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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Modi Resigned From All Party Post

BJP priministerial candidate Narendra Modi resigned from all party posts today, alleging that he had been sidelined by the the party for a few months. Talking to reporters in Varanasi he blamed that some party leaders were trying to run the party like their own private company as a result he was not feeling comfortable in the party. Mr. Modi also expressed unhappiness over declaring him the party's PM candidate. He said that before declaring him the party candidate for PM post he was not consulted. Gujarat strongman also said that in a democratic India, the state or the party could not force a person to choose a particular career and in his case this rule was fully violated. He also demanded compensation from the party for violating his fundamental right by choosing him for the top post of the country. Narendra Modi demanded that the party should apologise from him for declaring him the prime ministerial candidate without his consent. He also charged that in BJP there was no internal democracy and some younger generation leaders had dominance in decision making of the party. The BJP heavyweight also said that senior leaders like L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi were not getting due respect in the party and they were feeling suffocated in the party. He also said that seniority and experience were not taken into account before declaring the name of PM candidate of the party. The BJP leader Modi also said that he could not tolerate the negligence of senior leaders in the party. Narendra Modi also blamed that the party was taking over time work from him while many leaders of the party were spending time without work. Narendra Modi also said that if his issues were not fully addressed by the party then he would start indefinite hunger strike before the party headquarter in national capital. In the mean time Human Right commission has taken suo moto notice of the situation and has issued a show cause notice to BJP president Raj Nath Singh stating that why is Mr. Modi being neglected by the party. By Badbolan Guru.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Modi Termed Kejriwal As The Best Novelist

Bhartiya Janta Party ( BJP) PM candidate Narendra Modi termed Aam Aadmi party president Arvind Kejriwal as the best novelist of the country. Releasing Kejriwal's new novel in holly city Varanasi Mr. Modi said that Arvind Kejriwal had enriched Indian literature with his world famous novels. He also said that if BJP came to power after the election, Kejriwal would be given Novel peace prize by the government for his contribution in Indian literature. Mr. Modi claimed that his party first recognised Kejriwal's contribution in Indian literature and decided to promote his new novel by inviting him to contest election against him. Mr. Modi also informed that his government would also facilitate Kejriwal with Bharat Ratna after coming to power. The BJP PM-in waiting said that Kejriwal was the most suitable person for Bharat Ratna because he had highlighted the name of the country through his novels. He also praised Kejriwal's, for his innovative way of book promotion by becoming a politician. Gujarat chief minister said that Kejriwal knew the importance of book promotion and chose poltics to reach mass readers. Throwing light on his new novel Mr. Modi said that Kejriwal's new novel would eliminate poverty and root out corruption from Indian soil. He also said that his novel would also teach how to stage dharna. Describing Kejriwal as ambitious person Modi said that Arvind Kejriwal's resignation from Delhi chief minister shown that he is fully dedicated towards Indian literature. Gujarat strongman also said that veteran social activist Anna Hazare had advised Arvind Kejriwal to not join poltics because he knew that his area of interest was literature not poltics. Narendra Modi also said that he had immense quality to mesmerize people through his interesting way of story telling. Gujarat Chief minister also said that Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP) leader had mastery in narrating interesting story. Gujarat strongman admitted that in narrating story he is similar to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal. He also said that Mr. Kejriwal would leave far behind Chetan Bhagt in popularity.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Several Trees Uprooted In Modi Wave In Country

The Aam Aadmi party chief Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that several trees of AAP leaders and their supporters were uprooted in modi wave. He also said that in a powerful Modi wave many houses of AAP leaders and their supporters were also collapsed in the country. The AAP leader also said that due to Modi wave several party leaders were injured and many became homeless. He also said that maximum casualties were reported from temple city Varanasi from where Modi has decided to contest election. Mr. Kejriwal said that in his Varanasi rally he would access the damage caused by Modi wave and would inform the people about upcoming casualties from Modi wave. Mr. Kejriwal also said assured his party leaders an supporters that if his government came to power he would construct the houses which were uprooted in Modi wave. He also promised that he would ensure plantation of uprooted trees after coming to power. In the mean time AAP supporters staged dharna against the Modi wave and said that they would launch a countrywide agitation to stop the Modi wave. Agitators also demanded compensation for those who have lost their trees and homes in Modi wave. They also warned that if the government failed to take action against Modi and his wave then they would intensify their agitation to force the government to take action. According to Humor Satire reporter Badbolan Guru an FIR has also been lodged against the Bhartiya Janta Party PM candidate Narendra Modi stating that due to his wave several party men in the country have become homeless and they are spending life in shelter houses. The leaders of other political parties also blamed that Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi is harassing the opposition leaders through his wave. RJD leaders Lalu Prasad Yadav said that the homes of his many supporters were collapsed and trees were uprooted in Modi wave. The Congress leader Digvijay Singh informed that a meeting of non-BJP leaders will be convened in the country to make strategy to stop Modi wave in the country. In the mean time Meteorological Department has predicted more Modi wave till the next one month and advised non-BJP leaders and their supporters to not take part in election campaigning till one month. (This fake story is based on imagination. )

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salman Khurshid Calls Modi Impotent

Whenever election campaign gets momentum political leaders become cautious about their remarks. They use democratic words to send positive signals among voters. They mind every word before speaking. They do enough research work on what they have to say. Apart from it, they motivate people towards positive lifestyle. After much research, Union Minister Salman Khurshid made a statement about Bhartiya Janta Party PM candidate Narendra Modi, saying him impotent. In an election rally in Farrukhabad he showered praises on Narendra Modi and termed him impotent. During his praise he forgot that his party Congress may take disciplinary action against him for his praise. Experts also expressed their opinions over his remark and said that his praise to Modi proves that he works above party line in national interest and he can sacrifice his self-interest for larger interest of the country. Initially it was not clear that this is his personal research or other party' leaders also took part in his research work. But later Congress spokesperson termed his impotent remark based on Salman Khurshid's personal research and indicated that action against him may be taken for publicly praising Modi by saying him impotent. In the mean time Salman Khurshid said that he reached to conclusion that Modi is impotent after deep research . Talking about importance of word impotent Salman Khurshid said that word impotent brings development wherever and whenever it is used or. He said that development of Gujarat is not because of Narendra Modi and said that Gujarat chief minister did nothing for development of Gujarat. He also claimed that Gujarat received development because Modi is impotent. He also claimed that only highly intellectuals like him can do such research. He also said that he reached to conclusion that Modi is impotent after deep research . But instead of inviting applause for him, his research works brought criticism from all corners. The external affair minister was widely criticised by the BJP's leaders. The external affair minister Salman Khurshid also said that his criticism for his new revelation shows that people are not showing interest about innovative ideas. He also said that due to lack of interest towards new researches, the country has left far behind in development. Salman Khurshid said that he had worked hard and spent a lot of money in conducting research on Modi. He also expressed surprise over the responses of intellectual class and said that even intellectual class didn't recognize the importance of his new research and preferred to be silent on his criticism. Congress MP from Andhra Pradesh who used pepper spray in Parliament has congratulated Salman Khurshid for his unique research. He also said that members of parliament and member of legislative council would motivate to conduct similar research. RLD MLAs who had become shirtless in UP assembly had said that remarks of the external affair minister would bring a sea change in Indian poltics. Political leaders would conduct such research in future and India would leave to China far behind in development.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal's Indefinite Hunger Strike

In a surprise move Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal along with his ministers staged dharna at
Jantar Mantar against his own government. He said that until his government has been failed to take any concrete measure for welfare of Delhi citizen. AAP workers also shouted slogans against their own government. Later talking to reporters Mr. Kejriwal said that he would start an indefinite hunger strike from Monday for forcing the AAP government to fulfill its all promises. He said that his hunger strike would continue till ending the corruption from country. Mr. Kejriwal further said that his indefinite hunger strike would continue until AAP government doesn't assure Delhi people that everything will be provided to them free of cost. He also said that his hunger strike would continue until the voters of the country do not assure him that next government would be of AAP and he would be the next prime minister of the country. AAP chief said that his hunger strike would continue until social Activist Anna Hazare doesn't decide to join the poltics. He said that his hunger strike would continue until Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi doesn't accept him next prime minister of the country and decide to campaign for him. Delhi chief minister said that his hunger strike would continue until The Congress Party doesn't announce that the Congress general secreatry Rahul Gandhi would be not projected by the party as a next prime minister. He said that his hunger strike would continue until SP chief Mulaym and BSP chief Mayawati do not leave their ambition to be prime minister of the country. In the mean time, the leaders of all parties praised the move of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to go on indefinite hunger strike and said that they are happy that Arvind Kejriwal is going to create history. They also said that they recognise the importance of Arvind Kejriwal in Indian poltics. The leaders of all party also said that Arvind Kejriwal would be their PM candidate for forthcoming parliamentary election.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Parliamentary Election 2014

In a historic move Congress general Secretary Rahul Gandhi and BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi both have decided to form a pre-poll alliance between Congress and BJP for forthcoming parliamentary election . Both leaders not only sake hand publicly but also announced to contest upcoming election together. Addressing a joint press conference at Ramlila maidan in New Delhi both leaders said that there would be two posts of PM, one for the Congress party while another for the BJP. Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Modi said that two posts of PM are necessary for good governance because it would be helpful in taking timely decision. Humor-satire reporter talking about Alliance said that both leaders held a meeting at secret place so that leaders of two parties could not sense the intention of both leaders. Even the Congress president Soniya Gandhi and BJP president Raj Nath Singh were not informed about the meeting between two leaders. Reacting about the decision of two leaders the Congress president Soniya Gandhi and BJP president Raj Nath Singh both said that they have no information about such meeting and their decision of pre-poll Alliance but if both leaders have decided to contest election together then the Congress and The BJP have no option except accepting their decision. The Congress and The BJP can't go against their wishes the spokespersons of both party said in separate statement. Humor-satire reporters who covered the election rallies after their decision to form pre-poll Alliance said that scene of the election rallies have now completly changed so that The BJP leaders are showering praises on Gandhi family while the Congress leaders are talking about merits of former Prime Minister Atalji and senior leader Advani ji. Congress leaders are also praising the BJP leaders by saying them secularists. The Congress leaders are also saying that BJP leaders have no role in demolition of Babri Mashjid and post Godhra riots. On the other hand the BJP leaders are praising the UPA government as a highly successful. The BJP also praised the Congress led government for taking a bold and timely decision to bring back the country's economy on the track. The BJP also praised Manmohan Singh led government for strengthening the relation with neighbors' country. The BJP said that during the tenure of the Congress led government at centre cross-border terrorism reached to zero level and Chinese misadventure stopped. The BJP also praised the government by saying it corruption free and transparent.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Tussle Over Sardar Patel

The battle between the ruling Congress and the principle opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) over the legacy of iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel shows that the leaders of both parties have due respect towards the former veteran leader. By creating controversy over him both parties are showing him relevant in today's world. Actually both parties want to reveal some new facts about the iron man, Sardar Patel. They want to pay their true tribute to this great leader by creating controvery over him. The present tussle between the two parties are not result of an effort to woo the voters' mind in their party's favour instead both parties are making him famous. Indian politicians never tried to gain political mileage by distorting historical facts in their favour. The present controversy also shows that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi is true follower of Sardar Patel and he follows the footprints of this great leader. Leaders of the other political parties, are not far behind in showing their respect to the former leaders. It is good indication that leaders of younger generation are showing their respect towards the former leaders. It is also a good indication that leaders of younger generation are trying to follow the footprints of former leaders. Showing respect towards our ancestors, is a part of our tradition and culture. It is not an issue of debate. The leaders of various parties are also enriching their knowledge about the former leaders. They are coming out with new new facts. Actually, political leaders conduct research work about history during the election to know the voters' mind. The BJP leaders are coming out with new facts. The BJP leaders' effort to know the new facts of history, is praiseworthy. They have started a new debate in the country over the iron man of India. A great leader like Narendra Modi likes rewriting new history. Veteran BJP leader L K Advani has also revealed new truth of Indian history by saying that the first Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had once called Patel a total communalist. It is expected that in coming days when election will be near the corner, such issue would get momentum. It is also expected that not only Indian but the people of world would also be benifitted from historical knowledge of Indian leaders. It is a good news for the Indian democracy that political leaders are showing their interest in history.