might become threat to coalition leaders. He may promote division in coalition party. So he decided to leave the coalition, reciting secualrism mantra. He said that his fear was based on some substantial evidence. It was not illogical. He said that with remaining in coalition his supermacy might end. Citing example of LK Adwani he said that iron man of the party was sidelined. His contribution was forgotten by the party. The party shown disrespect towards the veteran leader. His reservation for Modi was not minded. He said that Modi could make me irrelivant. In his presence he could not play vital role in coalition. He said that in Gujarat no leader has power to express his own view. All prominent leaders of Gujrat lost their stature. He also predicted that in coming days infighting will intensify in The Bhartiya Janta Party. He also said that he is chanting secularism mantra regularly. He hopes that secularism mantra will yield result because it is being recited by leaders of all political parties. He said that this mantra will prevent Modi from becoming Prime Minister. He advised leaders of all political parties to recite secularism mantra collectively to come out from modi"s fear.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

No US Visa For Modi

Visa is being denied by United State America for Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi because America issue visa only for democratically elected leder. Modi is not a democratically elected leader. He is a dictator. He is not a chief minister of a developed Indian state. He doesn't enjoy suppor of people in India. He has not ensured development in Gujarat. He has not developed a new model of progress. He has not recieve world wide applause for his developments works. Those business men who want to invite Modi, are comunal minded. They are anti US. From issuing visa America"s peace and stablity may be severaly affected. He can a pose a threat for America. There is greater possibility that he may supply technology of mass destruction to anti US organization in US. Communal violence may erupt in US during Modi visit. He may deliver hatred speech there. He may meet there with Taliban leaders. He may hijack planes. He may explode boms. He may contest presidential election. He may win election and dethrown Obama.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Environmental Degradation

Men are said to be social animal so the people of 21st centuary think that their death should be also social. Now people have decided to commit mass suicide so that god feel pride to see the supreme sacrifices of man. People think that dying alone will be selfish. So we are fast moving towards collective suicide by enviornmental degardation. Because we know the morality of this body. We have known the reality of this world. Besides we are living in age of technology. We love experiment. We want to experiment something unique. We want to see the effect of collective dying. We also know that mass sucide is in our interest. We do not bother about globle warming. We do not mind enviormental degardation. We do not mind deforesation. We do not worry for growing pollution in rivers. We do not hesitate in building big dams. Because big dams don't harm environment . Big dams do not displace lakhs of people. Big dams do not affect biodiversity. Dissappering species from this earth are not measure cause of consern. We have to make progress at any rate. There is no need of international agreement in this regard. Because such things will leave us far behind from the rest of the world. We want to make progress at any cost. Weapons of mass destruction is symble of our progress. Nuclear weapons show our progress. Chemical weapons show our supermacy. We have power to destroy the world. This shows that man is above all on this planet. Man have posed a threat to god"s distruction power. The destruction of Lord Shankar is purposeful, that is for new creation. While destruction by us will for ending existence of humanity. This will be in larger interest of humanity. Life without comfort and freedom is meaningless. Freedom of dying is prominent demand of today"s people. No one wants to spend life in hardship. Sort span of comfort life is better than loger life in hardship. Now People will deside their own death also. They will not allow that someone else decide their fate. So they have choosen their own way of drying. They are doing every thing for growing ecological imbalance. The poor blame that the rich have gathered wealth by exploition. They also blame that the rich do not fulfill their social obligation. The rich say that they can not spend their money in development of poor. But they can die with the poor. So the rich have chosen path of mass suicide by harming environment. At the same time the rich also appeal to the poor to make their contribution in harming the nature. The rich say that people will be only equal in heaven. Because their greed doesn't allow to help the poor.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Prevention Of Dengue

A meeting held in Kaimur district of Bihar to discuss various issues including spread of dengue. In the meeting participants criticised Masquito for spreading dengue. According to a report people were extremely excited. They may give beffiting reply to masquitos. Sensing the danger, the district administration deployed heavy police force in good number in masqitos dominated areas. District administration also advised Masquitos to be cautious. Besides, district administration issued order to susped all type of cleanliness work with Immediate effect. People have been advised not to use net. Need of the our is to issue harsh statement against masquitos. Masquito should be severaly criticised by people. So that they could lose its social base among people. They could Feel isolated. There is no need of campaign against mosquitos. There is no need of any type of step to treat this deadly disease. Such steps will not prove effective. Masquito may stop its ire on being appeal. They are trustworthy like China and Pakistan. As china and Pakistan stop their anti-India activities on being appeal. Masquito can do the same. Peace process can be also started with masqutos. The government should create favorable conditions for them. Political leaders should leave their differences and they should issue harsh statement against against masquitos. People can also vote against Masquitos through messages. Road should be blocked to force the masquitos to stop dengue. Political leaders should divide people over this issue. No unity should be shown against masquitos. There is no need of collective efforts against the dengue. are of the view that harsh st Experts atement generates hits which Masquitos do not tolerate. Besides some other measure may be like slogan shouting against Masquitos. Dharna should be staged. Rallies should be taken out against them. Parliament should not be allowed to function.