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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Salman Khan's Marriage And Love Affairs

According to a news report United State America space research institute NASA would launch a satellite to know that when would Bollywood actor Salman Khan get married. Seeing the keen interest of Salman Khan fans in his marriage and love affairs NASA decided to launch a new satellite. Spokesperson of NASA in a statement also said that for the security of US there was need of research work about his marriage so US decided to launch satellite. The new satellite would be reportedly capable in knowing the Bollywood actor Salman Khan's new girlfriend. The satellite would also predict about his new love affairs. This defense satellite would keep a close watch on Bollywood actor's activities. The satellite would send three dimensional images of Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his girlfriend to its control room, which would be analysed by a group of scientists under the guidance of Loveguru. Talking to reporters in Washington about new satellite the director of NASA research centre said that satellite would be capable in penetrating his dining room as well as his bathroom. He also informed that after the launch of new satellite fans of Salman Khan might see live telecast of his romance. He also said that on the basis of satellite images the date of his marriage's prediction would be possible. According to special correspondent of Humor Satire News after the launch of new satellite by NASA Dabang Actor Salman Khan would not be able in hiding anything about his love affairs. By Badbolan Guru.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Salman Khan Married With Girlfriend

There is a report that Bollywood actor Salman Khan has married with his new girlfriend in a simple ceremony. It is also being said that in the marriage ceremony no Bollywood stars were invited. Family members of Salman Khan and his new girlfriend were also not present at the marriage. Speculations are rife about his new girlfriend and now wife. It is being said that noted Bollywood actor came in contact with his girlfriend during climbing of Everest. He was impressed with her at first glance and fell in love with her. It is also being said that his mind reminded him about his earlier statements that he is not in hurry of marriage but his heart got victory over his mind. It is also being said that his new girlfriend is a daughter of a former king of Mount Everest peak and the king was against the marriage because he didn't want that his girl marry with an unemployed youth. The king had put a condition that Salman Khan first get a job then marry. It is also being said that Salman tried hard to get a job but failed in getting. Finally he eloped the girl and married at a temple. According to Humor Satire News after spreading news of the marriage of Bollywood actor Salman Khan young girls staged dharna at their homes in almost all cities of the country. Bollywood actresses also stopped their suiting and staged dharna at sets against the marriage of Salman Khan. Young girls also took part in demonstrations at several places in the country. The girls were shouting slogan like 'we want justice'. Young girls also blocked the road and rail traffic at several places in the country against the marriage. They also boycotted their works. They also decided that they would never resumed their duties in future. It is also being said that young girls also hold a close door meeting in Mumbai. Speaking on the occasion, participants said that Bollywood actor has broken their heart by marrying a Village girl. They also sought answer from Bollywood actor Salman Khan that what were faults in them that he decided to marry with a unknown girl. They sought explanation from Bollywood actor that why was not invited them in marriage ceremony. It is also being said that Bollywood actor issued a press note and said that he would throw a party to agitating young girls after returning from honeymoon. According to Humor Satire News an FIR was lodged at a unknown police station against the Bollywood actor Salman for breaking hurt of many young girls. There is also an unconfirmed report that an arrest warrant has been issued against the Bollywood actor for his marriage. Report also suggests that Bollywood actor Salman Khan is his hiding from one place to another place along with his new wife to avoid arrest while police are conducting raids at possible hideouts to arrest the Bollywood actor. (By badbolan guru in bura na mano holi hai)