Thursday, February 13, 2014

Is Narendra Modi A Fascist Or Dictator?

Is Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi a dictator or fascist. His critics held him responsible for post- Godhra carnage and term him fascist or dictator. They also blamed that he didn't take step to stop Godhra riot. On the other hand his fans consider him as a good administrator, who ensured the development in Gujarat. His supporters also say that if he became next prime minister of the country then he would ensured all round development of the country. His supporters also say that people should not mind critics' allegations so that they are terming Narendra Modi as a dictator or fascist for political gains. The facts remained unanswered would it right to say Modi fascist or dictator when he enjoys huge support of people and is considered a mass leader. What BJP thinks over this issue. We will know BJP's view over this issue through this news report. The principle opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party came down heavily on the opposition parties for criticizing Gujrat chief minister and the party PM candidat Narendra Modi by saying him fascist and dictator. Citing an example of a seer dream that post Godhra riot had not happened in Narendra Modi regime. The party said there are the factual errors in critics allegations and said that after the seer's dream it has been crystal clear that Narendra Modi is being termed fascist or dictator by the opposition parties for political mileage. The party also decided to aware minority community about the seer dream. The party said its leaders of minority community to proved that Mr. Modi is not a fascist or dictator instead he is a hard working and visionary politician who ensured the development of Gujarat. The party also decided to make an appeal to voters to teach a lesson to those who are terming Modi as a dictator and fascist The party also said that by saying Narendra Modi as a fascist or dictator the opposition parties are insulting the people' mandate, who voted Modi to be the chief minister. The party also expressed regret over character assassination and use of abusive words in politics by some politician. - By badbolanguru in universal truth.

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