Saturday, March 29, 2014

Modi Vs Kejriwal Fight Intensified In Varanasi.

The electoral fight between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal is taking new twist daily. After announcement of AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal that he would stage dharna in Varanasi to defeat Narendra Modi, Modi vs Kejriwal fight has been intensified in the temple city Varanasi. The Bhartiya Janta Party is reconsidering its poll strategy. Kejriwal supporters are upbeat after announcement of Mr. Kejriwal to stage dharna in Varanasi. They are hopeful about the victory of Kejriwal. One of the Kejriwal's supporter said on condition of anonymity that indefinite hunger strike of Mr. Kejriwal would change the poll scenario in holly city Varanasi. Kejriwal's supporters also claim that in Varanasi there is no Modi vs Kejriwal fight and only wave of Kejriwal is blowing in Varanasi parliamentary constituency. Mr. Kejriwal's supporters also claim that they have seen Kejriwal's wave in all parts of Varanasi parliamentary constituency. This is mentioned worthy here that Kejriwal is known for his innovative idea and successful implementation of it. He is also considered main strategist of his party. He had stunned political pandits winning record number seats in Delhi Assembly election. He had equally surprised people by resigning as a Delhi chief minister. This is said that AAP chief takes political decision after full consideration and judging the ground reality. It is also being said that to ensure his victory against Gujarat chief minister he has made an elaborate plan. He stunned political pandits by announcing that he would stage dharna in Varanasi against Modi to attract people to vote for him. It is also being said that Aam Aadmi party chief has decided to stage dharna against Modi to force him to withdrawal his candidature from Varanasi constituency. Arvind Kejriwal has also announced that his dharna would continue till completion of election. According to political pandits his dharna may change the poll scenario in temple city Varanasi and Modi's popularity may go to zero level. Realising the huge impact of Kejriwal dharna in Varanasi the BJP held a marathon meeting to get solution of this new problem. The party chief Raj Nath Singh talking to reporters in New Delhi denied that there is any fight between Modi and Kejriwal , however he said that his party is accessing the impact of Kejriwal's proposed dharna. He also hinted that Veteran Bhartiya Janta Party leader L K Advani may stage dharna in Varanasi to attract the voters in Modi's favour. BJP president also informed that L K Advani had expressed his desire to stage dharna in Varanasi to ensure victory of Narendra Modi. He also said that BJP was also considering to offer PM post to Kejriwal to persuade him. BJP has also decided that Mr. Modi would not speak a single word against Kejriwal during his poll campaign and he would appeal from voters to vote in Kejriwal's favour to ensure his win. - By Badbolan Gujarat.

Friday, March 28, 2014

All Party Meeting For PM

An all party meeting was convened by all major parties in national capital Delhi to discuss the next prime minister of the country. In the meeting Leaders of various parties made their level best efforts to decide a consensus candidate for the top post of the country. But all efforts proved futile because each participant expressed their keen desire to become the PM. They also said that they have been long desire to be prime minister of the country. Political leaders also said that if they were not made the PM then a serious threat would emerge before the nation. Political leaders also said that without fulfilling their desire to be prime minister, the root of democracy would not strengthen in the country. Participants also said that if they were not made the PM, a wrong single would go in the entire world about Indian democracy. Leaders of various party also blamed that an international conspiracy is being hatched by the big players of the world to weaken the country by not making them prime minister of the country. They also expressed fear that if they were not made the PM Pakistan might use nuclear weapons against India. In the meeting political leaders also said that tall claims of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi that he can alone ensure development in the country, is baseless. Political leaders also said it is their fundamental rights to become PM of the country. Political leaders also said that no one can deprive them from their basic rights to be the PM. They also said that this is a age of liberalization and in this age becoming prime minister can't be privilege of a handful people. Political leaders also said that they would soon launch an agitation against this gross injustice. Political leaders were of the view that for the timely Implementation of the development schemes each leader should get chance to be PM for one day. They also passed a resolution in this regard. Political leaders also said that it is in larger interest of the country that each MP became PM of the country for one day. They also said that if they were not given chance to become PM then their performance will be affected because they can't give their hundreds percent for the country.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modi Termed Kejriwal As The Best Novelist

Bhartiya Janta Party ( BJP) PM candidate Narendra Modi termed Aam Aadmi party president Arvind Kejriwal as the best novelist of the country. Releasing Kejriwal's new novel in holly city Varanasi Mr. Modi said that Arvind Kejriwal had enriched Indian literature with his world famous novels. He also said that if BJP came to power after the election, Kejriwal would be given Novel peace prize by the government for his contribution in Indian literature. Mr. Modi claimed that his party first recognised Kejriwal's contribution in Indian literature and decided to promote his new novel by inviting him to contest election against him. Mr. Modi also informed that his government would also facilitate Kejriwal with Bharat Ratna after coming to power. The BJP PM-in waiting said that Kejriwal was the most suitable person for Bharat Ratna because he had highlighted the name of the country through his novels. He also praised Kejriwal's, for his innovative way of book promotion by becoming a politician. Gujarat chief minister said that Kejriwal knew the importance of book promotion and chose poltics to reach mass readers. Throwing light on his new novel Mr. Modi said that Kejriwal's new novel would eliminate poverty and root out corruption from Indian soil. He also said that his novel would also teach how to stage dharna. Describing Kejriwal as ambitious person Modi said that Arvind Kejriwal's resignation from Delhi chief minister shown that he is fully dedicated towards Indian literature. Gujarat strongman also said that veteran social activist Anna Hazare had advised Arvind Kejriwal to not join poltics because he knew that his area of interest was literature not poltics. Narendra Modi also said that he had immense quality to mesmerize people through his interesting way of story telling. Gujarat Chief minister also said that Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) leader had mastery in narrating interesting story. Gujarat strongman admitted that in narrating story he is similar to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal. He also said that Mr. Kejriwal would leave far behind Chetan Bhagt in popularity.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Narendra Modi Praised The Congress

The BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi thanked ruling Congress Party for generating Modi wave in the country. He also said that due to Congress Party and its good governance his wave is blowing in the country. Modi also praised Congress- led UPA government saying that under the present rule the country left far behind to China in development. Mr. Modi also accepted that he failed to provide good governance in Gujarat because of political inexperience. He also apologized from the people of Gujarat for failing to do any development work in Gujarat. In the mean time, the Bhartiya Janta Party ( BJP) has issued show cause notice to its PM candidate Narendra Modi for publicly praising Congress Party and its government. The party also said that why should action not be taken against him for praising the Manmohan Singh government. The party has also said to Modi to explain its position after the election. However the party has allowed Narendra Modi to campaign as a PM candidate in the election. The party also said that if BJP came to power Modi will be only allowed to take oath of the PM after that he will have to offer the PM post to Lal Krishna Advani. According to humor satire news Congress party held a meeting and criticised the decision of Bhartiya Janta Party to issue show cause notice to Gujarat strongman Narendra Modi. The Congress party also demanded that BJP should reconsider its decision in national interest. The Congress party also said that the party would launch a nationwide agitation to make Narendra Modi the next prime minister. The party also informed that the Congress will bring a no confidence motion against the BJP. ( Badbolan Guru in daydreaming)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Rahul Wants Mary Kom In Parliament

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said that he wants woman like Mary Kom in parliament because he strongly believes that the presence of Mary Kom in Parliament would stop unruly behavior of MPs in the parliament. He also said that in presence of noted Boxer Mary Kom in parliament, respected members would think hundreds time before making a noise. The Congress vice-president also said that if Mary Kom gets elected as a member of parliament women reservation Bill will pass within second, because those who oppose the women reservation bill would not dare to oppose it. Rahul Gandhi also said that if Mary Kom gets elected as a member of parliament, pepper spraying incident will never take place in parliament because MPs will fear to do so. The Congress leader also said that the presence of Mary Kom in parliament would boost the confidence of women MPs in parliament and they would raise their voices more effectively than before. Rahul Gandhi also said that in presence of Mary Kom in parliament there will be no need to call marcel to control the slogan shouting members. The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi also said that the presence of Mary Kom in parliament would save the money and time of the parliament and constructive discussion would be possible in the house. ( Badbolan Guru in daydreamimg)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Woman Divorced Husband After Knowing He Has No Facebook Account

The scientists have found similarity in gene and facebook account. This means prediction of deseases and other things would be possible in coming days on the basis of your facebook or Google pluse Account. This would also mean that it would be predictable that from which disease you are going to suffer in future. Possiblity of disease would exist in your facebook or Google pluse account. Now the doctors would be able in predicting long before on the basis of your facebook and Google Pluse profile that from which disease you are going to suffer in future. In coming days treating deadly disease would be easy because doctors can get history of your disease from your facebook or Google pluse Account. As far as marriage life is concerned, the secreat of the better marriage life lies in your facebook and Google pluse account. The relation between husband and wife would be decided by your facebook and Google pluse account in today's world. If you have facebook and Google pluse account then you have better chance to lead a happy life than those who have no facebook or Google pluse account. More fallowers of Google pluse and Twitter mean greater acceptability in society and family. Your life partner would like you on the basis of your Twitter or Google pluse followers. You can impress your wife by increasing followers number on Google Pluse and Twitter. How much you give time on internet, it would also decide your success in your marriage life. Facebook and Google pluse would also decide how much your marriage life would be longer. If a person has no facebook or Google pluse account, then there is greater chance that his life would suffer a lot in coming days. To satisfy your life partner there is no need to spend a lot of time for him or her instead one should focus his attention on his facebook and Google pluse profile. Your facebook and Google pluse profile would also be a indicator that how much you are success in life and what will you be in future. A news report also States the importance of facebook and Google pluse Account in happy marriage life. According to humor satire news a married woman within month of her marriage life decided to divorce her husband after knowing that her husband has no Google pluse or facebook account. She was of the view that a person who has no love towards facebook or Google pluse can't love her. She was also feeling ashamed in society. - by Badbolan Guru.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Several Trees Uprooted In Modi Wave In Country

The Aam Aadmi party chief Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that several trees of AAP leaders and their supporters were uprooted in modi wave. He also said that in a powerful Modi wave many houses of AAP leaders and their supporters were also collapsed in the country. The AAP leader also said that due to Modi wave several party leaders were injured and many became homeless. He also said that maximum casualties were reported from temple city Varanasi from where Modi has decided to contest election. Mr. Kejriwal said that in his Varanasi rally he would access the damage caused by Modi wave and would inform the people about upcoming casualties from Modi wave. Mr. Kejriwal also said assured his party leaders an supporters that if his government came to power he would construct the houses which were uprooted in Modi wave. He also promised that he would ensure plantation of uprooted trees after coming to power. In the mean time AAP supporters staged dharna against the Modi wave and said that they would launch a countrywide agitation to stop the Modi wave. Agitators also demanded compensation for those who have lost their trees and homes in Modi wave. They also warned that if the government failed to take action against Modi and his wave then they would intensify their agitation to force the government to take action. According to Humor Satire reporter Badbolan Guru an FIR has also been lodged against the Bhartiya Janta Party PM candidate Narendra Modi stating that due to his wave several party men in the country have become homeless and they are spending life in shelter houses. The leaders of other political parties also blamed that Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi is harassing the opposition leaders through his wave. RJD leaders Lalu Prasad Yadav said that the homes of his many supporters were collapsed and trees were uprooted in Modi wave. The Congress leader Digvijay Singh informed that a meeting of non-BJP leaders will be convened in the country to make strategy to stop Modi wave in the country. In the mean time Meteorological Department has predicted more Modi wave till the next one month and advised non-BJP leaders and their supporters to not take part in election campaigning till one month. (This fake story is based on imagination. )

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Step To Ban Ink And Shoes Throwing Incidents

Ink or shoes throwing is bad or right, it is matter of debate but one thing is clear that this has changed poll scenario. As the 2014 parliamentary election may be completly different as far as election campaigning is concerned. People may see political leaders delivering speeches wearing helmets. Political leaders also may be seen wearing helmets during press conference. There is report that the party presidents of all prominent parties have issued special directives to their party leaders to wear helmets 24 hours to avoid ink throwing incidents. They have also been said that if they would not wear helmets following the party order then disciplinary action would be initiated against them. Political parties have also demanded that during press conference, journalists should not be allowed entry with pens because ink of pen may be used in throwing at political leaders Press persons would have also come bare foot to attend the press conference leaving outside their shoes. After some shoes and ink throwing incidents this seems that political parties are extra cautious about the security of their parties' leaders. Political leaders have also been said that if be necessary party leaders should not hesitate in wearing ladies dresses to hide their identity. It is also being said political parties have imported some branded helmets for their parties' leaders. Apart from it, political parties have also bought sarees and lady dresses for the parties' leaders. Political parties have also demanded that use of ink and shoes should be banned in the country so that people could not get ink or shoes to throw. Political parties also warned that if ink and shoes were not banned in the country with immediate effect then they would forces to launch countrywide agitation to force the government to ban ink and shoes in the country.

Latest Fight Between Salman Khan And Shahrukh Khan

Heavy fighting broke out between the supporters of Bollywood actor Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan during filing of their nomination paper of a student union election. At the time of filing nomination paper their supporters clashed with each other. Trouble started when supporters of Shahrukh Khan started airing slogans against Salman Khan. The supporters of Salman Khan opposed it and they scuffled with the supporters of Shahrukh Khan. Supporters of both group injured in clash. Some of them were seriously injured. Seriously injured have been hospitalized in a primary health centre. The police had made elaborate security arrangement for the filing of nomination paper, seeing their criminal records in film. There were possiblities that anti-social elements of films may create ruckus during the filing of nomination paper. So the police were taking extra precautionary measure to avoid any clash. The objections had also been raised over contesting election of both Bollywood stars. People had demanded that they had criminal records in the film so they should be stopped from contesting election of student union. It is mention worthy here that bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan's rivalry is not new. There is a long history of their fight. Even they fought over petty matters in childhood. Gooli danda game often changed into boxing. Both have done their schooling in government primary school. Their master Akhilesh Dash recalls that Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan were naughty in childhood even they didn't hesitate in teasing old age persons. He further says that under peepal tree of their village, they used to play with their other classmates. Akhilesh Dash also recalls that both were superb fighters. He regretted that his advise was not followed by the guardians of Salman and Shahrukh Khan otherwise they were known boxers of the country. He said that he had spotted his inherent potential and advised their guardians to provide training of boxing for them so that they could highlight the name of the country. But my advise was not followed by their guardians and they had to choose a low profile work of acting in Bollywood industry. Scientists from all over world are also showing interest in research work of their fighting. People are predicting that Salman Khan and Shahrukh khan may get Nobel Peace Prize in the best fighter world group.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Salman Khan Married With Girlfriend

There is a report that Bollywood actor Salman Khan has married with his new girlfriend in a simple ceremony. It is also being said that in the marriage ceremony no Bollywood stars were invited. Family members of Salman Khan and his new girlfriend were also not present at the marriage. Speculations are rife about his new girlfriend and now wife. It is being said that noted Bollywood actor came in contact with his girlfriend during climbing of Everest. He was impressed with her at first glance and fell in love with her. It is also being said that his mind reminded him about his earlier statements that he is not in hurry of marriage but his heart got victory over his mind. It is also being said that his new girlfriend is a daughter of a former king of Mount Everest peak and the king was against the marriage because he didn't want that his girl marry with an unemployed youth. The king had put a condition that Salman Khan first get a job then marry. It is also being said that Salman tried hard to get a job but failed in getting. Finally he eloped the girl and married at a temple. According to Humor Satire News after spreading news of the marriage of Bollywood actor Salman Khan young girls staged dharna at their homes in almost all cities of the country. Bollywood actresses also stopped their suiting and staged dharna at sets against the marriage of Salman Khan. Young girls also took part in demonstrations at several places in the country. The girls were shouting slogan like 'we want justice'. Young girls also blocked the road and rail traffic at several places in the country against the marriage. They also boycotted their works. They also decided that they would never resumed their duties in future. It is also being said that young girls also hold a close door meeting in Mumbai. Speaking on the occasion, participants said that Bollywood actor has broken their heart by marrying a Village girl. They also sought answer from Bollywood actor Salman Khan that what were faults in them that he decided to marry with a unknown girl. They sought explanation from Bollywood actor that why was not invited them in marriage ceremony. It is also being said that Bollywood actor issued a press note and said that he would throw a party to agitating young girls after returning from honeymoon. According to Humor Satire News an FIR was lodged at a unknown police station against the Bollywood actor Salman for breaking hurt of many young girls. There is also an unconfirmed report that an arrest warrant has been issued against the Bollywood actor for his marriage. Report also suggests that Bollywood actor Salman Khan is his hiding from one place to another place along with his new wife to avoid arrest while police are conducting raids at possible hideouts to arrest the Bollywood actor. (By badbolan guru in bura na mano holi hai)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Train Collided With Truk In Mid Air.

In a major accident a high speed train collided with a truk in mid air just after taking off from airport. In accident one crore train passengers were reported to be missing along with train. while no damage of the truk was reported in the accident. All the passengers of the truk were reported to be safe. Missing passengers of the train were being treated on moon based a hospital. According to news bulletin of the hospital all the passengers of the train received serious injury and they are being treated in Intensive Care Unit. The condition of some patients is stated to be critical. Due to collision of the train a high intensity earthquake was also felt in deserted areas of the world causing major damage to property and lives. Thousands homes were destroyed in the deserted areas due to earthquake. A massive search operations was launched to trace the missing train. Substantial evidence is suggesting that debris of train may be founded on mars. Mars government is providing all possible help in search operation of missing train. International community has offered help in search operations of missing train. According to humor satire news soon after taking off the train from an international airport, it was disappeared from radars. All efforts of control room to make contact with train driver was failed. The cause of the accident was stated to be high speed of the train. It is being said that train driver lost control over wheel as a result of it the train collided with Truk and disappeared. An FIR has been lodged in sky police station against all the passengers of train and truk. According to to a report all the passengers of Truk were arrested soon after the accident while police have reached to moon and cordoned of the hospital where missing train passengers are being treated with serious injuries. In the mean time, Human Right group demonstrated at a secret place to press the government to ensure arrest of missing passengers. It is also being said that Human Right Groups also held a close door meeting to make their strategy to ensure the arrest of missing passengers. Speaking on the occasion participants stressed the need to more close door meetings and demonstrations to ensure the arrest of missing train passengers. They also warned the government that they would not stop their close door meetings and demonstrations till the arrest of missing train passengers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Secret Poll Pact Between SP And BSP

In politics nothing can be predicted. People have never imagined that there would be secret poll pact between Samaj Wadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party in coming parliamentary election. Because SP and BSP were seen bitter critics of each other before the election. Leaders of both parties in past never lost chance to attack on each other from public platforms. Supporters of both parties have also clashed to each other on several occasions in the past. But now all indications are suggesting that both parties have forgotten their past rivalry and have decided to help each other in the parliamentary election. Latest example of this is that where one hand BSP has decided to give 50 percent party tickets to Bollywood actors and top industrialists to help SP in parliamentary election, on the other hand SP has decided to construct grand parks in Uttar Pradesh to help BSP. SP has also decided to organise Bramhan Sammelan in the country to help Bahujan Samaj party. In a statement Samaj Wadi Party has said that if SP chief became Prime Minister of the country then half budget of the country would be spent on construction of parks and installation of grand statues. The SP also said that the country needs such parks because parks have accelerated development in the country. Samajwadi party admitted that the party learnt this development formula from Bahujan Samaj Party. The party also said that it would construct 100 parks of international standard in Uttar Pradesh. The party also said these parks would be helpful in providing social justice to the people of the country and eliminating poverty from the country. People are drawing different conclusions from the poll pact of SP and BSP. Some are saying that poll pact between SP and BSP is for satisfying political ambition of SP and BSP chiefs to be PM while some other are of the views that both parties want to stop Modi' wave in UP as well as in the country. It is also being said that according to poll pact between SP and BSP, SP and BSP chiefs would alternatively become PM of the country for six months. This process would be repeated till completion of five-year term. Experts say that the leaders of both parties had well realised that without help of each other SP supremo and BSP chief can never become prime minister of the country. Experts also say that both leaders also realised that if they didn't reach the poll pact then they would loss their base in UP. Critics have termed the secret poll pact between Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, is latest example of opportunist poltics in the country. Opposition parties have said that SP and BSP are two sides of same coin. When Humor Satire reporter tried contact leaders of both parties to know their comments on this issue they switched off their mobile phones.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Will Modi Change Foreign Policy?

Non- BJP leaders convened a meeting at secreat place to make their common strategy to stop Narendra Modi's wave in parliamentary election. After 10 hours storming debate they issued a joint statement and said that if Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi became PM then he would change the economic and foreign policy of the country. Non-BJP leaders also said that NaMo's dissatisfaction towards present economic and foreign policy is not a hidden fact. Political leaders also said that after becoming prime minister Narendra Modi may promote left ideology in the country because he has deep faith in it. They also said that on several occasions, NaMo has openly defended left ideology saying that it is in larger interest of the country. Non-BJP leaders also said that Narendra Modi has shared dias on several occasions with leaders of Communist party of India and CPM. Political leaders said that if Modi got success in his ill motives to change the country's foreign and economic policy then it would not be in country's interest. They also said that due to faulty economic policy of Narendra Modi the development of the country may reach to zero level. They also cautioned people that if NaMo became prime Minster then he would prove to be a close aide of China and he might serve the interest of China. Non-BJP leaders cited an example of a opinion poll which has predicted that Modi's foreign policy would be Chinese centric and he would be a trusted companion of Beijing. Political leaders also reminded people that Narendra Modi has been a blind supporters of Beijing. In the mean time, US president Barack Obama said that if Narendra Modi became the PM of India then Communist regime may return in the world and which would be a threat to present world order. Addressing a family members in Washington Mr. Obama demanded that a meeting of world leaders should be convened to discuss the possible change of Modi's foreign and economic policy. In the mean time, Pakistan has expressed happiness on the news of Modi's possibility to be PM of India. Pak Prime Minister Nawaj Sharrif hoped that Modi's foreign policy would be Pak centric and the relations between India and Pakistan would improve during his regime. Nawaj Sharrif has also hoped that Modi would be liberal towards Pak and he would not be bitter critic of Pak like Manmohan Singh led UPA government. Pak PM also hoped that Modi would bring key change in India's foreign policy as well as economic policy. Pak PM also hoped that Modi would allow infiltration in India and would provide financial help to run the terrorist camps in Pak.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lovegurus Would Be Star Campaigners In Upcoming Election

In coming election, lovegurus would be star campaigners of political parties. They would also contest elction on major political parties' tickets. It is being said that there is huge demands of lovegurus in the forthcoming parliamentary election. All major political parties have made their minds to give maximum party's tickets to Lovegurus. The reason of it, is that glamour of caste is not working like before and Bollywood stars are also not so effective. Actually people have started realising that in the name of caste political parties are making them fool for their narrow political gain. So political parties are changing their strategy in new political scenario to win the maximum number of seats. Realising that young voters would be a major role in forming the next government at centre, political parties have decided to change their political fortune through popularity of Lovegurus. To attract the crowd, Political parties have also decided to use Lovegurus in their political campaign. Political parties have also decided to make Lovegurus star campaigners. Actually, political parties are of the view that by making them their star campaigners, they would be successful in wooing young voters so that Lovegurus are popular among young voters. Political parties have also made plans to provide love tips to youths through election rallies. This means that where one had Lovegurus would appeal voters to vote for a particular party, on the other hand, they would also give love tips to younger voters. After indication that Lovegurus are getting prominence in election campaign as well as ticket distribution, their value was seen skyrocketing. Loveguru share in Bombay stock exchange toched a new high. Investors shown their keen interest in buying Loveguru shares seeing huge profits in it in coming days. Surprisingly foreign investors were also not behind in buying Loveguru shares. They also bought Loveguru shares in good number.( By badbolan guru in bura n mano holi hai)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

AAP Released Election Manifesto

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal released manifesto of his party in New Delhi on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion he said that if he becomes PM after the election, he will run the central government from Ramlila maidan. He also said that key decisions of his government would be taken by the agitators. Releasing AAP's election manifesto he said that after becoming prime minister of the country, his main work will be to stage dharnas in all district headquarters of the country. The AAP chief also said that during sit in (dharna) he would motivate people to oppose decisions of his own government. Talking about AAP's election manifesto he said that after coming to power his government's priority would be to construct grand dharna sites in all parts of the country. The AAP chief also said that there will be no scarcity of funds in construction of dharna site. Former Delhi Chief Minister said that huge funds will be spent on construction of dharna sites and Architects from all over the world will be hired for construction of dharna sites in India. He also informed that a grand dharna site will be constructed in the national capital Delhi, which will be more beautiful than Taj Mahal. Aam Aadmi party leader said that his dream project will be main attraction for foreign tourists. He also termed sit in as a main tool of poverty elimination and said that to overcome from slowdown he would stage dharna in everywhere in the country. Arvind Kejriwal also said that during his tenure as a PM the country would earn more revenue through dharna. Arvind Kejriwal also said that his government will provide life time pension to those who will actively take part in dharna ( sit in) and demonstrations. The AAP leader also said that strict action would be taken against those officials who would try to stop dharna ( sit in) and demonstrations in the country. He also said that if be required then he would not hesitate in staging dharna against such officials. Talking about the party's mainefesto he said that if he came to power then Defense budget would be zeroed because he strongly feels that there is no need of security in the country. AAP chief said that in his regime Army would be withdrawal from the border as well as terrorist hit Kashmir because he thinks that sit in ( dharna) would be more effective in bringing peace and stability in the country. He also claimed that after formation of his government China and Pakistan would stop their anti-India activities because they would realise that he can stage dharna against them. ( Badbolan guru- in Bura na mano holi hai.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thousands Died In Loo At Everest

More than thousands people died in loo at the world's highest peak Everest. On Wednesday temperature at the world's highest peak was recorded 150 Celsius. Seeing the temperature rise at the world's highest peak heavy paramilitary forces have been deployed there and round the clock vigil is being maintained. The police have surrounded the hospitals where heat stroke patients are being treated. It is also being said that heat stroke patients are being thoroughly checked through metal detectors before allowing them for treatment in hospitals. Schools and colleges have been closed there. Astrologers have predicted more temperature rise in coming days. The cause of temperature rise is said to be intensive plantations drive at Everest. It is mentioned worthy here that the Everest government had launched a special plantations drive and more than two-crore plants had been planted in just one month. According to experts plantations drive has left negative impact on the environment of the Everest. It is being said that more than one crore people have been affected from heat stroke. They are being treated in Intensive Care Unit by jhola chhap doctors . Jhola Chhap Doctors have advised the government of Everest to immediately shift the rest population to thaar desert so that people could get respite from high temperature. Jhola Chhap Doctors have also said that the temperature of the thaar dessert is moderate and will be just for heat stroke patients. On the advise of Jhola Chhap doctors, the Everest government has hired some bullock carts to shift the population to thaar desert. Till filing of this report people were going to Thaar desert in buttock carts.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Narendra Modi Agreed For Marriage

Political leaders are making all eforts to woo the voters to ensure their victory in upcoming parliamentary election. Even they are getting married to make their image in public. Acorting to Humor Satire new BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi may announce that he will marry just after the completion of the forthcoming parliamentary election. According to an outsider of the party, Gujarat chief Minister will convene a press conference in one or two days to make formal announcement about his decision to marriage. It is being said that BJP priministerial candidate Narendra Modi was initially against his marriage but before the decision of the party he was to change his decision. It is all being said that the party has issued a whip to him to marry as quick as possible to make himself more acceptable among voters. After the decision of the party about his marriage he sought time from the party's president Rajnath Singh on this ground that due to tight shedule of the election he would not get time for marriage. He assured the party chief that he will get married just after the concluding parliamentary election. It is also being said that Gujarat strong man also gave a written assurance to the party in this regard. Actually, the BJP think tanks are of the view that after getting married Mr. Modi would be more popular among married people while Congress vice-president would be left behind in popularity graph from BJP's PM candidate. The step is being considered balancing act of the party as the party believes that Modi's marriage may reduce Arvind Kejriwal's effect and may ensure the party victory in forthcoming parliamentary election. Mr. Modi's Political opponents are trying to know about his love affair by daydreaming. They are holding daydreaming competitions among their supporters to know about his love affair and his wife's name. Narrating his daydreaming a political opponent said that Modi has love affair with moon based a girl. He also said that Modi has been in love with her nearly 100 years. Talking about Mr. Modi's wife he said that his wife has been former miss universe. He also said that Mr. Modi regularly goes to moon meet his wife. Another his political opponent said that Mr. Modi' wife is the tallest leader of the moon and he takes his political decision according to her advise. He also said that Mr. Modi's love affair is 80 years old. According to an unconfirmed report after Mr.Modi's consent to get married after the election Congress and AAP held Marathon meetings to decide their future course of action in new political scenario. In Congress party's meeting several party leaders said that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi should also announce the date of his marriage so that BJP could not take political mileage of Mr. Modi's marriage - Report is based on daydreaming.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Political Parties Want To Use Venom GT In Election Campaign

The impact of the test drive of Venom GT car in US, is largely being seen in India.The leaders of various political party have decided to use Venom GT car in their election campaign. They are of the view that Venom GT car would prove better than helicopter in election campaigning. Actually political parties are trying to woo voters at all cost, so they they are using all means to win the election. An online survey conducted by Humor Satire News to know the choices of political leaders in their election campaign, shows that political leaders preferred Venom GT car to helicopter. The congress party held a press conference in New Delhi and said that the party leaders would largely use Venom GT cars in their election campaigns. The party also inform that it would seek permission from Election Commission in this regard. The congress party said that the party took decision to use Venom GT car, because the party leaders could reach on time to address their election rallies. The BJP will also use Venom GT car in its election campaign. The BJP also claimed that high speed of the car will helpful in winning the election for the party. The ruling Congress and the opposition Bhartiya Janta Party both have promised in their election mainefestos that if they come to power in the forthcoming parliamentary election, then they will ensure free distribution of GT car to the countrymen. Both parties have also claimed that free distribution of Venom GT car would ensure overall development of the countrymen. In a statement, the Congress described the main specialties of Venom GT car and said that if the party comes to power then it will fulfill the aspirations of the people to ride on Venom GT car. The principle oopposition party BJP has also made similar promises to voters. The party in a statement said that just after becoming PM of Narendra Modi, the party would start car distribution to the countrymen. According to political observers, political parties have failed in addressing the main issues of the people so they want to use Venom GT car to divert the attention of the people. The Congress party wants to avoid its anti- party wave in upcoming election by using it in its election campaign while BJP wants to use it to make Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi next prime minister.