Thursday, November 28, 2013

Digvijay Singh As A psephologist

Well-known psephologist and political thinker Digvijay Singh has predicted that the Congress would return in power with thumping victory in Madhy Pradesh ( MP) election. Mr. Singh who appears in different roles from time to time also predicted that the ruling BJP would be left far behind in the election. He also said that BJP would get 85-90 seats in the election. Mr Singh said that the BJP would lose election because it could not address the people' issue effectively. He said that the defeat would be a result of the government failure on all fronts. He said that people of MP want to be liberate from the misrule of the present government. He also said that so-called good governance of the present regime is only delusion. It is noted here Mr. Singh is also a well-known astrologer whose predictions have been almost true till the date. He has also immense power to entertain people through his remarks. He has good sense of humor. He remarks are taken with seriousness among political class, because he makes statement after considering all aspects. A lot of research works seems in his statement. His remarks are seen based on facts. No contradiction is seen in his remarks like other politicians. His statements often become breaking news. He has also capacity to rewrite history like BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi. Uniqueness is also seen in his statements. Reacting Mr. Singh' prediction the BJP said that Mr. Singh seems the Congress spokesperson and his image of non-political person has been distorted from his latest prediction. The party further said that his recent predictions would tarnish his image as non-political person and people would see him as a political person.

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