Sunday, March 31, 2013

Angry lawyer throws shoe at Pakistan’s Musharraf.

Have you failed in living any impact on your girl friend. Are you in frustration? have you lost all hope from life. Do you feel that your life has become meaningless.Do you feel you can not get job in the slowdown period. Do not lose hope there is one sector which will boom  despite all slowdown. That may make you rich overnight. But this sector is surely not for everyone. To get the benifit of this sector you will have to bold, you will have to strong.. Because a great work demands great sacrifice. You may be beaten up by leader's supporter. You may be jailed for throwing shoe on political leaders. But it may bring  great reward to you.. You may get 24- hour news coverage. You may be subject of TV discussion. You may be invited  in TV discussion  to keep your views. You may get work in TV serial or cinema.
In past, those who have been violated law, have got opportunity to work in cinema. Even they have become celebrity . They have been invited in Big Boss like TV serial.
But beware some one misled you by criticizing your great work of shoe throwing. They also may divert you by saying your work as illegal and indecent..  Do not mind these people actually do not want that you do better in your life. Believe in today's  world there is no distinction between non-ethical and ethical.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Remote control government

The Congress Vice president Rahul Ghandhi also seems device lover, so he wants to rule the central government through remote control button. Few days back he warned  his party men not to raise the issue of prime minister for otherwise disciplinary action can be taken against them. He also said that the party leaders should no that he does not want to take responsibility. He would feel comfortable in running the remote control government. The Congress vice president also indicated that he would follow the footprint of her mother in running the government. He also indicated that he has vast experience of remote control government. He has gained this experience from his mother.  
The remote control government is not new concept for the country . It is said that the Mahatma Gandhi first time experimented this system by installing Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru as a prime minister. Jai Prakash Narayan also used this system by denying the post of prime minister. Several regional parties are also using this system successfully. Remote control device is the most popular device in the political circles. It is so popular in the politics that  politicians choose it to rule the government. Although there are many critics of remote control government but the remote control government empowers the regional parties. This system of rule also protects the interest of regional parties at the cost of national interest. This system is so effective that it brings the government on back-foot. It is also said that due to remote control government the central government could not sale the interest of the nation.
Although the concept of remote control government is not new in the country. By remote control button the wife rules over a family by moving her husband in desired direction. Whenever the husband opposed the wife she walkout from husband house and reached to her father home.
The countrymen should accept this new discovery of our leaders so that the country is not known only for its unique civilization. It is also known for its politicians. Leaders of this nation have discovered new systems of governance. The latest discovery is remote control government.  The congress president Sonia Gandhi had successfully used this device to run the United progressive Government(UPA-1) government. She has also run the second term of the United progressive alliance (UPA) government.  People should understand that  If a TV can be played by the remote control. Why not a nation can be run by this device.  The Congress President Sonia Gandhi has got expertise of using remote control button. The Prime Minister Manmohan  Singh is said to act as per her command. He can never neglect the order of her command. The coalition politics provides one remote device to each coalition partner to smooth run of the government.  Some are fond of pressing the button repeatedly  while some occasionally press it. In politics one needs expertise to press it. Excessive and untimely use of this device  may result that you may lose the control from the system.
One can take the training about use of the remote control from the West Bengal chief minister  Mamta Banerjee and the Tamil Nadu Chief minister. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to tackle terrorism

There are some measures to stop terrorism from the world. These are to intensify drones attacks in residential areas. It should be also ensured that in such attacks maximum innocent people be killed. No efforts should be done to bridge the widening gap of the rich and the poor.  To stop terrorism the gap between the poor and the rich should be widened. The work should be done to provided benefit of development only to the rich. It should be also ensured that the poor did not get their equal share of development. No efforts should be done to provide jobs to unemployed youths. They should not be involved in creative works. Political leaders should spread hatred in society to narrow political gains. The state should provide funding to these terrorist organisations.  And the role model of Pakistan should followed by the rest of the world.
Here are some half- harted efforts, which the government takes to stop terrorism. These are to provide extra funds to adopt latest technology. To buy sophisticated weapons and to provide special training to security personals. Apart from strengthening intelligence network to stop terrorism. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pakistan is not a terror factory.

Pakistan is often regarded by saying it as a terrorist country. Pakistan says it love and affection of the friends towards the Pakistan. The country does not accept the highest award of the ‘terrorist country’.
In my view, Pakistan is not a terrorist country because Pakistan never supported terrorist activities in any part of the world. It is also untrue that terrorist camps are operated from Pakistani soil. Do terrorists get training from these training camps? It is also untrue that Pakistan is not an epicenter of the world terrorism. It is also correct that Pakistan has not violated any international law. It is also true that the world dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden was not killed in Pakistan. It is also true that the world most wanted Dawood does not live in Pakistan. There is excellent track record of Pakistan in the field of Human Right.  Pakistan is first country in the world where terrorists also enjoy full right like common men. The country also provides them hundred percentage placements in job. To give them international exposure they were sent in Kashmir and other parts of the world. Pakistan regards terrorists by saying them as a freedom fighters. By killing innocent people in the Kashmir and other parts of the world terrorists have proved that they are really freedom fighters.

Special Status for Bihar

The congress leader shakeel Ahmad appealed the Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar not to raise the issue of special status for Bihar and remained mum over this issue like the previous governments.   
He said that the chief minister Nitish Kumar looks innocent but in which way he has raised the special status issue of Bihar, is unacceptable.
Mr. Ahmad said that we regarded the chief minister as a saint rather a politician but by raising the special state issue he has proved that he is also a politician like us.
Similar statement has been also issued by Rashtria Janta Dal (RJD) alleging that he is indulging narrow politics over this issue. The party advised the chief minister to take a lesson from RJD chief Lalu Yadav who had left the state Bhagwan Bharose (over god). The party also said that it also proves that he does not believe in supremacy of the god. The party also blamed that he by raising the special status issue he is crossing his limitation. The Party said that during the RJD chief tenure there was emphasis on making consensus among political parties over any issue. The party also said that no efforts were done to sideline the opposition leaders. The party also blamed that the chief minister is destroying the peace of the state by raising the minor issue of special status. In the mean time some leaders of other political parties were seen singing this popular song wo door ke mushaphir hamko bhi saath le le re.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Key achievements of Asif Ali Zardari

Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari has created history by completing his five years term as a president. Here are his some key achievements as a president. In his tenure terrorist attack and insecurity have increased in Pakistan. In his rule the world most wanted was killed by American commandos. The government has been unable to crack down on the plethora of Islamist militant networks blamed for violence. The government completed his full term under constant threat of military coup and amid reports that the president may leave the country at any time and Ashfaq Parvez kayani

 may become actual ruler.
Pakistan has hosted no international cricket since gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan team in the march 2009. Religious violence reached dizzying level. Relation with neighboring country has further worsened. The price of essential commodity has been skyrocketing. The parallel government of terrorist has strengthened its position in some part of the country. Under his president ship the incident of beheading Indian shoulder occurred.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rahul Is searching his Manmohan

Hurry up, Rahul is searching his Manmohan. There is a golden chance to be the prime minister.  According to political pandits the congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is following the path of his mother and he is in search of his Manmohan. So ladies and gentle man consult to astrologers who can better predict your possibility to be the Prime Minister. Don't think about tight race for this highest post because if your planets will be in your favour   no one can stop you from becoming the Prime Minister.   In kaliyuga spiritual gurus who appear on TV keep can change impossible into possible. So lure them,  start visiting religious places, offer prayer to gods, perform yagya. Your first devotion should be towards the party president instead of nation. Don’t mind devaluation of the prime minister post. Don't worry for declining prestige of this highest constitutional authority. Think your own interest. It is well-known truth that a person who does not think about his own interest can’t do anything to anyone. See merit in Rahul,s decision. Criticize other politicians for their hunger for the prime minister post.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to be a political leader.

No doubt, there is lucrative carrier in politics today. A leader may earn name and fame in a short span of time.  A leader may reach in super rich category overnight if he has capacity do scams. But becoming politicians is not as easy as people think. The path of the politics is full of challenges; one has to pass through hurdles. To a leader the quality of flattering is essential. If you want to be a top leader of the country develop quality of flattering. Judge yourself on some other criteria like can you kill your inner voice.  Have you capacity to do politics on dead body. Can you spread communal violence in the country? Can you divide people on the caste and class line? Can you shout slogan on the floor of the house. If your answer is yes then you can be leader. No risk no gain proverb is fully applicable in the politics. As you take risk according you will be benefitted.
There is contradictory relation between politics and honesty. To become politicians you will have to leave your honesty. Honesty and politics cannot go together.  In politics, if you become honest then you will be sidelined and someone else will take your place. Even you may become laughing stock. Dishonesty is becoming fashionable in politics as well as public life and honesty is becoming outdated.