Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salman Khurshid Calls Modi Impotent

Whenever election campaign gets momentum political leaders become cautious about their remarks. They use democratic words to send positive signals among voters. They mind every word before speaking. They do enough research work on what they have to say. Apart from it, they motivate people towards positive lifestyle. After much research, Union Minister Salman Khurshid made a statement about Bhartiya Janta Party PM candidate Narendra Modi, saying him impotent. In an election rally in Farrukhabad he showered praises on Narendra Modi and termed him impotent. During his praise he forgot that his party Congress may take disciplinary action against him for his praise. Experts also expressed their opinions over his remark and said that his praise to Modi proves that he works above party line in national interest and he can sacrifice his self-interest for larger interest of the country. Initially it was not clear that this is his personal research or other party' leaders also took part in his research work. But later Congress spokesperson termed his impotent remark based on Salman Khurshid's personal research and indicated that action against him may be taken for publicly praising Modi by saying him impotent. In the mean time Salman Khurshid said that he reached to conclusion that Modi is impotent after deep research . Talking about importance of word impotent Salman Khurshid said that word impotent brings development wherever and whenever it is used or. He said that development of Gujarat is not because of Narendra Modi and said that Gujarat chief minister did nothing for development of Gujarat. He also claimed that Gujarat received development because Modi is impotent. He also claimed that only highly intellectuals like him can do such research. He also said that he reached to conclusion that Modi is impotent after deep research . But instead of inviting applause for him, his research works brought criticism from all corners. The external affair minister was widely criticised by the BJP's leaders. The external affair minister Salman Khurshid also said that his criticism for his new revelation shows that people are not showing interest about innovative ideas. He also said that due to lack of interest towards new researches, the country has left far behind in development. Salman Khurshid said that he had worked hard and spent a lot of money in conducting research on Modi. He also expressed surprise over the responses of intellectual class and said that even intellectual class didn't recognize the importance of his new research and preferred to be silent on his criticism. Congress MP from Andhra Pradesh who used pepper spray in Parliament has congratulated Salman Khurshid for his unique research. He also said that members of parliament and member of legislative council would motivate to conduct similar research. RLD MLAs who had become shirtless in UP assembly had said that remarks of the external affair minister would bring a sea change in Indian poltics. Political leaders would conduct such research in future and India would leave to China far behind in development.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Al-Qaeda Conducted Nuclear Test

Al-Qaeda successfuly conducted nuclear test in Afghanistan's Torabora Hills. Just after the news report of al-Qaeda nucler test, celebrations were seen in western countries specially in US and Britain. . People came out from their homes and danced on the streets in joy. They were shouting slogan in Al- Qaeda support . People were also seen talking about positive outcome of nuclear test by Al- Qaeda .They were saying that the world would be more secure after the Nuclear Test of Al-Qaeda and fight against terrorim would be strengthened. According to a report US has expressed happiness over the nuclear test of Al-Qaeda, hoping that the world would be more secure after Al Qaeda's nuclear test. US president Barack Obama congratulated the Al-Qaeda's scientists and hoped that after the successful nuclear test of Al Qaeda, terror group would intensify its peace efforts in the world. He also announced ease in security of US saying that there is no need of it after the test. Mr. Obama directed to remove All CC TVs cameras from places of strategic importance. He also said that there would be no security check up at US airports and passengers would be allowed to board their aeroplanes without any security check up. He further said that no foreign diplomat will have to go through security check up in US. Celebrations were also seen in Israel where people were seen dancing on streets in joys after the nuclear test . In the mean time, just after the nuclear Test of Al-Qaeda, Pakistan declared two days mourning. The government also decided to observed two days bandh in protest of nuclear test by Al-Qaeda. Due to the government sponsored bandh normal life in Pakistan was paralysed. Vehicles were not seen on Pakistan's roads. People preferred to remain in their homes. Roads and streets were seen deserted. High alert was also sounded in Pakistan and security had been beefed up. Security of top terrorists have been ensured. In the mean time, Pakistan blamed India for helping Al- Qaeda in conducting the nuclear tests. In a statement Pakistan's spokesperson blamed that India provided technical and financial support to Al Qaeda to conduct atomic test. Pakistani's foreign spokesperson also blamed that India is trying to create disturbances in Pakistan through Taliban. Spokesperson also demanded a ban on India for promoting terrorism in the world through Al-Qaeda. He further said that India is providing financial support to Afghanistan based Al- Qaeda groups. According to Humor Satire Reporter Heavy paramilitary forces have been deployed near terrorist training camps in Pakistan to provide security to militants.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Elephant Drank All Water Of River Yamuna

Taking a surprise move an elephant drank all water of the river Yamuna in national capital Delhi, causing water scarcity in the capital Delhi. The cause of the elephant's step was not known till now but according to an unconfirmed report the elephant belongs to a particular party and when he was denied ticket by the party chief he took this extream step in protest. It is also being said that the elephant was fully loyal to the party and its party president and he was considered to be close associate of the party chief. He was willing to contest election from a parliamentary constituency in forthcoming parliamentary election and had been preparing for long time for this . But the elephant's caste proved hurdle for getting him the party ticket. The party denied him ticket on the basis that the population of his caste was not enough in the constituency to ensure his victory and he was little chance to win the election. After hearing this news that he has been denied the party ticket, he became angry and drank all water of river Yamuna. He was also sat on dharna along with other elephants at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi in protest of the party's decision. Heavy forces have been deployed in Ramlila Maidan to persuade the elephants. Another report suggests that the elephant was in anger after the resignation of Aam Aam Party chief Arvind Kejriwal as a Delhi chief minister. He had voted in Kejriwal's favour in assembly election hoping that Kejriwal would bring a sea change in Delhi administration during his regime and he would not have to give bribe to clerks for their works to be done. But due to untimely resignation of Arvind Kejriwal elephant's aspiration was not fulfilled and he became angry. Humor Satire News reporter narrated different story about the incident, according to him the elephant was well-known environmentalist of Delhi and he was upset over the rising polution level of Yamuna river so he drank all water of Yamuna to end the pollution. In the mean time, the people of Delhi came out on the street and protested against the water shortage. They also demanded that water supply be ensured in their homes. The government has taken several steps including 24 hours long meeting of cabinets to ensure the water supply in Delhi. To ensure water supply in Delhi the government has also decided to organise workshops in all pockets of Delhi. The government has also decided to ensure more panel discussions on TV channels. The government has also decided to organise prathna sabh ( prayer) to meet the challenge.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

China Issued Show Cause Notice To Obama

There are conflicting reports about China's reaction after Dalai Lama- Obama meet. According a humor satire news agency China issued show cause notice to Obama just after US president Barack Obama met with Dalai Lama saying that why should not disciplinary action be taken against him for defying its order to not meet Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama China believes that US president has violated the international law by meeting with Tibetan spiritual Dalai Lama at White House in Washington. China is also considering to move a resolution to pass in UN security council against US president Barack Obama. China has sought support from Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam and India to support the resolution in UN security council. In the mean time, Pakistan has announced that it would not support Chinese resolution in UN security council. The world leaders came in support of China and criticised the US president Barack Obama for his meeting with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. They also termed both leaders' commitment for the world peace is highly objectionable. The world leaders also said that with the meeting of two leaders Chinese economy would be badly affected and population of China would rise. The world leaders also said that Nobel Peace Prize should be withdrawn from Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama and his fundamental rights should also be curtailed. Another report suggests that China Issued High alert in the country after Obama- Dalai Lama meet in White House. Chinese spokesperson in a statement said that with the meeting a low intensity earthquake was felt in the entire china which indicates possible danger of Obama-Dalai Lama meet. According to an unconfirmed report Chinese premier presided over a high level meeting with top party leaders and termed it as a highly provoking action of US president Barack Obama. Chinese premier also said the army to be prepared for war. He also said that China would issue stern warning to Its neighboring countries to give strong message to US that its misadventure would not be tolerated in future. If US president Barack Obama doesn't apologise for his wrongdoing, China will compell to attack on its neighboring countries. China premier also said that China would also transfer missile technology to Pakistan to register its protest. 'Dalai Lama has no right to meet with any world leader because whenever he meets with any world leader it causes of natural calamity in China,' said Chinese premier. After the meeting, emergency was declared in China and leave of soldiers was cancelled. Those who were on leave had been said to resume their duty within 24 hours. In the mean time China conducted an atomic test to show its strength.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion Show In UP Assembly

The members of parliament and members of Legislative Assembly are showing their talents these days on the floor of the house. They want to be successful in the forthcoming parliamentary election at all costs. To ensure their victory they are taking part in various competitions. Few days back, Congress MP Rajagopal won gold medal in pepper spraying competition in parliament. After getting gold medal he became famous in the country as well as in the world. Countrymen praised him for his extraordinary talent. His success motivated many MPs and MLAs in the country. But his made record in parliament didn't remained longer. His record was broken by two RLD MLAS Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi in a fashion Show competition in UP Assembely by becoming shirtless. By getting gold medals RLD's MLAs Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi left far behind to the Congress MP Rajagopal. After this talents exhibition competition they received applause from all over country. Although both MLAs Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi won gold medals in different category but it was rated more than Rajagopal's win. RLD members Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi enthralled the UP legislative Assembly's members as well as the countrymen by becoming shirtless. After their win Upbeat RLD chief said that live telecast of fashion show should have be done so that a large number of people could be benefited from this unique fashion show. RLD leader also hoped that RLD MLAs Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi would soon become the role model for MLAs and MPs . He came down heavily on those who are saying being shirtless undemocratic protest. He expressed surprise on the knowledge of critics and said that criticism of respected MLAs has proved that critics don't know ABC of Poltics. In the mean time, fashion industry has welcomed the move of the two MLAs Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi and said that fashion industry would be largely benefited from their talents. Political Parties Said To their Parties Leaders To Be Shirtless During Election Campaign- Seeing the popularity of Congress Congress MP Rajagopal and two RLD MLAs Sudesh Sharma and Virpal Rathi political Parties have advised their party leaders to be Shirtless during election campaign. Political Parties also said their parties leaders to use pepper spray in election rallies to increase their acceptability among voters. After marathon meeting congress party came to conclusion to use pepper spray at large scale to avoid anti-party wave. The party also advised its vice-president Rahul Gandhi to use pepper spray during his campaign. On the other hand, the principle opposition party BJP also decided to use this new method of election campaigning to ensure the victory of the party in forthcoming parliamentary election. Party leaders are of the view that by becoming shirtless and using pepper spraying the effect of AAP in election may be lessened. AAP think tanks are also considering seriously on the use pepper spray in election campaign . According to Humor Satire reporter the party has said Kumar Vishwas to be Shirtless in Amethi to attract voters of Amethi. Advising Kumar Vishwas AAP said that Amethi parliamentary constituency keeps symbolic importance for the party so the party leader Kumar should not hesitate in pepper spraying on the voters. According to a confirmed report SP and BSP held separate meetings after the shirtless fashion show in UP Assembly and asked the parties' leaders that why not this idea came first in their minds. It is also being said that both parties issued showcase notice to their parties' leaders, saying that why not action should be taken against them for this utter negligence. -Badbolanguru in come to learn tell a lie.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AAP Begins Jhadu Chalao Yatra

AAP launched its Jhadu Chalao Yatra across 24 States to make Indian cities clean and beautiful. Talking about AAP's Jhadu Chalao Yatra, Aam Aadmi Party leader Ashutosh said that it is AAP's special drive to attract more tourists in India. He said that AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal is very serious to make Indian cities the world class so that tourists from all over world came to India and the country could earn revenue through tourism industry. AAP leader also inform that if AAP came to power after the forthcoming parliamentary election then special thrust would be given in beautifying the Indian cities. Ashutosh also claimed that after formation of AAP government at centre India would become superpower within 24 hours. He also said that only Arvind Kejriwal knows the importance of tourism so he decided to start Jhadu Chalao Yatra in the country to make country's a tourist hub in world. Ashutosh informed that Arvind Kejriwal during his US tour realised that there is need of special cleanliness drive to attract more tourists in India. He said that Arvind Kejriwal felt that the country lagged behind in cleanliness from the country like Singapore and England so tourists visit less in India than other rich country of the world. Ashutosh said that Seeing the importance of tourism in the development of the country, the party chief decided to start a cleanliness drive in all parts of the country before the party election campaign. He also informed that seeing the urgency of cleanliness in the country Arvind Kejriwal decided to resign from his post of the Delhi chief minister so that he could give his full time in making the Indian cities clean and beautiful. Ashutosh also said that after becoming Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal would never hesitate in resigning from his post for the cleanliness of the country and development of tourism industry in India. Ashutosh also blamed that all previous governments failed to recognise the importance of tourism industry as well as cleanliness. He also said that AAP would contest forthcoming parliamentary election over the issue of cleanliness. He also said that during the party campaign in election the party would appeal voters to ensure defeat to those parties which have been neglecting the cleanliness of the country. Ashutosh also said that voters would teach a lesson to those parties' leaders who did nothing for the development of tourism industry in the country. AAP leader also said that the party would also organise speech competitions all over the country on Importance of Tourism and cleanliness in India. He also that winner of the competition would be awarded as a party ticket.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Unknown Facts Of Narendra Modi

To know the unknown facts of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi Humor Satire News organised a daydreaming competition in four metropolitan cities of the country. In the competition people were said to know unknown facts of Bhartiya Janta Party leader Narendra Modi by daydreaming. After daydreaming people narrated some interesting facts of Narendra Modi's life. They said that Narendra Modi was an IPS officer before becoming the chief minister of Gujarat. People also said that he was an strict police officer. Humor Satire Correspondent verified the facts from some photographs which were sent by a satellite to its control room. In the photographs Narendra Modi has been shown serving as a IAS officer in Gujarat capital Ahmedabad. Photographs also provided some interesting facts of Narendra Modi that he had post graduated from Oxford university and he belongs to a highly rich family. He has spent life in comfort. The satellite has also sent a picture in which Narendra Modi has been shown on a picnic spot, celebrating holidays. Thus in cross check the facts proved that he was an IPS officer instead of tea vendor or Chaiwala. After the revelation of some unknown facts of BJP PM candidate Narendra that he was an IPS officer before becoming chief minister of Gujarat, the Party seems to be on backfoot. The Party spokesperson in a statement termed the revelation as a baseless and misleading. The party also reiterated that it is well established truth that Narendra Modi was a tea vendor ( chaiwala). The BJP also said that to tarnish the image of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi false unknown facts of his life is being presented by some vested interest people. The BJP questioned that why do not political parties highlight interesting facts of his life that he has been organising Chai Pe Charcha in the country for years. In the mean time opposition leaders issued a joint statement and said that now it has been well cleared that Modi was an IPS officers before becoming the chief minister of Gujrat and his claim that he was Chaiwala is far away from facts. The opposition leaders also said that BJP would not be benefited by organising Chai Pe Charcha
The opposition parties termed the Chai Pe Charcha of BJP as political gimmick. The opposition parties also came down heavily on BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi after the revelation of unknown facts of Gujarat CM and said that by saying himself Chaiwala ( tea vendor) Narendra Modi is trying to create a wave in his favour. Political parties also advised the countrymen to be aware from Narendra Modi because he is trying to woo them by saying himself Chaywala. The Congress party in a press release blamed Narendra Modi of playing with people sentiments by organising Chai Pe Charcha in the country. The Congress party also feared that during Chai Pe Charcha communal violence may be erupted in the country. The Party also said that Modi is misleading people by saying himself a tea vendor ( chaiwala).

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ants Looted 10 Crore From Elephant On Valentin Day

In a daring incident on Valentin day, ants looted 10 cr at gunpoint from an elephant near the world's highest peak Everest of the Himalaya. When the Elephant was on his way to a picnic spot to celebrate Valentin day with his girlfriend the perpetrators overtook his car and looted the money. The criminals also looted a diamond ring which had bought elephant as a Valentin gift. According to an eyewitness when the elephant opposed the perpetrators, they beaten him brutally. Report also says that ants were equipped with sophisticated weapons like AK-47 rifles. They also fired in air to terrorise the residents of Everest. The elephant is said to be a well-known businessman of the Everest. He is owner of several Valentin day gift items shops . It is also being said that Elephant had withdrawn big amount from a bank for Valentin day and was going to celebrate Valentin day to a picnic spot with his girlfriend, when ants overtook his car and snatched bag of money from his hand. An FIR has been registered in this regard in Everest south police station. After the looting incident a high alert has been sounded in entire Everest and raids are being carried out to nab the suspected ants culprits. It is also being said that in a clash with criminals elephant received minor injury. He was immediately rushed to hospital where his condition was said to be serious. According to hospital bulletin his condition has remained critical and he may be referred to jhola chap doctors for further treatment. In the mean time, in the protest of incident, elephants of Everest went rampant and set fire several vehicles of police. They also disrupted the rail traffic of the Everest region. Elephants have also decided to launch a nationwide protest in all over country in protest of the incident. Elephants organization has condemned the incident of looting on the auspicious occasion of Valentin day and observed one minute silence to register their protest. Elephants have also decided to observe black day on Valentin day next year. Elephants also boycotted the work on Valentin day. In a press release elephants said that they would only resume their duties when the government would give written assurance to provide them security on Valentin day .They also said that they are often terrorised by the ants on the Valentin day as a result they never get full freedom to celebrate Valentin day. It is also being said that normal life of Everest peak has been paralysed due to bycott of work by elephants. Elephants also held a meeting to decide their future course of action. Speaking on the occasion participants suspected a foul play in the incident and said that it seems that anti Valentin day forces under a well hatched conspiracy stopped them to celebrate Valentin day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rajagopal Should Be Awarded For Pepper Spraying.

After the use of pepper spray by Seemandhra MP Rajgopal in the Lokshabha, his popularity graph is skyrocketing. He has become the most popular leader of the country, BJP leader Narendra Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi have left far behind in popularity. All prominent parties announced him as their PM candidate for forthcoming parliamentary election. Google trend also shows him as the most popular leader of the country. Because he was alone searched 10 cr in a single day. According Google trend figure people most searched him as the next prime minister of the country. Google trend also shows that people used keyword Rajagopal as the next PM. While BJP PM candidate got second position in search result. Arvind Kejriwal has said to be third in search result and he reportedly has sat on dharna against internet users for giving him third position in their search preferences. An online survey also says that people of the country want to see Rajagopal as the next Prime Minister. According to survey people also want that Rajagopal should be given bravery award for showing extraordinary courage in Loksabha during introduction of Telengana bifurcation Bill. Political leaders cutting across party line also demanded that MP should be given the country's the highest civilian award by the government. They are of the view that MP has set a new norm of protest by pepper spraying in the lower house of the parliament so his moral should be boosted by honouring him. In a statement, political leaders said that MP chose a democratic way of protest keeping dignity of the house and the country's constitution in mind. They further said that in such time when behavior of MPs in parliament is declining day by day, the manner of protest of MP is praiseworthy. He showed the highest respect towards the democratic system of the country by pepper spraying. Political leaders also advised Arvind Kejriwal to learn lesson of protest from Rajagopal. According to experts, the act of MP not added name and fame to the parliamentary system of the country but this incident also sent a positive signals in the entire world. Certainly world leaders would be inspired from this incident said experts. According to a confirmed report Rajagopal received acclaim from the so-called intellectuals. In the mean time Rajagopal came down heavily on handful critics saying that the when the country's and world leaders are showering praise for his work, they are singing a different tune. MP also claimed that his behavior comes under the set norms of the parliamentary system and he has not violated any norms. He said that he used paper spray in self defense because every man has right of self defense in democratic India. As he was feeling insure in parliament at that time so he used paper spray to boost his moral, he said. He said that he is being victimized by handful people due to political reason. He said that he is being criticised by those who don't know the importance of operation bhadas. He also said that he would go in people' court to seek justice.

Is Narendra Modi A Fascist Or Dictator?

Is Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi a dictator or fascist. His critics held him responsible for post- Godhra carnage and term him fascist or dictator. They also blamed that he didn't take step to stop Godhra riot. On the other hand his fans consider him as a good administrator, who ensured the development in Gujarat. His supporters also say that if he became next prime minister of the country then he would ensured all round development of the country. His supporters also say that people should not mind critics' allegations so that they are terming Narendra Modi as a dictator or fascist for political gains. The facts remained unanswered would it right to say Modi fascist or dictator when he enjoys huge support of people and is considered a mass leader. What BJP thinks over this issue. We will know BJP's view over this issue through this news report. The principle opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party came down heavily on the opposition parties for criticizing Gujrat chief minister and the party PM candidat Narendra Modi by saying him fascist and dictator. Citing an example of a seer dream that post Godhra riot had not happened in Narendra Modi regime. The party said there are the factual errors in critics allegations and said that after the seer's dream it has been crystal clear that Narendra Modi is being termed fascist or dictator by the opposition parties for political mileage. The party also decided to aware minority community about the seer dream. The party said its leaders of minority community to proved that Mr. Modi is not a fascist or dictator instead he is a hard working and visionary politician who ensured the development of Gujarat. The party also decided to make an appeal to voters to teach a lesson to those who are terming Modi as a dictator and fascist The party also said that by saying Narendra Modi as a fascist or dictator the opposition parties are insulting the people' mandate, who voted Modi to be the chief minister. The party also expressed regret over character assassination and use of abusive words in politics by some politician. - By badbolanguru in universal truth.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rahul Gandhi's Unknown Facts

How many know unknown facts of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. The answer will be very few. But before knowing unknown facts about him, We will first know some known facts about Congress leader. Congress vice-president is known today as a successful politicians of the country. He is vice-president of the Congress Party. He is known for new experiment in Poltics. When all leaders like to stay in national capital new Delhi. Rahul Gandhi likes to spent night in poor man's hut. He is often seen working over time for the common people of the country. He is often seen sitting on hunger strike in protest of many issues. He had supported Anna's agitation and actively had taken part in it. He had worked hard a lot for formation of strong Lokpal. These are known facts about Rahul Gandhi. Now we would know about some unknown and interesting facts about Rahul Gandhi. I only know unknown and interesting facts of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Because I have diploma in daydreaming. One fine day during daydreaming I knew some hidden facts of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Generally people know that Rahul Gandhi belongs to Gandhi Nehru family and he has spent life without any inconvenience. But reality is different from known fact about Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Very few know that his life has been full with challenges. he has been spent his life in hardship. He has struggled for his basic needs. He has taught tuition for pocket money and study. He has done his schooling in government primary school because he had no money to study in private school. He had been talented students in his student life. Despite this he could not get job anywhere. No-one was ready to give him work. He had applied for job in many companies of the country. But got rejected everywhere. But he didn't accept defeat. He didn't lose patience and continued working over time. He believes in law of karma. He has immense faith in god. He tried to work in Bollywood so he went Mumbai. In Mumbai he struggled hard to get work in film. He spent sleepless night without food. He slept on footpath. Bu his extra ordinary qualies helped him a lot during struggle time. Finally he got work in a film and film became superhit and he became superstar. The congress president watched his film and she was greatly impressed with his work and decided to offered him vice-president post of Congress party.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Foreign Tourists In India

The government has taken a number of steps to promote tourism industry in the country. The government thrust has been to ensure flow of foreign tourists to India so that enough foreign money could be earned. But tourism department was to take some major steps to get expected result. The department has to address the problems of foreign tourists. Foreign tourists had raised concern from time to time that they are provided foolproof security in India as a result they could not move freely in India. Indian government took cognisance of main concern of foreign tourists and decided not to provide any security to them in India especially women tourists. To ensure tourists flow in India, foreign tourists would not be provided any security during their visit to India said a tourism department official on condition of anonymity. India government was fearful that due to foolproof security, foreign tourists may hesitate in coming to India. As a result tourism in India may badly suffer. Several countries have advised their citizen to not tour India, saying that due to foolproof security in India they may face problems. Especially western countries have alerted their countrymen that Indian government takes no time in addressing the problems of foreign tourists so they don't raise the issues with the government officials. It is mentioned here that several counries had expressed desire that Indian government should provide US like facilities to foreign tourists . In US, foreign tourists have not to pass through any security check up. They are not checked at airport. Even foreign diplomats get entry in US without any security check. Foreign tourists are allowed to move freely in any part of US. Foreign tourists in US freely move wherever they want to go. After some rape incidents with foreign tourists in India, it is expected that flow of foreign tourists would increase in the India in coming days and Indian tourism industry would be largely benefited from it. The number of women tourists would also increase. It is also expected that women tourists would attract due to some incidents with women tourists. Foreign tourists have expressed happiness that after some grave incidents with foreign tourists, they would enjoy a lot during their tour to India. ( Badbolanguru in universal truth)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pak May Announce Most Favoured Nation To India

A sea change is being seen in Pak's stand as it is all set to declare India as a most favoured nation. According to a news report Pakistan any moment may announce India as a most favoured nation. Pak has indicated this by demanding third party mediation in Kashmir Issue. Pak establishment has realised this that good relation with India is in Pak's larger interest. It is also being said that after realisation of the fact that Pakistani leadership tried to make consensus among terrorist groups over this issue. It is being said that Pakistani Home Minister visited the terrorist camps to know terrorists' views over this issue. It is also being said that minister also assured the terrorist groups that Pak stand has not changed over Kashmir issue and it would continue to provide weaponry and financial support to terrorist groups. According to an another report when Pak Home Minister visited the training cams, terrorists demanded that India should be given status of Most favoured Nation by Pakistan. It is also said terrorist organizations also demanded that action should be taken against them. Terrorists also said that if Pakistan government didn't announce status of Most Favoured Nation to India then they would be forced to start an agitation against the government. On special demand of terrorist groups Pakistani government has imposed ban on terrorist camps in Pakistan. Pakistani government has also launched a massive crack down operation to nab the top terrorists. It is also being said that Pakistani leadership is ready to support India's claim for permanent seat of security council. Pakistani spokesperson in his regular press briefing said that Pak finally realised that a strong and prosperous India is in Pak's interest. It is also being said that Pakistani military has issued stern warning to civilian government to take step to normalise relation with India. Pakistani army also said to Sharrif government to support India's candidature for permanent membership of security council. It is also being said that Fundamentalist groups have been launching agitation in Pakistan for few days to provide status of Most Favoured Nation to India. They have also been agitating for few days in support of India's candidature for permanent membership of UN Security Council. Terrorists are demanding that Pakistan should support India's candidature for UN security council Terrorist organizations have also said they should be handed over to win the trust of India.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Third Front In Indian Poltics

Finally, 10- political parties announced to form a federal or third front to keep Bhartiya Janta Party and Congress away from power. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and SP chief Mulaym SinghYadav reportedly played a key role in formation of third Front. Both leaders were of the view that Congress and BJP should be stopped at all cost to form a government at centre after 2014 parliamentary election, Otherwise national interest would be at stake. Although questions are being raised about their motives. It is also being said that Third Front would never become a reality. But hard work yields result, Third Front leaders proved true this saying. It is being said that third front has been formed to satisfy power hunger of some political leaders. But reality is far away from this fact. According to political experts Third Front would bring a sea change in Indian poltics. Experts are also of the view that Third Front would get two-third majority in upcoming parliamentary election. Soon after the formation of Third Front a Wave is being seen blowing in its favour. Opinion polls are also supporting the fact. It is also being said that BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi convened an emergency meeting to discuss over new emerging situation. In the meeting, he also expressed his desire that the party should announce LK Advani as its PM candidate. It is also being said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi held a meeting over this issue. In the meeting Congress leaders said that Third Front will give a tough fight to Congress in coming parliamentary election. As a damage control exercise, the party announced Priyanka Gandhi as its PM candidate. Now In this post, we will know what does mean by Federal or Third front means- federal or Third front means a move towards a stable government at centre. Federal or Third front means a strong and pro-active government at centre. Federal or Third front means start of principle based poltics in India. Federal or Third front means end of political opportunism in the country. Federal or Third front means a government which will always ready to solve the problem of people. Federal or Third front means maximum satisfaction of political ambition of political leaders. Federal or Third Front means end of corruption from India. Federal or Third front means price check of essential commodities. Federal or Third front means solution of burning issues of the country. Federal or Third means jobs to jobless hands. Federal or Third Front means solution of Kashmir issue. Federal or Third front means end of Chinese misadventure. Federal or Third front means Ram Rajya in the country. Federal or Third front means political demise of BJP and Congress leaders. Federal or Third means liberation of Congress and BJP misrule. Federal or Third Front means end of AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal's political ambition. Federal or Third front means greater role of the country in world's affairs. Federal or Third Front means better law and order situation in the country. Federal or Third front possibilities- The possibility of third Front government has been always high in the country. It has been special choice of the people. Third front has always played vital role in Indian Poltics. Whenever became required third front Alliance provided a stable government at centre. It has fulfilled the aspirations of the people during its tenure. It has ensured the fast development of the country. It has never given importance to narrow political gain. National importance has been always primary to Third Front leaders. Apart from it, when it is being said that a wave is blowing in favour of BJP or AAP, possibilities are high of better performance of Third Front in forthcoming parliamentary election.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Youth Drank Two Bottles Vitamins To End His Life

A youth today tried to commit suicide by drinking two bottles vitamins. It is also being said that to end his life, he also drank one K.G glucose. After deteriorating condition, he was rushed to hospital, where he was admitted in intensive care unit. His condition was stated to be critical. He was said to be in coma and was uttering 'I love too'. Till filing this report doctors were struggling hard to save his life. Later doctors expressed their inability in treating this patient and advised his family members to airlift him to America for further treatment. According to family members, he was in extreme happiness when a Bollywood actress expressed her desire to marry with him. In extreme happiness he took this extreme step alleged a family member. Boy's family has lodged an FIR against the Bollywood actress for forcing him to take this extreme step. Love effect on brain- According to doctors his brain is severly affected with love. Doctors are of the view that love effect would be long-term on his brain. Although they are trying hard to reduce love effect on his brain . Doctors also said that sad song is being heard to him. They said that they are not in position how many days would take in reducing love effect from his brain. He was sifted to emergency where doctors were seen advising him to hear sad song. Several Bollywood actors including Shahrukh, Dabang Salman and Amir Khan expressed deep sorrow over the incident and said that they would do whatever would be required to reduce love effect from his brain.

Floods Claim Many Lives In Rajasthan Thar Desert

Due to incessant rainfall and flood water 4- lakh acres crops were destroyed in Rajasthan Thar Desert. The estimated loss is said to be 1000000000000000000000 crore dollar. According to Met Department Rain has broken all previous record in Thar desert. It was recorded 1111111 mm in just one day. The Met department has forecasted that rainfall would continue for at least one year. Fear is being mounted that nearly10 crore people would be displaced from their main land due to incessent rainfall and flood water. They would have to spend life in shelter houses. In floods, thousands of homes were destroyed. Thousands of trees were uprooted. Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who reside in Thaar desert have stranded in flood water. Indian Airlines have started a drive to evacuate the VIPs from Thar. Many VIPs have expressed desire of adventurous tour in flood hit areas. Environmentalists have raised alarm about negative impact on biodiversity of the area. People were shifted to relief camps. The cause of flood is said to be election speeches of political leaders. According to experts fiery speeches of political leaders created low pressure over bay of Bengal and Thar region. Experts are of the view that far reaching impact would be seen speeches of political leaders in near future. Actually political leaders Intensively campaign in Thar because of most populated region of the country. Immediate reson of flood is said to be election rally of Narendra modi who had addressed an election rally in Thar. Congress PM candidate Rahul Gandhi had addressed a rally just one day before. Due to heavy rainfall stampede like situation appeared there. The police used mild force to control the stampede. Arvind Kejriwal was to address a rally at the same venue next day. Large number of VIPs were gathered there from different parts of country to take part in rallies. Arvind Kejriwal came down heavily on opposition parties saying that Flood in Thar indicates a political conspiracy of Congress and BJP. After the flood, exchange of words have begun. The Congress party said that if Modi became PM then the entire nation would submerge with flood water. In the Mean time US president Barack Obama said that his fear became true. India should understand why Modi was denied US Visas. He said that US intelligence agencies had warned him that Modi's press conference in America may cause flood like situation. .

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mosquitoes Blocked The GT Road

In a tragic incident four masquitoes were crashed to death when a speeding car ran over them. Soon after the incident a large number of mosquitoes gathered at the incident site and blocked the Mohania GT road. Mosquitoes also set fire some vehicles. They looted valuables of some shops. They also pelted stones at police parties. They shouted slogan against the district administration for their failure in stopping the accident. Getting the information about the accident and road jam Kaimur SP rushed to spot and tried to pacify agitating Masquitoes. Seeing the situation out of controle police used mild force to disperse the crowd. After being situation out of control police opened fire to disperse the crowd. Seeing the sensitivity of the situation heavy paramilitary forces have been deployed in the area. Round the clock vigil is being maintained. Shoot and sight has been ordered. Flag March have been intensified in the area to maintain the peace. Chief minister Nitish Kumar presided over a emergency meeting and gave necessary direction to officials. Chief minister Nitish Kumar also announced compensation of five lakh rupees to each mosquito . The high level inquiry has been ordered . In the mean time, A delegation of mosquitoes met chief minister at his residence and demanded high level inquiry in the killing of mosquitoes in road accident. Law And Order situation in Bihar- In the mean time opposition parties came down heavily on Nitish government and blamed that the government has been failed in improving the law and order situation in the state. They also said that if government took immediate step the life of four mosquitoes may be saved. In the mean time BJP attacked on Nitish government and said that tall claims of chief minister about better law and order proved futile with killing of some mosquitoes in road accidents. Former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav demanded resignation of chief minister for failing to save lives of four mosquitoes in Road accident. He said that Nitish has no moral right to remain in power after death of four mosquitoes in road accident. Lalu Yadav also said he had ensured foolproof security to mosquitoes during his regime and during his full tenure no mosquitoes were killed in road accidents. -Badbolan Guru in universal truth.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Congress Expelled Salman Khan From Party

Congress party today expelled its veteran leader and Bollywood actor Salman Khan from party's primary membership for two hours. Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan was expelled by the Congress Party for defying party order and growing his proximity with Bhartiya Janta Party PM candidate Narendra Modi. It is being said that Congress high command was serious about Salman presence in kite flying ceremony in Ahmedabad. In a sting operation, Salman was seen flying kites with Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad. The congress party had issued show cause notice to vetran leader and actor Salman Khan. The party had said him to reply it within 100 years. But Senior Congress leader Salman Khan once again shown indiscipline by giving reply of show cause notice within hour. Indiscipline would not be tolerated in the party when election is near the corner said congress spokesperson Janardan Diwedi in a jam- packed press conference. It is being mentioned here that Salman Khan can't work in film after his expulsion from the congress party. Salman Khan replying show cause notice, probaly had said that so-called Kite flying ceremony with Gujarat chief minister is media speculation and he was not in kites flying ceremony with Gujarat chief minister. On the other hand Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has said that Salman Khan was present in Ahmedabad kites festival to promote his upcoming film 'Jai Ho'. In the mean time, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan issued a statement and said that Modi need not to apologise for post-Godhara riots 2004. He also said that he is ready campaign for Gujarat chief minister in forthcoming parliamentary election but he would have to promote his Upcoming film 'Jai Ho' during election campaign . He said that Gujarat chief minister should appeal voters to watch movie 'Jai Ho' in national interest. According to humor satire correspondent, Salman believes that Gujarat chief minister' popularity may help his next film 'Jai Ho' in being super duper hit in the country. Justifying his conditional support to Modi Salman Khan said that his upcoming film 'Jai Ho' would decide that Modi would be next PM or not. He also said that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi should watch his film. Bollywood star also said that Narendra Modi should appeal party leaders and workers to watch his upcoming film 'Jai Ho'. - Badbolan guru in universal truth.