Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to build equal society

To bring equality in society equal right should be provided to all citizen. Without it, a hormonious society can not be built. For examle, in our  country,  there is no equal right to  all citizen . Because there is no equal right of loot here . On a simple incient of loot hue and cry is made but in big loot pol e are seen ineffective . This  attiude  sends negative singles among youths. As a result young talanent does not get enough inspiration from present system.  In a developed society no right of people is curtailed.  The government provides right to be corroupt to its all citizen. A protest march was taken out by a group of people in all part of the country, demanding equal right to all. Expert also feel that without providing
 right to all the country can not be made a developed nation in absence of equal right, making an ideal society will be distant dream. Without equal right the potential of the country can be used. Experts also say that it is not in the larger interest of country to keep deprived  people from such right. Experts also advise pepole not to be idiolistic type of person and be practical in achieving the goal. Because in today's world your sucess is counted with your result not with your value based life style. Exprtys also predict that idealistic type of person would soon lose their existence from this earth.
They also say that some peoole are creating unnessary disturbances by raising question of morality. People are being united for their right..
.They know that their rights are being curtailed by the state. They are of the view that polical leaders are trying to divert them from their  right of loot. People say that they would dethrown them. They say that they would vote in favour of those leaders who would promise to provide  them
right to loot . Experts are of the view that the world can be made equal through corruption. They also say that there is no inportance of of moral value in todas world.  Morality is mantra of falure peoole. Sucessfull people do not talk of morality .Jobless talk about morality. They raise the question of equality.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modi turn down CM Nitish's invite to discuss the crisis

Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi turn down CM Nitish's invite to discuss the crisis- Dost dost na raha pyar pyar na raha.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We force Advaniji to guide us

1. We force Advaniji to guide us- BJP Leaders 2. He can not resign
from his post because he is our senior most leader.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BJP without Advani is unthinkable

BJP without Advani is unthinkable: Shatrughan Sinha- And Bihar BJP without me.

Advani rattles Modi's BJP

Advani rattles BJP-By superb straight drive. NDA is on ventillator-Surprisingly after fast recovery of Advani's health.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Learn from Indian leaders

The world can learn many things from Indian leaders. One can learn observing bandh and protest march. Indian leaders have power to force the shopkeepers to shut down their shops. They have capabilities to paralyzed normal life through staging dharana and protest march. Indian leaders do not mind inconvenience of Senior citizen and sick person. Their protest march is more necessary than getting treatment of a sick person. The administration remains mute during demonstration and bandh. Every political party has power to show its strength by organizing a grand rally in the state capital or national capital. Even ruling party can show its strength through state sponsored bandh. Political leaders do not mind financial loss of the state. People around the world may mesmerize to see the strength of the political parties and their leaders. Indian parliamentarians are able in stopping the functioning of parliament. They have power of slogan shouting in the house. They can throw chairs and mikes to each other. Even they can ignore the repeated requests of speaker. They can walkout from the house as per their desires. They can ignore the popular demand of strong lokpal. They can remain on their posts, despite having serious allegation against them. Morality can not force them to resign from their posts. They can become super rich in short span of time, after becoming MLAs or Mps. They are able in winning the election, despite serious allegation against them. An American parliamentarian after watching the functioning of parliament said "in India parliamentarians have great power. No doubt they are talented. They use their full capacity. They do not seat in the house like statute. They actively participate in the proceedings. They throw chairs and mikes on each other for better result. They are perfect role model for the rest of the world." American parliamentarian further said that he also wanted such system In America. I would bring a legislation in American parliament and would meet to president Obama to discuss on the issue.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nitish should resign

Nitish should resign, opines Lalu -Because whenever his party candidate received defeat in his tenure in a by-election he did not delay in resigning.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Learn Pressure handling from N Srinivasan

In sports arena Mr. N Srinivasan has emerged as a hero. He is going to create history for reaming on his post for a long period. All bowlers had been failed in leaving any impact on him. All strategies had been proved ineffective. The concern might be seen on bowlers faces. The entire nation was worried. Everyone wanted his retirement from the post of BCCI chief. But BCCI chief was remained unaffected. People were bored with his batting. Because he was not contributing in total score. People were shouting slogan against him. They were also hooting. BCCI chief and Indian captain were fully unaffected from the happenings. There was no pressure on the faces of both great men. Contrary to it, there was satisfaction on their faces. They were seen boosting the moral of Indian cricket lovers, saying that Fixing had not harmed Indian cricket any way. So Do not be worry just take it easy and enjoy the game. No doubt Indians were not happy with BCCI chief because he had declined to resign from his post on moral ground. But people forgot the qualities of BCCI chief. He has mastery in pressure handling. All round pressure was being mounted on him to resign. Many articles were written in News papers advising him to resign. Allegations were labelled on him and it was being said that morality had not remained in him. Despite all round pressure, this brave man remained on his post showing that Morality is only illusion. It is imagination of the people. In the meantime Rajiv Shukla could not bear the pressure and he was bold out on a fine delivery. In my view, instead of searching fault in BCCI chief. We should try to learn something from him. One can learn pressure handling from him. He should be invited at all premier institutes of the country to deliver lecture on pressure handling. No doubt in coming days people would recognize his talent. Young India can learn so many things from him.By following his footprints one can be successful in his life. Thanks to match fixing Thank to Sreesanth. from

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Should Srinivasan resign

Should Srinivasan resign as a BCCI chief- No, He should create history.

Kejriwal readies for his first political test

Kejriwal readies for his first political test- The journey from Aam Aadmi to khas Aadmi.

Fake drugs unit raided

Fake drugs unit raided, two held in capital- It shows that Bihar government is not in support of industrialization.

China, India, Pakistan still in nuclear race

China, India, Pakistan still in nuclear stockpile race- Three of the world's nuclear powers want to make world Beautiful

Monday, June 3, 2013

We will root out Naxals

We will fight and root out Naxals from Bastar - 1. But we are waiting such more attacks 2. From Raman Singh


A Tsunami may hit your family this week. The epicenter of it, would be your home.You may be in doldrums. As your wife is making plan to leave you and marrying with her boy friend. Do not worry. Remember there is nothing permanent in this world. Every thing is mortal. If your wife want to live you just do her. Forget her   seven vachan ( both had recited at the time of marriage). Take life easy and allow to pass off these events peacefully.  It is time of  liberation. You may liberate from washing her clothes. From cooking delicious food for her. And from spending three fourth salary on her branded clothes. on her  party . On her cosmetics.  You can be free from all responsibilities. You may be out from slowdown. Do not suppress her will . Be grateful that  Due to her your ignorance was disappeared. Try to forget all bad experiences through imagination.  Imagine that a dream girl would come in your life and She would fill you with happiness.and she would live permanently. She would not forced you to wash her cloth. To cook food for her.
Do it with full concentration  Believing that imagination has power and imagination change into reality.