Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wal-Mart Lobbying For FDI In India

There is news report that Wal-Mart is still lobbying for enter into Indian market. It should be welcomed by the government of India, which has decided to open retail sector for foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ). It is not a matter of making hue and cry. Wal-Mart is coming in India for social works. It is coming in India to provide jobs to jobless youths. It is coming in India to protect the interest of small shopkeepers, who are earning their livelihoods by opening up small shops. But there is a bad news also that is Wal-Mart wants to open its shops only in big cities and rural India is not in its priority list. It is matter of great concern. It will be injustice for the people of small cities and villages. The government should ensure that retail shops of Wal-Mart be opend in each village. Otherwise the country Will be deprived from the real benifit. And purpose of the government will not serve. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should raise the issue with the US president Obama. It is being said that retail gaint is extremely worry for the welfare of small Indian shopkeepers. The retail gaint wants to increase the income of Indian shopkeepers by establishing its own mega market. According to humor-Satire reporter manging director of Wal-Mart has given necessary directions to identify those areas, where shopkeepers can be directly benifited by opening up mega market of Wal-Mart. The government has assured the opposition party that there is no possiblity of any tsunami with entering Wal-Mart into Indian retail sector. The government further says that if tsunami like situation would appear after Wal-Mart entering then It has magic stick to lower the effect. The government has hoped that the opposition parties will be ready to welcome the Wal- Mart after the government assurances. The government has also hoped that the opposition would cooperate with the government, in the larger interest of the people. The government is of the view that Wal-Mart is as necessary as British East India Company. The country had been largely benefited from the British East India Company in Pre-independent era. It had ensured the development of the country. It had created job opportunity and it had provided jobs to unemployed youths. The government has cautioned that if unnecessary hindrance was created and entry of Wal-Mart was stopped, then the country may lose the greatest opportunity. The government also said that without allowing entry to Wal-Mart into Indian retail sector, the country can't be made a super power. The government also said that wherever the Wal-Mart has opened its retail shops small shopkeepers have been hugely benefited.

Skyrocketing Price Of Onion

The Price of onion is being skyrocketing. It has touched Rs 100-mark. It is good news for all. It is good news for the government also, because it can make it an election issue. United Progressive Alliance government now proudly may say to the voters about this unique achievement. The government may say that its policies are pro- poor The government may say that it has honoured onion, which was neglected. It is matter of pride for onion also. They may now come out from inferiority complex that they are less from any vegetables. The government may say to the world that the people of the country are so rich that they do not mind skyrocketing price of onion. The public may feel proud that at least in the government's view they are rich . Poor standard of living of the people, doesn't matter. By allowing skyrocketing price of onion, the government may give beffiting reply to its critics that it doesn't take proactive steps to boost the country's economy. The government also may say to the world community that it has searched a solution of the global slowdown. By allowing skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, the impact of slowdown can be lowered. Several countries have expressed happiness over the new discovery of Indian government. They have said that with the new reserch, the world would be largely benefited and global slowdown will become thing of past days.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's Emotional Speech

Every one has right to be emotional. No one can impose ban on being emotional in democratic India, especially during election time. Political leaders have every right to be emotional and to make emotional to voters. The opposition parties should not make hue and cry over Rahul Gandhi's emotional speeches. Because election has not been over . Other parties' leaders have enough time to deliver emotional speeches. They should not waste time in Rahul Gandhi's criticism. Instead they should thik something concrete. The Congress General Secretary has just followed the old healthy tradition of Indian politics. Rahul Gandhi should be praised that he has gained political maturity. Instead of being critics the opposition parties should invest their energy in how to lower the effect of Rahul Gandhi's emotional speeches. They should make some concrete plan in this regard. According to humor- Satire reporter the opposition parties have made some special and unique plan to counter the Rahul Gandhi's effect. For example, all parties have decided that in the forthcoming parliamentary election they will not raise the emotional issue like caste and religion. Instead they would contest election on the issue of development. Actually, the opposition's leaders are of the view that if they will not raise the emotional issue then Rahul will be isolated in politically and voters would not vote in his party favour. The opposition leaders are of the view that Indians have become politically mature. They do not affect from emotional speeches. So it will be not right for them to raise emotional issues. According to unconfirmed report after delivering emotional speeches Rahul has been isolated within his own party. Unconfirmed report also says that some Congress leaders have termed Rahul's speeches as rubbish and they have decided to oppose such speeches. Political pundits see it as a sea change in Congress Party because fist time some party leader have said Rahul's speeches as irresponsible and illogical.

Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is not anti-Muslim. Believe it or not but it is true. This fact was revealed when he criticised the congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi for his allegedly remarks in which he had said that some youths of Muslim community were in touch of ISI during Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar communal disturbances. Modi said that Rahul Gandhi should reveal the names of such youths. "After failing do so he should publicly apolgies" he added. He also said that Rahul Gandhi should not defame the entire community. It is being said that after his criticism of Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi is being popular among Muslim community. While Rahul Gandhi's popularity graph is being down. According humor- satire reporter after this BJP seems assure about its victory in forthcoming parliamentary election. Party think tanks are of the view Muslim would now forget about Gujarat's riot. The party also thinks that BJP would alone bring two third majority in coming election, while Congress would receive humiliating defeat in the election. Congress seems in damage control mode after this episode. According to an unconfirmed report, a high level meeting held at the Congress president Soniya Gandhi's residence to access the damage from Rahul Gandhi's statement. In the meeting, it was decided that all efforts will be done to woo the voters of Muslim community. According to humor-satire reporter some leaders of Congress Party have been given task to recite secularism mantra. The party has advised to its leaders to recite the mantra of Batla house encounter also.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Narendra Modi And United States (US)

My home has changed into battle field. My wife has finally decided to divorce me. All high level talks have been failed in finding the solution. Although the matter of dispute is simple. I am against of modi and the BJP. While my wife is a great fane of Gujrat chief minister Narendra Modi. She is of the view that after becoming PM, Modi will ensure all round development of the country. She is also of the view that he can only construct a grand temple at Ayodhya. While i think that if he would become PM then communal voilence may erupt in the country and social fabric may destroy. I am also of the view that Narendra Modi may pose a threat to secularism. He may impose ban on reciting of secularism, a favourite mantra of so-called secularists. After a lot of discussion, no settlement was reched. All high level talks failed even obama intervention has been meaningless . US president Obama has expressed fear that if the issue was not settle of my family, then peace and stability of south Asia may be affected. So, he has sent a special envoy to India to discuss the matter. He also said that he is considering about military action. In the meantime foreign affiar minister in a statement said that dispute of a Indian family is a internal matter of India and no third party intervention will be accepted. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also expressed worry over the taking interest of US in a family dispute of India. He said that he would personally raise the issue with the President Obama. He said that such act of US would affect the relations between the two countries. The prime minister Manmohan Singh has hoped that finally matter will be solved amicably. Russia has condemned the US intervention in an Indian family dispute. Russia has said that US wants to serve its narrow interest. Leaders of the world community have condemned the US and have demanded that the special session of United Nation be convened to discuss the issue.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Unnao Gold Hunt

Hunt of gold in Unnao's Daundia Khera village is on , an ASI team is working over time to recover 1000-tone gold believed to be buried under the earth . Experts are saying that after gold recovery, India, would overcome from its present economic crisis and it would boost the world economy also. It is being said that the dream of seer may true any time and the country may become rich any moment. In the mean time, the opposition parties have demanded that the prime minister should immediately cancell his foreign trip and he should go to Unnao district's village. Thanks to seer dream for making the Unnao a centre of world attraction. His dream has left a mesmerizing effect on people. As a result, They are only talking about gold recovery. It is also a power of dream that ASI compell to start a hunt for gold. It was now proved that the dream changes into reality. Dream has power of creation. One should now expect that Destiny is going to change of the Indians. Dreams of such saints have been always valuable in the past. But after the spread of the scientific thoughts, such dreams were being underestimated. But after the present hunt, a new phase seems to be started. And it is being said that the countrymen will be guided by saints' dreams instead of scientific thoughts. Experts are also of the view that the PM should not delay in convening a high lavel meeting. In the mean time, America has said that it will highly obalize if seer was sent to US on the request of the president Obama. According to an unconfirmed news report, the president Obama has said that if the saint was not sent to US then he may consider military option against India. A delegation of so-called intellectuals met the chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and urged the chief minister to honour the seer for his dream.The government of India should also announce to give Bharat Ratna to seer for his contribution. Besides ASI team should also be honoured. Prime Minister Manmon Singh should cancel his China's tour and he should go to Unnao to give necessary directions to officers of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). News channels should make arrangement of 24 hours live telecast to show the world of the real achievements of the country. Achievements of Unnao hunt will bring some special fame for the country. Such dream should be promoted In the country, because this will accelerate the development and will ensure investment in the country. It also shows that the India of 21st century is on right path. Hunt also shows that the importance of scientic thoughts are being given in the country.

Friday, October 18, 2013

US Intervention In Sriya

The possiblity of US military intervention in Sriya has increased. White house spokesperson in a regular press briefing made it clear that US can not tolerate family dispute in Syria. The spokesperson further said that the present Syrian government is not taking any interest in solving the family dispute of a Syrian family, so the change of regime has become necessary in the Syria. He also said that in light of it, the US intervention seems inevitable. He further said that US can not go back from its international commitment to take all possible measures to make the world secure to live. So United State America has every right to intervene in internal matter of any country. Experts are of the view that with US intervention world may divide into two poles and world war may erupt. Experts say that only a fresh war can help United States America to overcome from its present economic crisis. However some experts differ from previous views and say that the US intervention will ensure development in Syria. Russia has condemned the US intention in context of Sriya. Russia has said that US intervension will enhance a fresh round of conflict, which will be not in interest of people of Syria. Several other nations have also condemned the US intervention and demanded that the special session of United Nation be convened to discuss the issue. India has also expressed strong objections over possible US intervention in Syria and said that such act may enhance arm race in the world. India has also said that dream to make the world free from wepons of mass destruction will be not fulfilled if US doesn't leave such unnecessary intervention.

Privatization Of The Air India

The government is fearful that with the privatization of Air India, a power full earthquake may occur in Indian subcontinet and heavy causalities may reported in the entire India. While few others who are not agree with the government view say that with the privatization of Air India, super cyclone may take into grip to the entire India. As a result of heavy causalities may be reported from all parts of the country. So There is no need of privatization of Air India. The country can not bear such devastating result. Ajit Singh further said that privatization of Air India would not be in national interest, so the government can't take this unpopular decision. Keeping in all views in mind, the Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh assured the nation that the government is not willing to privatize Air India and it is ready to bear the loss of 11-core per day. Detailing reason why is the government not willing to privatize Air India, he said that from the privatizationit, the dream of several leaders to be PM may end. He said that with the privatization the opposition parties may polarize in national interest and third front may be reality. Besides, The left parties may see conspiracy of United State America in privatization. The opposition parties do not accept that Air India's per day loss is 11- core. So they may create propaganda against the government and may use it for their political benifit. He said that The Air India is not putting any additional burden on Indian economy. So there is no need of privatization. However, he made it clear that it doesn't mean the government is working under any presure. Citing example, he said that despite all round pressure on the government to take bold decision to overcome from the present economic crisis, the government remained silent and did not move a step forward in this direction. Ajit Singh said that the government is not in favoure of its privatization, because from it, the poor would not be able in treveling planes , which they often use in their journey.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal Will Be King Maker

Aam Aadmi national president Arvind Kejriwal claimed that only he can bring sea change in Indian poltics. He further said that he came into politics to root out corruption from India. After showing him as a king Maker and getting 15-16 seats in Delhi Assembly Election in AC Nelson-ABP news poll survey, he said that survey could not present real figure of his party win. He claimed that his party would get two-third sests in coming Delhi assembly election. According to Humor Satire principle coresspondent, who recenty met him ,Shri Kejriwal seemed happy. There was a type of celebration in his party also. Soon after Nelson poll survey report, he presided over a high level meeting and gave necessary directions to the party office-bearers. He said to the partymen to work to make his dream true of becoming the chief minister of Delhi. He said that after becoming the chief minister he will go to veteran social activist Anna Hazare to seek his blessing. He said that he will appeal to Anna Hazare to reconsider his earlier decision of not joining poltics. Shri Kejari said that Anna Hazzare is and will be his politcal guru despite his reservation to form a political party to fight against corruption.According to an unconfirmed report he praised Indian political leaders and said that during his campaign against corruption, he realized that without joining poltics, he could not serve the nation and root out corruption from the country.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar's Retirement

There was mix response over news of Sachin Tendulakar's retirement. Some celebrated on his announcement while some felt like losing beloved one. Just after his announcement about his own retirement, A group of young cricket players met the master blaster at his residence and congratulated him for his decision to say bye-bye to cricket . The delegation also praised his contribution in cricket and said that in the interest of cricket, Sachin took this decision. Young cricketers hoped that other senior players will follow the path of this great player and they would also show extraordinary courage in announcing their retirement on time. Young players said that Sachin will be inspring them in future. Describing him perfect batsmen the delegation urged the master blaster to inspire other players for retirement so that long pending jam be cleared and young talented players may get entry. The members of delegation also expressed their desire to form a organization to work to provide entry in Indian team to young players. The delegation also urged the master blaster to lead the organisation. According to an unconfirmed report Master Blaster gave his consent to led the organization.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Moily's Metro Journey

Union Petroleum Minister Veerappa Moily has dicovered a new and unique way to lower the price of petroleum products. After deep research he found that his metro journey may reduce the price of petroleum products to great extent. So Petroleum Minister reached his office by Metro. He traveled in metro like a common man. During his metro journey 3-4 security personals were present to gauard him. After his journey, the price of petroleum products came down. Mumbai stock exchange also shown positive trend. A surge in stock market was also seen. Foreign investers shown their faith in Indian economy and invested huge amount in share market. Experts are of the view that the country would overcome from the present economic crisis. Experts also hopped that Indian economy would perform better in comming days. Impact of his journey was also seen in political circle. The main opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) called an emergency meeting to consider the impact of Moily's metro journey. Addressing the members BJP primeministeral candidate Narendra Modi said that Moily's metro Journey may become main hurdle in party's victory. He said the partymen to raise more sentimental issues to lowered Moily's impact. The party like Janta Dal United ( JDU) and Samajwadi Party ( SP ) also convened meetings to their respective head quarters. Speaking on the occasion leaders expressed concern on Moily's journey and said that if immediate steps were not taken to stop the growing popularity of Moily's journey, then day dreaming of of these leaders to form the third front government and become the PM would end. After the Moily's successful journey, There was celebration in Congress camp. The party leaders' were in jolly mood. As The party received all round applause from the people. The party is of the view that after Moili success, the opposition would not be able to attack the government for poor performance of the economy. Now the opposition seems on the back foot while the ruling party on front foot. The congress president Soniya Gandhi and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh congratulated the Moily for his unique idea. The party also said that he would be honoured by the party by giving more important ministerial birth. The Congress leaders are enthusiastic that they can show it as their main achievements. Experts are of the view that Moily's metro journey would leave a long lasting effect. It may change the political scenario. It may change vote equation. It may change the voting pattern. It may be possible that people do not vote on caste line. They may not divide on religion basis. They may not be affected from sentimental issues. In the mean time, Veerappa Moily has appealed the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, The Congress Vice President Soniya Gandhi and Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi to participate in metro journey with him to reduce the inconvenience of commuters and to further lower the price of Petroleum products. He also invited U S President Obama to travel in Delhi Metro.

Impact Of Cyclone Phailin

Cyclone Phailin has left great impact in India, Specially in southern state Andhra Pradesh. As a result of cyclone striking employes have to return to their works. Leaders have to stop their protests to great extent. It has hijacked Telegana issues for a few days. People are only talking about deadly cyclone. There is celebration in Congress party, which was facing tough opposition over the government decision to divide the state. There was tough oposition within the party. Its party leaders from Andhra Pradesh were in mood of revolt. On the other hand pro -Telengana supporters were mounting pressure on the government to implement the decision of partition. But thanks to Phailin for providing relief to the government from present mess and for diverting attention of the people from Telegana issue. The central government may take now sigh of relief. The government may get time to consider its strategy. It may think partition impact of the Congress Party's performance in the forthcoming parliamentary election. The Congress welcomed the arrival of cyclone Phailin and said that such cyclone should come at regular interval to save the government. Cyclone also improved the performance of the government. The government worked on war footing for evacuating the people from low line areas. As a result the first time minimum casualties were reported from the deadly cyclone. Once again thanks to cyclone Phailin to providing rare opportunities to the government to prove its ability. Cyclone Phailin provided double benifit to the government. Now the strategist of the government sitting from AC rooms can access the ground reality and people's feedback of Andhra Pradesh, from their computer sets.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Narendra Modi As A PM

The possibility to become priminister of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is extremly high, because he is acceptable in all sections of society. There is no dispute over his candidature. Veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani has accepted his leadership wholeheartedly. He has no objection over his name as a PM. Advani is not feeling humiliated in the party. The BJP elected Modi as a leader because he is acceptable in all sections of society. He is ability to form post poll aliance of regional parties. He has ability to lead a government keeping in mind the aspirations of regional parties as well as people. He may become next prime minister of India because this time voters would show a new trend and they would not vote on casteline. His possiblity to become PM is high because BJP is going to win a record number of seat in UP and Bihar. His possiblity to become PM is high because his party is going to better performe In southern states. His possiblity to become PM is high because Muslims are also going to vote in the party's favour. He is going to be prime minister because his popularity is like former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpai. He is going to become PM, because his development mantra will work wonder. He would be next Prime Minister because people would justify his Gujrat Model of development by voting BJP. He will be next prime minister because he will be successful in raising the sentimental issues.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Art Of Living

Making life complicated is key to lead a successful life. Keep yourself so busy that you could not get time for yourself. Become impatient always for gathering things. Alwasy be satisfied from life. Never take responsibility and blame others for mishappenings. Do not give time for your children and wife. Do not follow ethical norms in life. Think it out of dated. Spend more and more time out side home. Become practicener lier to make rhythm between mind and body. Do not create healthy atmosphere at home. Fight with wife and beat the children. Give utmost importance to your ego. Never compromise over it. Show your supremacy by praising yourself. Always underestimate others. Do not value healthy traditions. Develop habits like gambling. Become opportunistic and cheat the innocent people after getting chances. Create tense situation wherever go. Adop double standard in life. Interrupt in the middle of two persons' talks. Give importance to money above all things. Consider it as a god. Do moral or immoral to gather it. Become addict of wine or smoking. If be possible try to be chain smoker. Develop illicit relation with others women. Oppose required restrictions. Do not respect elders. Break the social norms. Mock the poor conditions of the people. By adopting these things you can make your life happy and prosperous.

Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Parliamentary Election

Forthcoming parliamentary election is near the corner. Hectic poll preparition are on in political cercile. Workers are being trained to tell the lie in professional manner. They are being said to beat the drums of the governmet achievements. They are being said to tell the benifit of price rise. They are being said to tell the voters, how the country benefitted from the government inaction. They are being said to tell the benifit of Pakistani and Chinese misadventure. They are being said to tell the the advantage of poor performance of the country's economy. They are being said to tell the disadvantage of lokpal. They are being said to tell the advantages of attending big rally. They are being said to tell the benifit of road jam. They are being said tell the benifit of disrupting the proceedings of parliament. They are being said to tell the benifit of communal disturbance. They are being said to tell the value of caste equation. They are being said to tell the benifit of high crime graph. They are being said to make derogatory remarks against the opposition's party lesder. Use objectionable words as much as possible. Besides, Expert advise is being sought to fool the voters. Power point present is being given by some enthusiastic party workers, claiming party's win in the election. As Netaji is not ready to heard the word of party defeat in the election. So rosy picture is being presented by the partymen. The purpose is to cool the mind of the party chief. All means are being adopted to Instigate voters. Caste equaction is being made. Preparations are being made to instigate the voters. Sentimental issues are being raised. All efforts are being made to polarize the vote. Criminals are being said to to be ready to terrify the voters.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Relevance Of Mahatma Gandhi

A question always strikes in my mind, is Gandhiji relevant in today's world?. The answer is yes, people are running their shops on his name. His followers are rich enough. Their standard of living is high in society. They get respect everywhere in society. They deliver lectures in seminars. They get funds on his name and use it for their self development. There is nothing unethical in it. Because the life of the father of nation was dedicated for others. If his name provides livelihoods for a handful people, then it should not be a matter of dispute. Talent is worshiped everywhere. Those people who take advantage on his name are really talented. Otherwise everyone changes his Destiny on his name, but it is not seen. I was also a true follower of Gandhi ji. And despite being his follower i could not be a successful in life while my friends who are said to be his followers are ministers. They recite his mantras on every occasion, especially on 2 October. They remember his contribution in Indian national movement and social reforms. While I hardly get time to remember him. Because I am facing hardship in earning livelihoods. I will thank Gandhiji for providing employment for many people. I remember him on 2 October but with sad mind. Because i am not invited to deliver lecture on his live and contribution. I have many things to narrate about him. Despite being his true follower i lagged behind in life. In school days, i could not pass exam, because i followed his principle of truthfulness and did not adopt unfair means to pass the exam. The question still remains to be answered. What was my fault. I will be not selfish. I will not ask such questions. But i will like to say, Gandhi will be happy to see wealth of our leaders. Ghandhiji will be happy to see the growing numbers of poor. Gandhiji will be happy to see the tainted ministers and criminal back ground MPs. Gandhiji will be happy to see the incidents of rapes and loots. Gandhiji will be happy to see the discrimination with women. Gandhiji will be happy to see the farmers' sucuide. Gandhiji will be happy to see the skyrocketing price of essential commoddities.Gandhi ji will be happy to see the role of so-called intellectuals in society.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

World Smile Day

There is a reason to celebrate smile day today , because the world has become safer place to reside. There is a peace and stability everywhere in the world.The world order is based on equality and justice. The incidents of rapes and killings are rarely happening in this world. One may see smile on the faces of everyone. Senior citizen have reason to smile because they get are respect by their sons and daughter. They are not badly treated. They have not become burden on them. The poor are reason to smile because they are easily fulfilling their basic needs. They are not spending their lives in hardship. The farmers have reason to smile because the farming has become profitable. There is no ban on their committing sucide. Indians have reason to smile because the country's economy is doing well. There is no economic crisis in India. The value of Indian rupees is satisfactory. The country has not affected from global slowdown. The prices of essential commodities are not skyrocketing. The congress has reason to smile because PM Manmohan Singh has returned home with new nickname. The women have reason to smile because gender discrimination is not in practice in society. Girls have reason to smile because they are not being forced to marry in teen age. BJP has reason to smile because Narendra Modi is being accepted by all sections of society. Gujarat chief minister has reason to smile because The BJP has surrendered before him and Iron man of the party has been sidelined.

Manmohan As A Rural Woman

Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh returned home from US with new nickname. He was honoured by Pak Prime Minister for continuing talks amid firing and terrorist attacks. People can understand why Indian prime minister was so enthusiastic to meet Sharrif in America. Before departuring US he had said that a hadfull terrorist can not decide the future of two countries. He was hopeful about positive talks with Sharrif. Dr. Singh could double his efforts so he was honoured. Both leaders met in US and discussed bilateral issue. Later praising Dr. Singh Sharrif termed him as a rural women. Although political pandit termed it as a setback to peace process and Dr. Singh's reputation. But they forget positivity of talks. Once again the Indian leadership has expressed his commitment towards peace process and said that peace process will continue amid increasing terrorist attacks. UPA government advised people to learn positivity from Dr singh. The government further said that Indians will have to develop art of positive thinking. Generally people keep negative thought regarding Pakistan. They do not forget their enmity with the neighbour country. While Pakistan always wants good relation with India. Dr. Manmohan Singh is numbered as a world famous intellectual. He does extraordinary in contradictory situation. He does not mind killing of Indian soldiers. And keeps hope of positive outcome from talks. His hope has been strenthend after meeting with Sharrif. People should believe in Dr. Singh's efforts. Because he has returned home with new nickname. Pakistan is creating conducive atmosphere for talks by exporting terrorism more aggressively. It has intensified firring on Indian post. Bombs were being be exploded by Pak sponsored terrorists in India, as a part of confidence building measure. Pakistan is working over night to create positive environment to peace process. Training should be imparted to countrymen so that they take killing of innocent people by terrorist as a routine activities and they do not make it as a prestige issue.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shatru Sinha Sympathises With Lalu

Making statement against the party line is necessary for good digestion : Shatrughan

RJD Supporters Break Down, Cry

An RJD supporter met the head of the party's ticket distributor committee and expressed his desire to contest coming parliamentary election on RJD ticket. The head asked to tell his eligibility to get the party ticket. The supporter replied : Sir hearing the court judgment against the RJD chief, he had cried more than any party leader.