Saturday, November 30, 2013

Parliamentary Election 2014

In a historic move Congress general Secretary Rahul Gandhi and BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi both have decided to form a pre-poll alliance between Congress and BJP for forthcoming parliamentary election . Both leaders not only sake hand publicly but also announced to contest upcoming election together. Addressing a joint press conference at Ramlila maidan in New Delhi both leaders said that there would be two posts of PM, one for the Congress party while another for the BJP. Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Modi said that two posts of PM are necessary for good governance because it would be helpful in taking timely decision. Humor-satire reporter talking about Alliance said that both leaders held a meeting at secret place so that leaders of two parties could not sense the intention of both leaders. Even the Congress president Soniya Gandhi and BJP president Raj Nath Singh were not informed about the meeting between two leaders. Reacting about the decision of two leaders the Congress president Soniya Gandhi and BJP president Raj Nath Singh both said that they have no information about such meeting and their decision of pre-poll Alliance but if both leaders have decided to contest election together then the Congress and The BJP have no option except accepting their decision. The Congress and The BJP can't go against their wishes the spokespersons of both party said in separate statement. Humor-satire reporters who covered the election rallies after their decision to form pre-poll Alliance said that scene of the election rallies have now completly changed so that The BJP leaders are showering praises on Gandhi family while the Congress leaders are talking about merits of former Prime Minister Atalji and senior leader Advani ji. Congress leaders are also praising the BJP leaders by saying them secularists. The Congress leaders are also saying that BJP leaders have no role in demolition of Babri Mashjid and post Godhra riots. On the other hand the BJP leaders are praising the UPA government as a highly successful. The BJP also praised the Congress led government for taking a bold and timely decision to bring back the country's economy on the track. The BJP also praised Manmohan Singh led government for strengthening the relation with neighbors' country. The BJP said that during the tenure of the Congress led government at centre cross-border terrorism reached to zero level and Chinese misadventure stopped. The BJP also praised the government by saying it corruption free and transparent.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Digvijay Singh As A psephologist

Well-known psephologist and political thinker Digvijay Singh has predicted that the Congress would return in power with thumping victory in Madhy Pradesh ( MP) election. Mr. Singh who appears in different roles from time to time also predicted that the ruling BJP would be left far behind in the election. He also said that BJP would get 85-90 seats in the election. Mr Singh said that the BJP would lose election because it could not address the people' issue effectively. He said that the defeat would be a result of the government failure on all fronts. He said that people of MP want to be liberate from the misrule of the present government. He also said that so-called good governance of the present regime is only delusion. It is noted here Mr. Singh is also a well-known astrologer whose predictions have been almost true till the date. He has also immense power to entertain people through his remarks. He has good sense of humor. He remarks are taken with seriousness among political class, because he makes statement after considering all aspects. A lot of research works seems in his statement. His remarks are seen based on facts. No contradiction is seen in his remarks like other politicians. His statements often become breaking news. He has also capacity to rewrite history like BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi. Uniqueness is also seen in his statements. Reacting Mr. Singh' prediction the BJP said that Mr. Singh seems the Congress spokesperson and his image of non-political person has been distorted from his latest prediction. The party further said that his recent predictions would tarnish his image as non-political person and people would see him as a political person.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Election Campaign

I am going to contest coming parliamentary election. I have decided to contest election because i am a visionary person. I can bring a sea change in administration . I can only bring equality in society. I can only work for social justice. I can only improve poor condition of the
farmers. I can only find sollution of the price rise, unemployment and terrorism. I can only work to root out corruption from the country. So do not be impressed from speeches of the Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi and Gujrat strongman Narendra Modi. They are misleading you. They are making tall claims for political mileage. While my intention is to serve the nation. Though I have a tainted image. But I have a vast experience of robbery, kidnapping, snatching and financial embezzlement. Despite that I have dream to be PM. I have a deep desire that under my able leadership, the country became super power. Ensure my victory in forthcoming parliamentary election. I promise that I would ensure a strong lokpal at centre. Believe it or not I can only form a strong lokpal at centre. So Veteran Social Activist Anna Hazare should support my candidature. He should campaign for me. Otherwise It would prove that he has no faith in democratic system of the country. I promise that my iron will change the face of the nation. The progress of the country would depend on my win. My win or defeat would prove that the countrymen want progress of the country or not. My win would accelerate the development of the country. My win would ensure peace and stability in the south Asia. My win would bring solution of Tamil issue. My win would ensure a greater role of the country in the world's affair. My win would ensure permanent solution of middle east crisis. My win would stop cross border terrorism. My win would end Chinese misadventure. My win would provide solution of the present slowdown. My win can only revive the country's economy. My win would also decide that US would remain super power or not. My win would prove a new dawn in lives of every countrymen. And my defeat would prove that Indian society is not liberal and vibrant. Believe it, I am not making tall claims. I have excellent track record to do better in tough situations. I am in jail today because my stars are not in my favour. So I was caught in financial embezzlement. Otherwise i have not commited this crime first time.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Dream

Eqaliy is only a social concept there is no existence of it in reality. The real face of society is ugly. Rosy picture is only an delusion . You can know this whatever I stated above, from my own story. My story begins with my dream. On a fine day I dreamt that the world war would begin just one month later. I had also dreamt that the start of world war would be from India and Pakistan' conflict. I tried to alert the countrymen about upcoming calamity. So I dialled news paper office's number and contacted local reporters and requested them to publish my dream as a lead story. But my dream didn't become a news. As result, no statement came from Pakistan. No statement came from the world's leaders. Although my dream was a breaking news but it was not seen. The TV channels completly ignored a news of national importance. My dream didn't get coverage in Print media. Not only this world media also not noticed my dream. US president Barack Obama didn't say a single word on my dream. I ask this that is in a democratic India the dream of everyone doesn't keep same importance. When hunt of gold can be started on the basis of a saint's dream then why didn't my dream become an issue of panel discussion. Why didn't experts express their views on my dream. Why didn't people held demonstrations to force the government to take saftey measures. Why didn't people stage dharna for being neglected my dream. Why didn't PM speak a single word on my dream. Why had the principle opposition party been mum on my dream, which shows itself serious about the country's security. Why was a all party meeting not convened to consider my dream. Why didn't my dream become an election issue. The matter is very serious because the dream of a person was neglected in democratic India while the tall claims are made by the politicians to fulfill the aspirations of the people. After my dream, the government's face was completly exposed and it has no moral right to remain in power. The negligence of my dream also exposed the government's seriousness about the issue of common concerned. It also appeared that the government is not serious to make the country super power in 21st centuary. Double standard of the government also shown that equality is only an delusion.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Forging Of Signature

In ancient time kings provided full support and motivation to art and culture in the country. which is, presently not being seen. As a result, young talents are either being migrated from the Country or being frustrated. The main reason of brain drain from the country is that the talented persons do not get full support of the government instead they are harassed by the administration. The government doesn't provide resources to them to do their work independently and hassle-free environment. Due to negligence of the government several world famous criminals and smugglers forced to operate their business from Pakistan or Nepal. I would ask a question. Is forging a signature of a person, is crime or it should be seen as an art ? In my view, this is an art because everyone can't forge a signature of a person. Extraordinary talent would be required do so. As for as forging of signature of an officer is concerned, tremendous courage is necessary to do this. An ordinary person can't do this. So such persons who forge signature, deserve bravery awards. Besides forging of signature is a unique art so the persons who are master in forging be regarded as an artist instead of criminal.Whenever I heard that a person has withdrawn money from bank account of other person by forging his or her signature then I think that the man has great talent. He has capacity to play a big role in country's development. So he should be inspired. He can do some unique work in his life also. This is not necessary that everyone earn livelihood by tradional way like becoming doctor or engineer. Those who are expert of forging they have also right to choose their profession of their own desires. Besides They can also develop a new source of revenue. So the government should allow to develop a new source of income for such persons. Besides they should be allowed to do their work of their own desires because Area of interest of all persons can't be same. But unfortunately such person face criticism of society and legal action is started against them . In my view to make the country super power and ensure fast development of it ,such talented persons should be inspired. They should be awarded also.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ban On English In Parliament

The former chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has demanded that the use of the English should be banned in the parliamen. He said that such ban is need of the hour. If we analyse his demand then we get merits in his demand. The demand of ban on English is just because Hindi is spoken and understood by all Member of parliament ( MPs). And it will not create communication g

ap among them and chaos like situation would also not appear in the house. It is also a fact that English is not a professional language today and It is spoken in limited region. It is not a connecting language. It is also not a professional language. Without knowledge of English, the country can compete with the rest world and can become super power. The country's economy would not be affected with the ban of English. Indian students can pursue their study in foreign institutes without English knowledge . Indians can get job in foreign based companies without English. Courses are availble in country's premier institutes in Hindi . Students can get education in Hindi in IITs and top management schools . Study material are avaible in Hindi in all top technical courses. Medical study can be done in Hindi in the country. Scientific research work would be not affected with the ban of English and it can be done in Hindi. The ban of Engilsh will not affect the country's progress. The business of BPOs would not be affected in the country, because its employees can comunicate with foreign nationals in Hindi. Besides, English is not helpful for common people any way, instead it would stop their progress. Apart from it, with the ban of English elite, who speak English, their supremacy would remain in society as well as in the country. J

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Installation Of Sachin's Idol

Bhojpuri Super star Manoj Tiwari should not be criticised for installing an idol of great cracker Sachin Tendulkar at his native village Atarwalia. Because Sachin needs an idol to be famous. Because for cricket lovers he is not like a God. Because he doesn't exist in the hearts of cracker lovers. Probably Monoj Tiwari, who highlighted the name of Kaimur district as well as entire Bhojpuri belt trough his Bhojpuri Songs and films wants to promote idol worshiping in the country, realising that there are less gods to warships for Hindus and there is urgent need to increase the number. He has creativity that reflects in his talent also. His decision to install Sachin's idol shows that he has power to upgrade a man to God. Now celebrities may contact him to be god. Booking is on. Befor installing the idole people know Sachin as a great cricketer, who boosted the moral of Indians through his all round superb performance. But people were not knowning him as a incarnation of the god. So thanks to Manoj Baba to make aware people about new thing regarding Sachin Tendulkar. It is also a fact that famous actor said to be great devotee of goddess Durga so his idol installation campaign can't be taken lightly. It is possible that he may get spiritual realization regarding idol worshiping and installing the idol of great cricketer.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Truth Behind Price Rise Of Vegetables

People are expressing different opinions over the recent price hike of vegetables. Some see a high level conspiracy behind the recent price hike of vegetables, especially onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Substantial evidences are also supporting this view and are suggesting the involvement of Apple and pomegranates behind this conspiracy. According to humor-satire reporter Apple and pomegranate may hatch conspiracy, Because people are avoiding buying Apple and pomegranate due to their high prices . Apple and pomegranate may think that when the price of onions, potatoes and tomatoes would be skyrocketing, then people would compare the prices and they would buy them. So As a precautionary measure people should distance themselves from Apple and pomegranate and they should avoid buying them. A close vigil should be maintain to watch the activities of apple and pomegranate. A harsh statement against them may be also helpful in discouraging apple and pomegranate. The government of India should order high level probe into the matter to know the truth. Apart from this, people should organise rallies in all district headquarters of the country. In the rallies apple and annar should be held responsible for recent price rise of vegetables. In rallies, the most abusive words should used against apple and pomegranate. Social bycott of apple and pomegranate may be solution of the problem. If the budget of people doesn't allow to buy vegetables then they should not hesitate in taking loan. The government should ensure loan to those who are not able in buying onions, potatoes and tomatoes. There are also some people who differs this view and they suspect Pakistani involvement behind the recent price hike of vegetable items. The Involvement of major players also may not be ruled out. Because their motives may be to derail the country's economy.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bharat Ratna To Sachin Tendulkar

Every one has objection on giving Bharat Ratna to Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Because he has not highlighted the name of the country. He has not given a new hight to Indian cricket as well as to the world cricket. He has never ensured victory for Indian cricket team and always played for making his personal records. He has not been serious towards cricket. He has not motivated young cricketers. And no one accept him as his ideals. He is not worshiped like god among cricket lovers. He has not been friendly with the players. He wanted his supremacy everywhere. He had not been disciplined in the field during his entire cricket career. He has always raised questions on empire's decision. And by god grace became success in cricket.

Take back Lata Mangeshkar's Bharat Ratna

Mumbai congress chief should not be criticised for saying that Bharat Ratna should be withdrawal from noted singer Lata Mangeshkar, instead he should be awarded by the congress party, by giving him some bigger responsibility and key post. The reason is that he has not committed any crime by saying so. It is a his freedom of expression . While noted singer Lata Mangeshkar has committed a serious crime by publicly praising Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and expressing her desire to see him as a next prime minister. Her desire comes under the rarest rare crime category. Because Noted singer's praise to Modi is highly objectionable. A case should be registered against her under the various sections of IPC. Her desire to see Modi as a PM also violates international laws. So according to international law, cases should be registered and trial should be started. Besides, as a citizen she has no right to praise anyone and express her desire to see any one as a PM. It is gross violation of freedom of expression. But those who deliver anti national speeches and work against the interest of the country, should be allowed to move freely in the country.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Manmohan Singh Will Not Attend CHOGM

There is a report that the prime minister Manmohan Singh has decided to not attend the CHOGM summit sheduled to be held in Colombo .The National Progressive Alliance government ( UPA) has taken this decision with due consideration. Probably, The PM Manmohan Singh has decided this to show that foreign policy of the country is not being decided according to vote bank policy. The decision of the PM to not attend the proposed summit also shows that the government is not working under any pressure. It also shows that regional parties are allowing the government to take decision in national interest instead of narrow political gain. It also shows that the regional parties are not underestimating the PM and lowering the dignity of the PM post. It is also a fact that the decision to not attend the CHOGM meeting will be strategically important. China and Pakistan will not take advantage of the situation . The decision will not provide a chance to China to play a bigger role in Shri Lanka . The PM decised to not attend the summit because he will not be allowed there to speak about Tamils plight. He took the decision to not attend the summit, because he could not say there to Shri Lankan government to take necessary step to provide equality to Tamils in Shri Lankan society. It is not true that the political parties of Tamil Nadu were putting pressure on the government that the PM should not take part in proposed summit. Experts are of the view that let the regional parties dictate the foreign policy of the country. Not allowing to do so will mean that the government doesn't respect its alliance partners in taking important decision. They also say that before leaving the country to take part in any summit, the prime minister should take prior permission from its alliance partners. It is not true that the larger interest of the country is not irrelevant in coalition age and Local issues are important.

Vegetables Price Rise

Price rise is not always bad as it is considered. Because It provides opportunity to people to uplift their social status. If you buy onions, potatoes and tomatoes despite their skyrocketing price, then people will be highly impressed and they will consider you affluent. So those who are willing to upgrade their social status they should start buying onion, potatoes and tomatoes. Believe it or not people will not understand you rich from riding car instead they will decide your status from buying onions potatoes and tomatoes. Those who are in search of bridegroom for their daughters and want to know standard of living of bridegroom's family, then they should go to vegetable markets to see buying vegetables. If bridegroom's family buys onion, potatoes and tomatoes then the family income is good and if the family is not buying these vegetables then the family is below standard and marrying daughter will be not right in this fanily. Price rise is also helpfull for Income Tax Department because The income tax department can easily identify those persons who are hiding their actual income and evading from paying tax. The price rise of vegetables have provided a rare opportunity to identify such persons. Officers of income tax department should ensure installing cameras in vegetable markets and they should keep close eyes, who are buying onion, tomatoes and potatoes these days. Those who are buying, means they are affluent and they fall under the category of tax payee. And those who are not buying, do not come in category of tax payee. In this scenario, for a person, it will tough to hide his income, because during buying vegetables his status will be easily reveal that from which class he belongs. Similarly the crime department also may get vital clues regarding illegal activities from vegetable markets. The police department should also deploy police force in vegetable market in good number because chain snatcher will probably snatch vegetables instead of chain nowadays, seeing huge profit in it.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Tussle Over Sardar Patel

The battle between the ruling Congress and the principle opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) over the legacy of iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel shows that the leaders of both parties have due respect towards the former veteran leader. By creating controversy over him both parties are showing him relevant in today's world. Actually both parties want to reveal some new facts about the iron man, Sardar Patel. They want to pay their true tribute to this great leader by creating controvery over him. The present tussle between the two parties are not result of an effort to woo the voters' mind in their party's favour instead both parties are making him famous. Indian politicians never tried to gain political mileage by distorting historical facts in their favour. The present controversy also shows that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is true follower of Sardar Patel and he follows the footprints of this great leader. Leaders of the other political parties, are not far behind in showing their respect to the former leaders. It is good indication that leaders of younger generation are showing their respect towards the former leaders. It is also a good indication that leaders of younger generation are trying to follow the footprints of former leaders. Showing respect towards our ancestors, is a part of our tradition and culture. It is not an issue of debate. The leaders of various parties are also enriching their knowledge about the former leaders. They are coming out with new new facts. Actually, political leaders conduct research work about history during the election to know the voters' mind. The BJP leaders are coming out with new facts. The BJP leaders' effort to know the new facts of history, is praiseworthy. They have started a new debate in the country over the iron man of India. A great leader like Narendra Modi likes rewriting new history. Veteran BJP leader L K Advani has also revealed new truth of Indian history by saying that the first Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had once called Patel a total communalist. It is expected that in coming days when election will be near the corner, such issue would get momentum. It is also expected that not only Indian but the people of world would also be benifitted from historical knowledge of Indian leaders. It is a good news for the Indian democracy that political leaders are showing their interest in history.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lyrics Writer Javed Akhtar As An Astrologer

It is good news for the people of the country that famous lyrics writer showing interest in politics as well as in astrology. But it does not mean he is willing join politics instead he wants to work as a political expert and an astrologer. He has made some prediction regarding forthcoming parliamentary election. In his latest prediction, he has said that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi can never be prime minister. He also said that huge gathering in his rallies is only an appearance and it is not real. He also said that those who are saying that wind is blowing in Modi's favour, are not aware about full facts. He also predicted that Modi doesn't not enjoy support of 99 percentage people. He further says that planets are against Modi so becoming the prime minister for Narendra Modi will be impossible. In the mean time, All India Astrologer association has welcomed the great writer as an astrologer, saying that Indian astrology would be hugely benifited from Javed Akhtar's astrology. Association also said that his prediction will surely be true. Because his prediction is based on astrological facts. In the mean time, Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad has decided to take advise from Javed Akhtar about his political career. According to humor satire reporter the former chief minister's political career is in doldrum after him being jailed so he wants to consult with astrologer. An unconfirmed report also says that Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is also consulting with Javed Akhtar about his party's performance in forthcoming parliamentary election. Humor Satire reporter also says that many leaders have contacted Javed Akhtar to take advise about their political careers. Humor Satire reporter, who has also expertise in astrology said that it seems that before making prediction about Modi great lyrics writer has taken all aspects into account. It is also said that great lyrics writer has very good relation with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi but he doesn't want to keep Modi in dark about his so-called victory.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No SPG Protection To Narendra Modi

Every citizen has right to get SPG protection in the country, otherwise it will mean that the state doest not treat equaly to its all citizens. Besides, it will mean that the government is not serious about the security of its citizen. It will mean that the dream of a welfare state, is still a distant dream. In light of the recent Patna bombs blast, the demand of the Principle opposition party to provide SPG security to Narendra Modi is just. Modi is a big gun in Indian poltics. He is priministerial candidate of the main opposition party. He has ensured development in Gujarat as a chief minister. Gujarat had been witnessed series of communal violences during his past tenure. So he has every right to get SPG protection. It is well known truth that people are not safe even today at their homes. Pakistan based terrorist groups are geting success in carrying out terrorist strike in our country. So Denial of SPG protection to BJP priminister candidate Narendra Modi shows that the central government is not serious about the security of the opposition parties' leaders. The government view doesn't seem just that it provides security to any leader according to threat perception of the leader . The central government should soften its stand and it should provide SPG security to Modi. SPG security will return confidence in Modi and he will tour more aggressively in the country and he will address more rallies in coming election. Ulimately nation will be benifited after his becoming PM. The government may not be able in providing basic needs to the people but it should not deprive from SPG security to common man. The central government should not lose this golden opportunity of Providing SPG security to all its citizen and taking its political advantages. In the coming election the government may make it an election issue. If the present Congress led government provides SPG protection to its all citizen then no one can stop it from coming to power. SPG protection should be main issue in this election and the people should vote in favour of that party which promise to provide SPG security to people after returning to power. Probably, Narendra Modi will make such promise and people would make him the next prime minister of the country. The question still remains that if a chief minister doesn't get a genuine right of SPG protection then will it easy the get SPG protection to common man.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ban On Opinion Polls

Putting ban on opinion poll would not be in national interest. It would generate unemployment in the country. Many institutions would become bankrupt. Such ban will not affect the freedom of expression. Such ban is necessary in matured democracy like India. The demand of such bans also shows that psephology has been matured in India. Besides, News channels would lose their TRP as well as advertisements, from such ban . Political parties would deprive from feel good of seeing wave in their party's favour.They would not be able in seeing the rosy picture of their parties' performance in opinion polls. People would lose healthy entertainment from ban on opinion polls. Opinion polls reflect reality. Neutrality and objectivity of these opnion polls have been beyond doubt. Motives of opinion polls are not to manipulate voters' mind, instead they want to show people' mood. Allegations against these opinion polls that by taking money they show the wave in a particular party's favour, are baseless. Predictions of the most of opinion polls, have been true till the date. They adopt scientific methods in their surveys like US. Besides, the ban would further deepen the economic crisis in the country. The ruling Congress is favouring ban so that opnion polls have shown dismal performance of the party in the coming states election and as well as parliamentary election. The party views should not be taken seriously, because it is politically motivated step of the party.

Third Front Is Need Of The Hour

To fight against so-called communal forces, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To continue reciting secularism mantra in future, there is need of the third front government in the country. To end political opportunism, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To address the problem of the people, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To revive the country's economy, there is need of the third front government in the country. To improve the standard of the living of the people, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To give beffiting reply to Pakistan and China, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To give tough message to Pakistan and China that their misadventure will be not tolerated in the future, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To satisfy hunger of power of some political leaders, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To promote nationalism among leaders, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To promote principle based politics in the country, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To fulfill the dreams of many leaders to become PM, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To bring political stability in the country there is a need of the front government in the country. To accelerate the development of the country, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To make India super power, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To provide jobs to jobless youths, there is a need of the third front government in the country. To end gender discrimination and provide equal opportunity to women, there is a need of the third Front government in the country.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Eco-friendly Diwali

As expected people celebrated Diwali this year with enthusiasm .The speciality of this year's Diwali was this that people celebrated it eco-friendly way like bursting crackers and throwing garbage at public places. They had started preparation for it from long before. They were making their homes neat and clean.They were throwing garbage at roads and lanes. The city administration allowed waterlogging to make attractive look of the city so that foreign tourists returned home with their unique experiences. In my city crackers bursting competition held among the residents. The winners were awarded. The purpose of the competition was to aware people about air pollution and motivate them to reduce the air pollution level. Due to this competition people bursted almost double crackers compare to the previous year. To motivate people for bursting crackers celebrities also actively participated in crackers bursting. Cracker bursting of the senior citizen was key attraction of this year. Smokes of crackers could be seen in the sky till now and its impact would longer exist according to experts. By bursting crackers people also broken this age old misconception that crackers bursting increase pollution level.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Indian Construction Industry

Despite the over all poor performance of the country's economy, there is a boom in Indian construction industry. Big dams and tall buildings are still being constructed here. Construction industry is supporting the country's economy. There is less possiblity of slowdown in construction industry, Because fertile lands are easily available to construct the shopping malls, buildings and factories. Displacing the tribals from their main land is not a tough task for the government. The vote bank equation has only to manage. After managing it, they can be easily displaced from their birth place. Tribal would make hue and cry for a few days but the matter will be finally settled. The imbalance in biodiversity is not a matter of the major consern for the government. Such minor issues will create hurdle in country's development. For the development of the country, biodiversity issue can be set aside. Besides, another reason of the better performance of the construction industry is skyrocketing price of building materials and dearer loan. Experts say that by seeing magnificent construction of some houses it can be said that saying the poor performance of the country's economy is only a propaganda. It is not reality.They say that if the country economy is not doing well then will some people be able in constructing their dream houses. Humor-Satire reporter visited some construction sites in four metropolitan cities of country and found that some people demolish their buildings and re-construct them two or three times in a year .Humor-Satire reporter could not understand the reason and talked to experts to know why are people doing so. Experts said that they are over rich and they are utilizing their money.They want to build their own dream houses so they are demolishing it repeatedly.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Onion Bombs Rocked Delhi

There is a news that some powerful onion bombs rocked the national capital Delhi as a result the price of onion was touched Rs-100 mark. Although there is no causality report till filing of this report. But the doctors suspect rise of heart related problems among people. Doctors also cautioned that if the price of onion continued rising then heart attack cases may rise alarmingly. They advised the heart patients to never read news paper for a few days. In the mean time, the government sounded high alert in and around Delhi and it has advised all state governments to be alert. The government has also said the officials to provide immediate treatment to heart patients. In a statement finance minister criticised the onion for skyrocketing. He also cautioned onion that if it continues skyrocketing then the government will appeal to the people to boycott use of onion in vegetables. Experts are of the view that hard stand of the government will compell the onion to lower its price. The government is seriously considering to hold a grand rally in Ramlila Maidan Delhi against the onion. According to humor satire reporter the government is planning to publish advertisement in all national daly appealing people to take part in huge number to show their anger against onion. The government didn't ruled out the foreign hand in the bomb blast. In its initial reaction the government said that substantial evidence suggests involvement of Pakistan based terrorists, because explosive that was used in blast is generally used by Pakistani terrorists. Pakistani terrorists often explode bombs in their own country as a result the price of essential commodities begin skyrocketing. However the government said that it has directed the investigative agencies to submit their probe report within three months, till then the government action will be pending. The government also said that the issue will be raised with US president Obama and he Will be said to intervene Into the matter. The government will also say to Obama to say Pakistan to take action against the terrorists group which are responsible for rise in onion prices. The government also said that it will not work hastily to lower the price of onion. Instead it will adopt wait and watch policy.The finance minister also suspected that the opposition parties might hatch conspiracy with onion to defame the government. He advised the people to be aware from the opposition parties because their involvement can't be ruled out in skyrocketing price of onion. The finance minister also said that the government can't be held responsible for rise in onion price because the matter is beyond its jurisdiction.