Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pak nationals too want Sarabjit to be free

Pak nationals too want Sarabjit to be free- Then hope he will be released because in Pakistan people's want keeps value

Monday, April 29, 2013

China incursion

China incursion is a localised problem : The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh-So local administration should try to resolve

The Prime Minister (PM) must resign: BJP

The Prime Minister (PM) must resign: The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)- Because party leaders can not wait till election.

Alliance in Bihar working well

The JDU and The BJP alliance in Bihar working well, says deputy chief minister(CM) Sushil Kumar Modi- Except cold war.

Chinese troops 19 KM inside India

Chinese troops 19 KM inside India,says govt- Do not worry only recite Hind China bhai bhai mantra and remember 1962 war

Child marriage on rise

Child marriage in affluent families on rise - it means these people are working to reduce the gap between rich and poor

The BJP will hold demonstrations

The BJP will hold demonstrations in Patna-Demanding the party should be allowed to declare the name of its PM candidate

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Azam was treated with disrespect

Khan was treated with disrespect on arrival at Boston airport : congra. US for keeping alive this healthy tradition.

Nitish is not not effectively implementing shemes.

Nitish is not effectively implementing shems: Lalu Prasad- while in my regime all round development of state was ensured

Azam Khan's frisking at US airport

UP's minister Khan,was treated with disrespect on US airport-learn how to behave with forein diplomats from US

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Obama warns Syriya on chemical weapons

US President Brack Obama warns Syria on chemical weapons- Believe me Syria will stop working on chemical weapons : Obama

No question of law minister resigning

No question of law minister Ashwani Kumar resigning: The PM- Because in today's poltics morality does not exists.

Take action on special status of Bihar

Take further action on special status early: Nitish- Or forget future poll alliance or any support to the central govt

World record in graft

Karnataka BJP govt has world record in graft: congres vice president Rahul Gandhi- like congress ruled states.

I am not a leader of Hindu only

I am not a leader of Hindu only: The CM Narendra Modi- So you can not held me responsible for post Godhra riots.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Patience check 1

You can also check your patience in getting timely treatment in the government hospital or on rude behaviour of doctors.

Patience check

In India check your patience in long queue to get your own number at the time of depositing any type of bill.

The world is safe

The world is safe because one can learn on line bomb making technic. The North Korea is making bomb to celebrate Diwali

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Only the JDU wants special status for Bihar

Bihar chief minister did not try to make consensus on Bihar's special status because other parties did not want spe.....

Vote bank policy

Believe the CM Nitish kumar is not keeping distance from Gujrat chief minister Nitish kumar for vote bank

Out side support

Believe the SP and the BSP are extending out side support to the congress led UPA government in the national interest

In national interest

Believe, the DMK withdrew support to the congress led central government in national intrest.

Narendra Modi as a primeministerial candidate

Log in to watch 20-20 live cricket match between the JDU and the BJP on WWW Narendra Modi's primeministerial.com

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Importance of sympathy wave 2

To pardon generate sympathy wave like film star Sanjay Dutt. To save
youself from wife's ire generate sympathy wave.

Importance of sympathy wave 1

To be belove the party chief generate sympathy wave. To get ticket
generate.. To win election generate.. To please god g

Friday, April 19, 2013

Press the button of nuclear weapons.

 Parents are well-wisher of their children. The government is also well-wisher of the children. So my government often recites the well-known mantra, that is; children are the future of the country.
Some feel that there is need of change in education system while I strongly believe that present model of education is ideal. Some want value based education system in the country. While I am of the view that man is made for becoming machine. His behavior should be also like a machine. There is no relation between art of living and education. The sole purpose of education is to make a person able to earn money legally or illegally.  I also believe that to collect wealth by exploitation is man’s life goal. I am also of the view that the aim of the education is to make a man selfish.  Some argue that education system should such that which provide jobs. Making dutiful citizen is not work of education.   Read some more lines to enrich your knowledge about education system.
I am an education system of the country. Stopping crime is not my duty. How can I go beyond my jurisdiction? Why are you expecting that I will stop suicide death?
 I am dutiful person. I perform my work with full honesty. Am I not making some people superrich directly or indirectly? Am I not widening the gap between the poor and the rich? Is it less important that I am producing such a breed of scientists that will able in destroying the world in just one click? Am I not building such mindset which would be responsible for ecological disaster? I do not want to become hurdle in fulfilling dreams of parents, who want to see their children earning handsome amount of money ethically or unethically. They are also willing that one day their children will become a good scientist and transfer the technology to enemy nation for money.   
I am a father.  I have also a dream that my son became the world’s most wanted and highlight my name in the world. I also dream that my son only press the button of nuclear weapons.

Monday, April 15, 2013

What is primary in poltics

 For a student, study may be his primary work. For a husband,  working on his wife's command may be his primary work. But  for a political leader, ensuring his or her own victory is primary. For a regional party, its regional interest is primary  and national interest  is secondary.   For political leader, slogan shouting  on the floor of the house is primary and legislative work is secondary work.Slippers trowing on his political opponent is also primary work for a politician.  Dividing people on the caste and class line is also a primary work of a politician. Reciting some special mantra to defeat his political opponents is also a primary work of a leader. Legislative work is secondary for a political leader.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Advantage of coalition government

Coalition governments have been successful in India. Because they have been stable and have always completed their full terms. Coalition partners have extended full support to the government. The coalition parties have not blackmailed the government. They have never raised   unjustified demands to fulfill their narrow political gains.   National interests have been first for the regional parties   and regional interests have been secondary. Regional parties have been working as a safeguard of Indian democracy. They have always given importance to the highest values of Indian democracy. Coalition partners have given  due respect to the Prime minister.  They have forced the government to accelerate the economic reforms. They have not paralyzed the functioning of the government.  They have stressed the need of  principle based politics.   

Friday, April 5, 2013

Women empowerment

A few days back Women day was celebrated all over the country. On this occasion rapes were reported and domestic violence were reported. The government chanted the women empowerment mantra along with some social organisations. To mark the occasion  several programmes were organised. speaking on the occasion speakers stressed the need of women empowerment.
Interestingly  when an Assam chief minister really tried to empower a women by announcing a residential plan on her name, then it was opposed by all sections of society . Women organisation also opposed the plan. The opposition of minister over this issue shows that actually people do not want to see a women empowered.  Although some of them deliver impressive speech over this issues The opposition also shows that these people do not want development of the state. Those who are opposing the plan, do not want that people live their own house. It means they are anti-poor.
In my View to accelerate the development of the country, such plans should be promoted. The respected  minister should be also honoured for his extra-ordinary job. He should be given bravery award for such bold decision.
My wife is in mood of revolt after this breaking news, she says that for her empowerment a house should be built in her own name. I have made it clear that i have no objection on her demand but you should first get approval from your shashu maa.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No slowdown in shoe industry

After shoe throwing incident on the former Pakistan's president Pervez Musharrf,  the market experts are of the view that investors would show their interest in this industry.They also advise  investors to invest in shoe industry. Market experts say that this sector would provide both short term and long term gain. Experts also predict that in coming days, this industry would register boom.  After discovery of new way to honur political leaders by throwing shoes on them. The demand of shoes has been increased. This industry will attract more investment in coming days. Market experts  also say that  shoe throwing incidents  would increase in near future. Because the respect of people towards their politicians are increasing day by day .
 People would  continue  throwing shoes on politicians to show their respect. There is no possibility of declining  respect of people towards their leaders. So there is no possibility of declining demand of shoes.   This mode of respect is getting popularity worldwide. So the demand of shoes is not going to decline. The universally shoes throwing incidents also indicate that the global economy may  recover soon so that shoes sector would provide support to other industries. 
  Seeing the huge profit in this sector the big industrial houses would enter in the shoe industry. They would invest in this field. They will produce costly shoes for VIPs. Other sectors may show declining trend but this sector  will rise. Thanks to politicians to bring boom in shoe industry.