Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rahul Gandhi Married With His Girlfriend

New Delhi- In a simple ceremony, Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi married with his ex-girlfriend in New Delhi. He was said to be in love with her for few seconds. According to eyewitness both were seen 3-second before in Chandani Choak- area buying dresses for their kids. The girl was also stated to be first love of Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi. It is also being said that Rahul was often seen with his girlfriend watching movies. It is also said that it was Rahul's first sight love. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, Delhi chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev attended the marriage ceremony. While her mother Congress president Sonia Gandhi boycotted the marriage ceremony because she was reportedly against the Marriage. According to an unconfirmed report after the news of Rahul Gandhi marriage, Sonia Gandhi convened an emergency meeting at her residence10 Janpath. In the meeting the party declared Priyanka Gandhi as its PM candidate for forthcoming parliamentary election. The Congress Party also announced that Priyanka Gandhi would contest election from Amethi in place of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul's aunt and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi was present on the occasion for blessing the newly married couple. According to humor satire news despite invitation of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi no Congress men attended the marriage ceremony, fearing disciplinary action against him. The Congress party had issued a whip to its partymen to not attend the marriage ceremony. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh also avoided the marriage ceremony fearing disciplinary action against him. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was exception of it. Despite stern warning by Congress president Sonia Gandhi to not attend the marriage cremony, he attended the marriage ceremony. The Congress party has issued show cause notice to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev saying that why not action should be taken against him. The party has said to Yoga Guru to explain his position over this issue within 100 years. According to outsider Yoga Guru Baba would probably say that he attended the marriage ceremony due his close relation with Rahul Gandhi. There is also conflicting report about the anger of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. According one view, she was against the Marriage because bride was stated to be daughter of a Aam Party office bearer so she was sensing a high level conspiracy in the Marriage. The second reason of Rahul's mother anger was that the girl was extremely beautiful and intelligent and Congress President did not want that Rahul Gandhi Married with intelligent girl. Congress president believed that Congress vice-president might divert from his real attention and would not get time for election campaigning due to her love. And the party might suffer a lot in upcoming election. According to outsider of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi decided to marry with the girl on advise of Dentsu India, a Japanese advertising and public relations company, and Burson Marsteller another PR firm. Dentsu India and Burson Marsteller had advised the Congress vice-president that marriage with the girl of Aam Aadmi party man would boost his image. PR firms have advised Rahul Gandhi to campaign with his wife in 2014 parliamentary election so that she might attract votes of Aam Aadmi. In a sharp reaction before the marriage, Congress Party termed the Marriage of Congress vice-president as a politically motivated step. The party released a statement over this issue and said that Rahul Gandhi would not be politically benefited from this step. The opposition parties cutting across party line welcomed the Rahul Gandhi's Marriage and said that Rahul and his party would be hugely benefited in forthcoming parliamentary election due his marriage. ( The writer is known for daydreaming)

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