Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kejriwal's Popularity Is Skyrocketing

After letest attack on Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party claimed that now tide was turning against Modi and it was blowing in Kejriwal's favour. The party also said that a series of attacks on Kejriwal had shown that popularity of Mr. Kejriwal was skyrocketing. However the BJP is not ready to accept that a wave is blowing in Kejriwal's favour. The party also termed the attacks on Kejriwal as premeditated and sponsored of AAP. The BJP also blamed that AAP was staging such attacks on Mr. Kejriwal for growing his popularity among people. The BJP also demanded a high level probe into the matter to know the truth. The party also said that if be necessary CBI probe should be conducted into the matter. The party also said that prima facie it seemed the case of wooing voters so CBI probe was need of the hour. It is being said that Bhartiya Janta Party and the Congress are planning to hold demonstrations against the attackers of Kejriwal. Both parties expressed unhappiness over such attacks and said that a conspiracy was being hatched to weaken the basic values of Indian democracy. It is mention worthy here that Bhartiya Janta Party and the Congress Party are in doldrums after a series of attack on Arvind Kejriwal. According to experts the attack on Kejriwal is a clear indication of his growing popularity among people. They are also of the views that if such attacks continues in future, Kejriwal will emerge victorious in Varanasi parliamentary constituency against Narendra Modi. Experts are also of the view that if such attacks continued AAP may get two-third majority in election and may form next government at the centre. By Badbolan Guru.

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